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Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

"Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood," he said.


Here is the tie in to more educated persons tending to be liberal. The liberals are more educated, not because education brainwashed them. But because the more intelligent liberal is more capable of being educated.

It is time to put together the commie all star band, for the convention.


and a RINO, for diversity

and the backup singers, who lied about their political affiliations since Bush. And other reasons. Luckily, they agreed to work for UNION scale.

Who else is up for our mission from God?

Can you imagine the heads exploding, and the election odds changing, if Obama belted out God bless A

America? Geez, if a little Al Green does it for us?

Check my logic. Ipso Facto

The war on drugs, necessitated the supreme court decision, declaring your property has no civil rights. Thus, can be confiscated. Prior to YOUR conviction of any criminal statute. Making it's return, contingent on proving innocense, however inconvenient, or expensive that is.

This opened up Corporations to the same treatment. Their property could be confiscated, by popular decree.

Thus, the conservative faction of the scotus, deemed corporations, and all their property, persons. Maintaining the relative immunity to it's directors. Making a superperson.

This is the real evil of Citizens United.

Then, you privatize the punitive functions of Government, making confiscation of property and punitive incarceration subject to a board of directors, and stockholders, and you have fascism.

Given an inch, they will bring institutional feticide.

All the talk now about doing away with Roe vs. wade, is by per state. The effects, are not obvious. What would be the outcome of some states allowing abortion, and others outlawing it?

Those states that would outlaw it, are red states. Many of those states are filled with white majorities, and they are scared of the loss of white hegemony.

Thus, official, and unofficial signals of unwelcomeness, will see minorities fleeing to blue states for reasonable living standards.

So, women in red states, white majority, will carry all fetuses to term. Those in blue states, will do as their consciences and ability to support will allow.

This strategy, unlike outlawing all abortion, addresses the demographic shift so feared by provincial whites.

This could play out as overt, or even subliminally.

Before anyone poo poo's this hypothesis, witness the racial aggitation throughout europe. Add to this, the declining vitality of the American prerogatives. Provincial folks are truly frightened enough to do almost anything. War is welcome almost, strictly on it's stimulative merits.

Add to this, the difficulty of fighting this exact trend with logic. how would we even address it? Political correctness would stifle that debate.

The only method is to fight all moves anywhere, to even make abortion slightly less available. To even mention the demographic aspects, will see those whites branded as race traitors, and minorities, as revealing thier hands at attempting political takeover.

Allowing a Republican in the white house, whether by votes, or scam, holds dark outcomes yet unimaginable.

Lets roll.

"Skin in the game" equals, taking a piece of your hide.

They intend to privatize all things, so that you would have to be commie, to not vote Rethug.

Skin in the game is to force you into upholding the status quo, or vote for your own impoverishment.

So far, Chris Wallace and Geraldo say they would have asked Newt that question first too.

They also think his response was a dodge, and a cynical one. They also concur with Santorum, that Gingrich has no focus, is flighty, and unable to see anything thru. They talk about him as if he has ADD.

Newt is going to get no love, once it all settles in.

But, all the candidates confirmed that unless they capture all aspects of our gov, obstruction is their only tool. Doing harm will be considered sexy.

Like in the last election, the elites might not want to win, knowing they ruined the country. Like they didnt want to win with McCain, but his simpering ineptness at emboldening haters, and flipping off our nominee, makes them opt for a nasty Gingrich.

Rethug voters will settle for scorched earth. To hell with ideals, or fixing anything. What they dont understand, is that will become their tatoo. They never again, will be allowed to pontificate about social conservative double standards.

When Newt loses the general, fundies will call for the craven pols heads. Old line cons, will call for eliminating the illogical fundies.
We will have a war between social, and fiscal cons. Which is good, otherwise, we might see real second ammendment solutions floated by the elite.

Also, the old line cons will call for Fox News' heads, as they promoted the social conservative values above all others, and promoted angst, and demoted real discussion. That might work for the base, but is deadly in the general election.

We had better smash both their ideologies but good, or they might very well opt to bring back lynching of gays, minorities and the poor. Oh, and all those unamericans{liberals and progressives}.

Could a cartoonist PLEASE do one with Airforce one w/ dog kennel strapped to roof?

and brown stain running down back.

and a caption, we really move our tail for you.

The coming internecine battle. Christianity vs. Mormonism.

To follow, is a portion of the principles of Mormonism, with my commentary on why it will be unacceptable to fundies.


Where am I going?

