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Hometown: socal
Home country: us
Current location: orange county
Member since: Sun May 30, 2010, 05:12 PM
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Did I ever tell ya the story about when I went out drinking with the son of CHIEF of police?

Forget what city. Well,, he drove. And when we got out and about, he would drive over peoples barrels. And thru hedges. And when we showed concern, that is when he announced it to anyone that didnt know it already. He said, "it's alright, my father is CofP. I wont get in trouble.

I have to tell you, there is some kind of freedom feeling in that. Judge? Maybe even more useful.

And we KNOW that this particular judge thinks sonnyboy cant do wrong. He is innocent already, as a virgin.

What was that saying by Lord whatsisname. Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely? Look at Scalia!

Those damn libruls see race hate in everything. Damn race baitors.

Here is a post from a GENTLEMAN in Detroit.

I'm glad he's no longer around to victimize other people. I'm glad he won't be around to father a bunch of kids that end up just like him and having to pay for them.

No shame in my game. He was a predator in a target rich environment and had to go. Better to have him suffer that occupational hazard now rather than have him victimize dozens of people before getting unceremoniously shot in a drug related drive-by in his late 20's.

Thuggin' don't pay.

And here he justifies his ideas.

I know you understand where I am coming from ET, so stop trying to turn me into a racist for not fitting your ideological mold. My wanting to be able to come home every night from work without having to worry about getting Trayvon'd has everything to do with my safety and freedom from having to worry about meeting a violent end. I shouldn't have to move to a 'safe' area because these little reprobates decide to move in, if I have a hard attitude about it so be it.

Zimmerman's (and my) health and safety come before any thug's does. I hope you can make the same calculation if you ever have one sitting on you and trying to crush your skull.

I just can't believe all the peacenik's in here who think that Zimmerman didn't have a right to stop a man trying to kill him, but Trayvon Martin had a right to kill Zimmerman for simply following him. That's incredulous to me. Maybe it's an intellectual leap some aren't willing to meet, but at least with Zimmerman's self defense shot it was over quick with a minimum amount of pain-Trayvon smashing zimmerman's head into the pavement was anything but swift, or just.

Just so we are on record, ET, I want you to state that you believe that if someone follows you for no reason that you have the right to savagely beat them to death. I want to hear that you think Trayvon was in the right and justified in trying to use lethal force against a man who followed him while talking into a phone with dispatch.

No, this is not FR, it is a hobby site.

Irony. Majority culture hates blacks for being in gangs.

That, to gain protection often not supplied by cops that avoid rough areas. Whites that live in rough areas, justify racist attitudes by that fact. Saying, if you lived there, you would hate them all too. Blacks though, have no excuses while living under the same conditions.

And now, Rush says, he was just trying to protect his hood. And that is different to gangs how? And the new black panthers, just like the old ones, are/were for protecting those that majority culture would ignore.

Why is it concern for community, when whites organize for their own protection, and organized crime, in all instances where blacks do likewise?

Here it is. Treyvon likely jumped Zimmerman, as he exited and pursued him.

And, the claim will be, Zimmerman, was retreating to his car. that he wanted no part of any hostility, after stalking Treyvon. That he was at that time, justified in using lethal force. Here's the rub. If a guy was stalking you, got out to pursue on foot, and was headed back to his car the first sign you will beat his stalker ass, what pray tell, would you expect for him to retrieve? A WEAPON. DUH. When Zimmerman strove for his vehicle, Treyvon thought this his life. As would I. Would you allow such an individual to reach their car and HEAT?

Likely, Zimmerman was an inept mall cop. Cept he packs heat. States where packing heat is status quo, are paranoid, and ill considering the ramifications. And the far right, will justify anything, to keep the heat off of firearm willy nilly.

Words out. Dems won this pres. election cuz the evil Dems race baited and encouraged riots.

I have been reading far right depictions of Zimmerman referred to as a hero. Dems needing riots to win over the Rethug bozoes. All this race hate being Obama's intention from the start.

Yes, Obama is responsible for these poor race relations. It was fine when we ignored and corralled Blacks into ghetto's. But, when they start to invade our gated communities, it is time to teach them their place.

I used to live in a huge gated community. Sausalito. Right next door, was Marin City. Any blacks that ventured across the freeway, were pulled over immediately. The roads were purposely designed to make entering the white area prohibitive.

At its root, this is about Blacks not staying in their place. Obama is surely out of place, and a black kid in a better part of town, had it coming.

Folks, these fools that enHEROize Zimmerman, and his actions, are also the ones stockpiling ammo, and weapons, for the ineviteable race war. They are the ones threatening to kill half of the population, if we keep getting uppity.

Stay sharp out there. Specially if you pound the beat for Obama. Hell, I almost had to go off, at a truckload of Paulbots, as I walked the beat for the last election.

Here is the Fox approved method to stand your ground.

Like Geraldo said, you must not wear any aggressive attire. Pumps also gin up the claim that you couldnt run away. Tight fitting clothing to convey your unarmedness. Besides, she was asking for it.

At 1:13, intended victim asks if that is assailants fist, or a transvaginal probe. As it is a felony to stand your ground against those wielding state power.

Good Bumpersticker?

Republicans laughed when we lost our houses.

Lets show them what losing the HOUSE feels like.

So then, your Jehovah Witness boss can tell them no adding blood?

And your Satan Worshipper boss, can bar you from Last Rites? And your Vampire boss can insist on drawing blood for his use?

This will not end well. They are pushing Obama to go single payer, for the protection of citizens. Watch all businesses allow bible study etc in their basement, and call themselves a church. Also watch new "Rugged opposed to all traditional medicine, for those employed under me", religion. Managers would be forced to attend.
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