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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 11:14 AM
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My Abortion Story

While on my first real job after high school in Memphis, Tennessee, I was asked to do a “favor” for my supervisor, a woman in her early thirties who had become a mentor and friend. The favor she asked was that I accompany her to get an abortion. She had become pregnant by her own boss, the married Vice President of the company. This woman, I’ll call her Martha, was going through a divorce at the time and was terrified of losing custody of her two young children. I believe this was 1970. Abortions were legal in some states but not anywhere in the Mississippi Delta.

On a Friday after work I accompanied Martha across the Tennessee state line into rural Mississippi. I have no idea where we actually were, but I recall our driving down a long unpaved road, deep in woods, to a small frame house. We were met by a bent old lady (straight out of Disney casting for “witches”) who immediately asked for money and then told Martha to take off her underwear and get up on the table. It was white. Enamel. Dents and rust around the edges. I was told to wait in a back room. In perhaps half an hour I was called. Martha was a little ashen, but standing, dressed, ready to go. She got into the back seat of her car. (I remember it as a Cadillac; it probably wasn’t.) I began to drive us back to Memphis.

Before we’d been too long on the road Martha became very irritable, complaining about my driving, even swearing—something I’d never heard her do. By the time we’d arrived back at her house, this had become moaning and sobbing. Somehow, I got her into the house, into a nightgown, and into her own bed. She wanted coffee. I went to make it. When I returned I found her white as a ghost and almost the entire bed soaked in blood.

I called an ambulance, even while she cried and begged me not to, and Martha was taken to the hospital. She was there slightly under a week and recovered with the exception that she was rendered permanently sterile by whatever that old witch had done to her. About two weeks after she returned to work she was dismissed by the company. Her husband, of course, learned the details of her hospitalization. She lost custody of her kids. I lost touch with Martha.

After all this time I sometimes have dreams about this incident. You can’t tell me that overturning Roe won’t take us back to this. For the sake of our daughters, our granddaughters, all the Marthas we might know, we CAN’T let that happen

10 Years Of Trump's Tax Information Released By New York Times

Source: Huffington Post

President Donald Trump’s tax filings from 1985 to 1994 show that he had accumulated more than a billion dollars in business losses over the course of the decade, according to newly revealed tax information obtained Tuesday by The New York Times.

In the 10-year stretch, Trump racked up nearly $1.2 billion in core business losses, according to the Times’ analysis of the president’s federal income tax information from those years. The loss paints what the Times called a bleak picture of Trump’s businesses, which he has always touted as successful.

The news comes as the president continues to feud with House Democrats over the release of his federal tax returns from 2013 to 2018.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.), who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee working to get Trump’s tax returns, said in response to the Times report that the president’s “entire tenure is built upon the most colossal fraud in American political history.”

Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-tax-returns-nyt_n_5cd2105be4b0a7dffcce31f0

First Earth Day

My first letter to the editor was written 49 years ago this week after the first Earth Day. It was to dispute a Memphis Commercial Appeal opinion writer who had written that there would never be another Earth Day because it wasn't a big deal and essentially no one cared. It's worth remembering this for me for two reasons. 1. Despite the fact that we Boomers are blamed for every evil on the planet, we were the first generation to warn about climate change. And 2. Even though we still don't care enough, I was right and he was a dick.


My money says Trump will not participate in any debates. He'll say the media won't treat him fairly. This seems to shore up his position. Don't know whether or not this is a good move by the DNC, but I wouldn't be watching any of the debates, democratic or final, on Faux anyway.


RAP? Would like some opinions

I smacked a hornet's next on Facebook in regard to a Rap entry winning the top song at Grammys. I said I thought "rap song" was an oxymoron. Katy Bar the Door! Lots of fun, some deep thinking in regard to what music is, etc., but no consensus. My problem is that rap does not satisfy my notion of "song." (Wikipedia notwithstanding.). What say ye?

Love the smell of an indictment in the morning

Happy Friday, Roger Stone!

Hypocrisy Democracy

Saw where Fox News* attacked Elizabeth Warren for having a beer in her video. Yet George Bush was the guy everybody would like to have a beer with. It's almost like beer isn't really the problem.

Saw where Ocasio-Cortez was criticized for wild dancing in college. But Kavanaugh got away with sexual assault in high school. It's almost like the stuff you do when young isn't really the problem.

Heard where Trump said Congresswoman Tlaib saying [bad word] was a disgrace and her family should be ashamed. But this is the exact same word he used in a rally threatening to tax the Chinese 25%. It's almost like the bad word isn't really the problem.

Reviews of the Pelosi/Schumer Show on Twitter

Just delicious.


I didn't actually hate Bush Senior

but I still can't forgive him for procreating.

He's made a joke of the Medal of Freedom

I don't get it. Can't see how some of these recipients have contributed to freedom. And Elvis? Heck, I'm from Memphis. I was a fan. But giving this medal to a rock and roll ghost says exactly what?
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