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Failed State

Dont see much of this here, and think it is about time.

Social indicators

1.Demographic pressures: including the pressures deriving from high population density relative to food supply and other life-sustaining resources. The pressure from a population's settlement patterns and physical settings, including border disputes, ownership or occupancy of land, access to transportation outlets, control of religious or historical sites, and proximity to environmental hazards.[7]
2.Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples: forced uprooting of large communities as a result of random or targeted violence and/or repression, causing food shortages, disease, lack of clean water, land competition, and turmoil that can spiral into larger humanitarian and security problems, both within and between countries.[8]
3.Legacy of vengeance-seeking group grievance: based on recent or past injustices, which could date back centuries. Including atrocities committed with impunity against communal groups and/or specific groups singled out by state authorities, or by dominant groups, for persecution or repression. Institutionalized political exclusion. Public scapegoating of groups believed to have acquired wealth, status or power as evidenced in the emergence of "hate" radio, pamphleteering and stereotypical or nationalistic political rhetoric.[9]
4.Chronic and sustained human flight: both the "brain drain" of professionals, intellectuals and political dissidents and voluntary emigration of "the middle class." Growth of exile/expatriate communities are also used as part of this indicator.[10]

Economic indicators

5.Uneven economic development along group lines: determined by group-based inequality, or perceived inequality, in education, jobs, and economic status. Also measured by group-based poverty levels, infant mortality rates, education levels.[11]
6.Sharp and/or severe economic decline: measured by a progressive economic decline of the society as a whole (using: per capita income, GNP, debt, child mortality rates, poverty levels, business failures.) A sudden drop in commodity prices, trade revenue, foreign investment or debt payments. Collapse or devaluation of the national currency and a growth of hidden economies, including the drug trade, smuggling, and capital flight. Failure of the state to pay salaries of government employees and armed forces or to meet other financial obligations to its citizens, such as pension payments.

Political indicators

7.Criminalization and/or delegitimisation of the state: endemic corruption or profiteering by ruling elites and resistance to transparency, accountability and political representation. Includes any widespread loss of popular confidence in state institutions and processes.[13]
8.Progressive deterioration of public services: a disappearance of basic state functions that serve the people, including failure to protect citizens from terrorism and violence and to provide essential services, such as health, education, sanitation, public transportation. Also using the state apparatus for agencies that serve the ruling elites, such as the security forces, presidential staff, central bank, diplomatic service, customs and collection agencies.[14]
9.Widespread violation of human rights: an emergence of authoritarian, dictatorial or military rule in which constitutional and democratic institutions and processes are suspended or manipulated. Outbreaks of politically inspired (as opposed to criminal) violence against innocent civilians. A rising number of political prisoners or dissidents who are denied due process consistent with international norms and practices. Any widespread abuse of legal, political and social rights, including those of individuals, groups or cultural institutions (e.g., harassment of the press, politicization of the judiciary, internal use of military for political ends, public repression of political opponents, religious or cultural persecution.)[15]
10.Security apparatus as "state within a state": an emergence of elite or praetorian guards that operate with impunity. Emergence of state-sponsored or state-supported private militias that terrorize political opponents, suspected "enemies," or civilians seen to be sympathetic to the opposition. An "army within an army" that serves the interests of the dominant military or political clique. Emergence of rival militias, guerilla forces or private armies in an armed struggle or protracted violent campaigns against state security forces.[16]
11.Rise of factionalised elites: a fragmentation of ruling elites and state institutions along group lines. Use of aggressive nationalistic rhetoric by ruling elites, especially destructive forms of communal irredentism or communal solidarity (e.g., "ethnic cleansing", "defending the faith".[17]
12.Intervention of other states or external factors: military or Paramilitary engagement in the internal affairs of the state at risk by outside armies, states, identity groups or entities that affect the internal balance of power or resolution of the conflict. Intervention by donors, especially if there is a tendency towards over-dependence on foreign aid or peacekeeping missions.


These indicators are present on all counts. It seems that Republicans have pushed for maximizing these for some time. Their roadmap seems to follow and promote these trends. It is unamerican, inhumane and will lead to unrest.

It seems to me, divide and conquer works on almost every group.

Developments in society, and that have been brewing for some time, are no longer sublimated. Add to this, a whole new governance. Chaos, and inability to find ONE purpose are to be expected.

Compassion is in short supply.

In my estimation, MEN have not had feminists backs. Even here in DU. It is time to support our sisters while they increase their sense of safety and belonging.

I feel helpless to help. It seems that groups, believing they need some protection, for good reason, war with each other. This resembles the animosity that Blacks and Jews feel at times for each other.

The feminist forum, seems not to trust their plight in the hands of the general jury system.

They dont even agree how to term themselves, adding things to FEMINIST,not that there is anything inherently wrong with that.

All I am trying to say is, we wish you well. We will help in any way we can. You should feel safe. And there are many men here that will take on the fights you face. As I have heard from my own lips, others, and echoed, we are in this together.

The growing pains shown here, are some of the same ones in the fledgling democracies we have invaded into existence. Democracy within forum is a new development. We didnt fight so hard when mods were appointed from the top.

