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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 10:14 AM
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Confused over God's politics

Full disclosure: I'm agnostic. So maybe I don't get it. But many of my Facebook fans, after posting short warnings of the apocalyptic results of another 4 years of Obama, are urging others to pray for a Romney win. What I can't figure out is where the believer goes, intellectually, in the event that doesn't happen.
Is it? (a) We didn't pray hard enough, or enough of us didn't pray. (b) God is actually a Democrat (c) God doesn't do politics, (c) The devil prevailed on this one, or (d) Geez, something else.

Whatever it is it seems to be to take the same kind of mental, and moral, gymnastics required when the team you prayed for doesn't win the World Series. Oh well.
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