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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 10:14 AM
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Doug Stanhope on raising money for atheist tornado survivor: I did it simply to be a prick

Comedian Doug Stanhope helped raise more than $100,000 for an Oklahoma family whose home had been destroyed by a tornado.

But he didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart or because he was sympathetic. He just takes pleasure in mocking the faithful.

“I didn’t do it because I felt sympathy because she got all her sh*t destroyed by a tornado. I did it simply to be a prick to her Okie Christian neighbors,” Stanhope said in a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday. “It’s funny how hate can make you do real nice things every now and then.”

After a tornado ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma in May, CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked resident Rebecca Vitsmun if she thanked the Lord for surviving. She replied that she was an atheist.

“If you didn’t think that took balls you’ve never been to Oklahoma,” Stanhope remarked. “Saying ‘I’m an atheist’ in Oklahoma is like screaming ‘Jihad’ at airport security. It took some nuts.”


Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Girls should carry a Bible and marry when they are 15

It just gets better. Recently uncovered video indicates that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson may have fringe views other than those on homosexuality and civil rights.

Video at:


Adios Huffington Post

I know many DUers aren't in love with Huffington Post but I've been a user for three or four years and typically it's been my first go-to site every day for a general heads-up on the news. HP's decision to force commenters to connect with Facebook as of this month originally made me angry. Now it's making me kind of sad and I'm questioning whether I'm a hypocrite. See, I don't get into politics or many of the other issues I discuss here on DU on Facebook. The communications I have there, with co-workers, family, friends who go all the way back to high school, etc., are kept pretty warm fuzzy. I've never thought arguing on FB was a good idea and in that world not too many folks know that I'm a flaming liberal gun-hating, socialist heathen. (very little sarcasm intended.)

On Huffington Post, and here at DU I speak my mind. But not on Facebook. I'll miss the forum, I guess. And I'm not sure whether I'm smart or cowardly. But HP can color me gone. Does anyone else care about this development?

Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at Centrist Dems on Social Security

In the interview, Warren emphasized that Third Way, as well as many in Congress and the media, are framing the debate over Social Security in the wrong way. "We should stop having a conversation about cutting Social Security a little bit or a lot," she said.

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