Give some time, and most important, space to screw up, by mortals. Just because people care, dont make them infallible.

This dissention is exactly what our enemies count on, when they scapegoat women, or any other group. Let Roll.

Happy valentines day to my sisters.

I hope you find harmony soon in your group, however that is achieved amongst yourselves.

We all wish youall peace and unified purpose.

Isn't it time to teach us males, what you learned in 7th grade assembly?

Men havent a real clue, what is involved in being of the other sex. Hormonal therapies exist around cancer, chronic pain from endometriosis etc.

My high school girlfriend, had to go on the pill, and her mother was none too pleased.

Even disregarding the right of women to control their childbearing frequency, or at all, how males, in cloistered male communities, with vows of celibacy, often leading to bad effect, can dictate how women will be looked after, is bunk. It will not stand.

This disregard for womens safety, will split the religion. It is coming.

My father, layed in the hospital, dying, and was visited by a priest, as he was Catholic, as am I, according to baptism records. He required my father, who was facing open heart surgery, to repent from his using birth control. My father chose sanely, to tell the priest to get the hell outta here. In "78".

The Catholic religion, is over reaching. The power structure, is walking a tightrope, taking hubristic positions, against popular catholic opinion.

This whole subject will severely harm republicans, or the Catholic power structure will step back. They will lose women. IF they push this.

But we need an education about being a woman. Most of us are clueless.

Once they know that not allowing hormonal therapy will kill many women, and doom other women to constant pain, they will not continue.

But, again, we need educating.

Are you going to a Move On party sunday?

They are airing the film INSIDE JOB.

It will be like all of us occupying, under a roof.


Make it apply to the Politicians as well!

This is a flawed tactic to deal with things like cutting off welfare, or any other entitlement from recreational, or other drug users.

We are counting on their massive EGO's to do the heavy lifting. Visiting hate, or deprivation on others, to protest visiting it on those that would be harmed, legitimizes the tactic. It must be slammed. Ridiculed. Those that suggest it, must be eliminated. Then, and only then, will the "kill the poor" tactic be ended.

This also legitimizes things like the rethugs calling for legislators being limited to our healthcare.

We must show magnanimity to Komen, and all others that relent to our pressures.

To continue to punish those that see the error of their ways, will harden the hearts of those we oppose. They will fight to the death. This includes the CEO.

We must make giving in to our logic, and compassion, like a cool breeze, or sunlit day. Game theory really.

And even welcome those DINO's that relent.

You must always offer a better way to give in than hari kari. Or you will require hand to hand combat for every victory.

That does not mean we should stop pressure for instance, to replenish stem cell funds.

Rick Santorum Tells Sick Kid Market Should Should Set Drug Prices /////Are they this stupid?


Santorum, himself the father of a child with a rare genetic disorder, compared buying drugs to buying an iPad, and said demand would determine the cost of medical therapies.

"People have no problem paying $900 for an iPad," Santorum said, "but paying $900 for a drug they have a problem with - it keeps you alive. Why? Because you've been conditioned to think health care is something you can get without having to pay for it."

The mother said the boy was on the drug Abilify, used to treat schizophrenia, and that, on paper, its costs would exceed $1 million each year.

Santorum said drugs take years to develop and cost millions of dollars to produce, and manufacturers need to turn a profit or they would stop developing new drugs.

What did we ever do so good to deserve these fools stupid gaffes?

"They all get free Health Care at the ER"

Since when does an unfunded Federal mandate get used as a positive rethug talking point? And why arent hospitals screaming?

Is this a picture of a violent person? Should this poisin any compassion for them?

Shouldn't this person be killed for thinking about throwing that stone?

Hey, you get involved, you must expect what you get.

While I support wholly nonviolent Occupy reactions to the 1 percents mercenaries, can you really use fighting back against wholesale indignities to discredit the voice of the downtrodden? Isn't kettling for the purpose of creating violence, witholding meds, running a candidate that says outright he doesn't care about the very poor, a righteous goading of those targetted?

At what point can it be said that a human could not resist defending themselves? Do we REALLY expect those targetted to simply die for the purpose of not taxing the rich anymore, or having the FED cause unemployment, so as not to create wage pressure? Or inflation, which will diminish the stack o cash of the rich?

Is it better that the rich can employ mercenaries to throw their rocks for them? Does that make them unculpable?

I hear liberals, or at least Dem sympathizers say that any fighting back SHOULD destroy the Occupy movement and message.

You had better rethink that, as if the Rethugs somehow win the presidency, many will be sentenced to death. And they will not go silently to their graves. That is not how humans work.

This is not an incitement to violence, just a sober view on the ineviteable result of hating and punishing the poor. I will tell you this, if the choice is dying for the good of the rich, or fighting with any and all possible strength, at some point, you will see me there.

I have been told by many rethugs that my disease, and inability to pay for my care and food etc, I should just die. Sorry, but everyone has to go sometime. This is your time. They even tell me that is what Jesus would do.

Do you really expect all those sentenced to a slow painful death to say thank you sir, may I have another?
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