Mormon doctrine has a unique view of heaven and what comes after our earth lives are over. Some people think of heaven as a peaceful, happy place, where we will live in paradise and relax in joy in the presence of God. Work is an eternal principle, however, and there is no lasting joy to be found in doing nothing

No SS or retirement for you. Work till you drop seems to be the message there. Work shall set you free.

Godís plan for His children is that they become like Him. Latter-day Saints believe that there can be eternal increase for each of us who follow Godís commandments

So far, it sounds perfectly calvinistic. God is a solid capitalist. No zero sum game for him. Everlasting abundance is the promise. Even better, making America, Jesus' summer camp, megaboosts american exceptionalism.

This does not mean we will continue to gain material things, but rather the things that bring true joy: family and creation

Most religions have agreed to a cosmic DEATH TAX since the ancient Egyptians. I am fairly sure though, that Willard's dogs kennel is afterlife approved.

Mormon temples are an essential part of this doctrine. Mormons believe that God demands a higher law be lived for those who wish to enter His presence; this higher law is perfection

OOOOOPSy. Can't be perfect till you have your own Mormon Temple. Sanctimonious religiosity, while not being abhorrent to fundies, sounds a little Popey.

Also, perfection, under your own steam, is anathema to fundies. This relegates Jesus to another philosopher to follow.

Further, it removes those communist , prodigal son loopholes, where heaven is festival seating. Introducing a whole pecking order.

There are essential ordinances each of us must receive before we can live in the presence of God. These ordinances must be performed on this earth. This is what Mormon temples are for

At first blush, sounding all militia, might be appealing to fundies. Envisioning Rambo Jesus might make them swoon. They might even be thankful to the Mormons for building them second amendment clocktowers.

Don't bother calling the FBI, most of them are Mormons.
Before you report them to Homeland Security, I think Ordinances, in this instance, are WORKS.

Folks, to fundies, this is crucifying Christ anew. Throwing baby Jesus out with the baptismal water.

Inside Mormon temples, people learn even more about their true relationship to God and what they must do in order to return to live in His presence

So, this secret knowledge of the criteria God will use to stratify us in our duties, is hidden from all but perfected Mormons. As those are the only ones allowed inside.

This sounds like where Santorum got not wanting to have his boss as pres. As Willard is far advanced to us all.

This work must be done on this earth

They will control your persona, till you die.

but there are billions of people who have lived on this earth without the opportunity to hear of the gospel or to receive these ordinances

Here is why they baptize you without your corpse's permission after death. Sorta like drafting them from their retirements, and told to get to work. Buncha welfare queens, getting ennui for free.

Most of Mormon temple work is done by proxy for those who died without this chance. This work is done for family members who did not receive a knowledge of the gospel in this life. Then, Mormons believe, they have the opportunity to choose (the eternal gift of free agency again) whether or not to accept this work

So it does no good to use your spyhole in your front door, to elude the Mormons. They will prosletyze you in the grave. The redemptive work of Christ, is relegated to script kiddies using ancestry.com

Once a Latter-day Saint receives Mormon temple ordinances for him- or herself, each time he or she returns to the temple, this work can be done on the behalf of others. This is to prepare us for the next part of our eternal existence, of which our life on this earth is only a small part

Folks, when he promises not to make color change part of his templizing the white house, it is of little comfort.

Mormon doctrine teaches that families are eternal units. We are meant to be together forever, but this blessing is only available if we follow the criteria the Lord has set.

This part here, is where they will put the fear of GOD into christians like Newt.

The power which seals a family together for eternity is only available in Mormon temples

Newt will be glad to hear about this loophole. Santorum will be glad that they made Mitt take fido off the roof, and that Mormons didnt take a cue from Shuler, and add a drive-in temple. It could have meant sanctified, man on dog.

The power which seals a family together for eternity is only available in Mormon temples, but it is truly one of the greatest blessings God has given us

Here is the rebuttal to all those fundies that deem Mormon a johnny come lately religion. This here, is ancestor worship, and predates christianity by a fair margin.

While some of this was tongue in cheek, the social stratification of Mormonism, the phariseeism, the oh well, I will get a fresh planetism, the God favors me, talk to the handism, truly is dangerous.


Thank goodness for Ron Paul

We could have talked till we were blue in the state, and never made repubs question the assumption war is good business. That they are dangerous, and that most dictators and strongmen should not be regime changed into our puppets.

Sure most of his ideas are crackpot. But, his mark on repubs moves the center of debate far in our direction.

I say, dont look this gifthorse in the mouth.
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