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Social Contract. It's what the fighting is all about.

We should dispense with the preliminaries, and affix our bayonettes. The right intends to smash the social contract.

Yes, this includes ending representation for you. If you are not for authoritarian dictation{malign neglect} of what constitutes your just desserts. All the rest is just details.

The social contract is an intellectual device intended to explain the appropriate relationship between individuals and their governments. Social contract arguments assert that individuals unite into political societies by a process of mutual consent, agreeing to abide by common rules and accept corresponding duties to protect themselves and one another from violence and other kinds of harm.[citation needed]

Social contract theory played an important historical role in the emergence of the idea that political authority must be derived from the consent of the governed. The starting point for most social contract theories is a heuristic examination of the human condition absent from any political order, usually termed the “state of nature”. In this condition, individuals' actions are bound only by their personal power and conscience. From this shared starting point, social contract theorists seek to demonstrate, in different ways, why a rational individual would voluntarily give up his or her natural freedom to obtain the benefits of political order.


Heres where Ron Paul comes in:

Voluntarism According to the will theory of contract, a contract is not presumed valid unless all parties agree to it voluntarily, either tacitly or explicitly, without coercion. Lysander Spooner, a 19th century lawyer and staunch supporter of a right of contract between individuals, in his essay No Treason, argues that a supposed social contract cannot be used to justify governmental actions such as taxation, because government will initiate force against anyone who does not wish to enter into such a contract. As a result, he maintains that such an agreement is not voluntary and therefore cannot be considered a legitimate contract at all.

The smirking Santorum reference has to end.

Yes, it was cute and fun. Now lets stop it. We referred to Santorum by a homosexual{mostly} byproduct. This essentially is trying to defame him by calling him FAGGOT. It isn't very liberal, progressive, or compassionate to the LGBT dignity.

Plus, how dare we throw Santorum into their camp! They don't want him.

Hey Perry, how do you like being disenfranchised? Not so much? Gonna sue?

All us Dems are just trying to get illegals to vote, right? There is no danger of manipulation or unintended consequences, right?

Passed a law against double dipping? Good for you. Oh, doesnt apply to you personally. SHAME.

Why dont you just secede from the primary? Better yet, use your second ammendment right to gov redress.

I REALLY endorse this critique of your lameass. Loser.

WTF, Palin goes after the Obama christmas card for including their dog last night. Then, this mornin

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The moneychangers are driving Obama from their temples.

And I say good. If we put him near mandate territory, he will act like they are not of campaign value. Which they aren't.

Four More Years. With political capital to spend. Community organizer roots are hard to shirk. Especially when the powerful are out to get you.

Jubilee: indisputable proof that capitalism wont sustain.

Jubilee: The freeing of those who have become financially enslaved thru the inevitable process of power and wealth concentration. Well, how long have we known about this? Since the Ancient Babylonian kings. So, we now have an economic system that has enshrined this wealth concentration. We have republicans that find it their first priority, to end the so called death tax, end personal bankruptsy and saddle all those with the intention of rising to a decent life with student loans that never go away.

Who are these people that flout our ancent wisdoms? Who is calling God a liar? Why, the fundamentalist christians. Of course. So much so, that they have based our entire economy on property rights. Almost all functions of Government work to protect these rights. To thwart any attempt to address the EXPECTED inequalities resulting from our system.

These fundamentalist christians go so far as to call anyone espousing anything remotely like God's economicplan as EVIL. They even desire to kill all those in their hearts. All the secession and second ammendment remedies translate to wanting to kill half of their neighbors.

We cluck our tongues at ancient times, with their slavery. And yet, our system enslaves just the same. Sure we have our own homes. Sure we have to provide our own food and water, health care and all the other functions then provided by ones slavemaster. Hey, wait, I think I prefer the old slavery. At least the slavemaster wouldnt watch and giggle as you starve. Thus doing harm to their investment. Our slavemasters cheer mightily when our overlord says freedom is about being allowed to die in the street of starvation, or lack of critical care.

I think it is safe to say, God is in favor of clawbacks. He has deemed wealth redistribution holy and moral. Got something against that? GO TO HELL!

I just RECCED my own thread. Did you mean for that to be possible? nm

"The poor will always be with you"

This phrase gets more mileage than any other, in the right wing vocabulary of fundamentalist wittisizms. But from what I can see, they are calling Jesus a liar.

I have heard many right wingers say that we need to leave the poor and ill to wither and die. Then, our country will be lean and GOP mean. It seems to me the poor always being with you means, the system operates to CREATE the have nots. EVERY SYSTEM. And if you try ruining the present class of untouchables, the system will generate an equal number as before. BY DESIGN.

Those majority of right wingers that espouse eugenics, and structural euthanasia, as the SOLUTION to our social ills, are calling Jesus a liar. And ignoring sociology and human nature.

Those that say CHURCHES are the correct mechanism to address needs, are looking to get their heaven ticket punched for all their superiority.

Ridding us of the present downtrodden will not make them go away. It is the ultimate naivete.

We need a, "I love Jurors, I paypalled ya", avatar.

Seriously, what happens agaiin if your pet subjects are controvertial, and you get 15 juror votedowns?
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