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God and the next election cycle

I'm betting we're going to get WAY more religion in this next cycle than ever. Cruz has just announced:

"What is the promise of America?" Cruz said. "The idea that -- the revolutionary idea that this country was founded upon, which is that our rights don’t come from man. They come from God Almighty."

David Brooks, religious clown: Debunking phony Godsplaining from the New York Times’ laziest columni

David Brooks wants us atheists to appreciate his magic book and silly myths. Let's try some actual facts instead

One might deem it almost shameful to publish one’s musings on the New York Times’ opinion page, the same page that continues to print, and quite shamelessly, the unapologetic scribbles of Iraq War cheerleader Thomas Friedman or the earnest yet befuddled lucubrations of useful Islamist idiot Nicholas Kristof. The first of these two columnists will probably never be called to account for the bloodshed and mayhem he has sanctioned in the Middle East. The second, I believe, means well, but by denouncing “Islamophobia” he shows he has accepted as sound a nonsense term that conflates faith and race and equates (well-founded) objections to Islam with prejudice against Muslims as people. And we should never forget that he, like Friedman, supported the Iraq War.

But what to make of Friedman and Kristof’s seemingly milquetoast colleague, David Brooks? No shame attaches to him, though by publishing his pro-faith columns, he validates a stupendously (if surreptitiously) baleful Weltanschauung that should long ago have disappeared from our world. Brooks, in the face of mounting evidence, has striven tirelessly to bequeath credence to the dangerous notion, ever more antiquated and morally untenable, that believing in something asserted without evidence – religion — constitutes a virtue. That valuing faith above reason makes one a better person. That those who have shrugged off – or laughed away – the comically outlandish claims advanced by the Abrahamic creeds about our world and origins as a species are the ones with the explaining to do. Should he not be called to account?

more at Salon


Tell me what's funny

I'm writing a book about atheism, about my approach, which is basically that ridicule and mockery is more constructive in the long run than reasoned debate or philosophical discussion. (You are certainly free to disagree. That's the great thing about DU.) My title, and thesis, is The Gods are Hilarious. I'm interested in hearing from you folks about what you think are the absolutely funniest, most illogical, completely comical aspects of religion, the "great" texts, the moral inconsistencies, etc. It IS funny, isn't it? Can you help me? Some of my chapters include: Prophets for Profit, God Goes Digital, Righteous Dress Codes, Holy Texts 101, etc. I'm guessing every one of you has thought of a table of contents.

Tell me what you think is funniest about being religious/a believer.
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