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Hometown: socal
Home country: us
Current location: orange county
Member since: Sun May 30, 2010, 05:12 PM
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Journal Archives

About Zimmy's skull.

That pic is enough, that we should NOT act like Zimmy apologists and deny any evidence. The REAL question is, when a man carrying a gun, and telling the police you are a criminal chases you down, in opposition to instructions by police, then confronts you, interrogates you and refuses to explain why he is chasing you, when the hell are you justified in standing your ground?

And when said vigilante's gun flashes as he reaches towards it, ostensibly to use cellphone, are you justified in beating his fake cop ass?

There is no utility in kneejerk dismissing as conspiracy, a clear shot of Zimmy's slightly bloody head. It certainly does not corroborate Zimmy's dad's STORY about Zimmy being a second or two away from lifelong diapers. Thus, the STORY that T was covering Z's mouth AND nose with both hands. This ludicrous story should be skewered.

PLEASE dont do head in the sand, like the right wing vigilante gun nuts. We are better than that.

Simple question, what would a significant Obama mandate act like? How would it be accepted by GOP?

How magnanimous would Romney be? How fervent would the calls for calm be? Would the Nugent's be tamped down? Would calls for second amendment remedies ramp up? A play by the Oathkeepers?

When Obama goes off in earnest against stuffed shirt, the lack of gravitas and depth will be evident, likely causing even more lack of trust from wingers.

What would the jig being up for fascists do to them?

Joke: What is the difference between Ann Romney, and the Welfare Queens the Republicans despise?

Answer: A rich ass husband. Funny, and not funny.

The reason why Z is charged with murder two is

If it can be proved, that it is T begging for his life, either on 911, or by witness and it went on for some time, Z killed T in revenge, for beating his stupid ass.

All that has to be proved is that Trayvon begged for his life. Begging, proves that T was no longer a threat.

Simple as that.

T had a perfect right to drop Z and even kill him, if that one punch did it. As Z had confronted him, after glaring at him from his truck and being made by T, even asking if he was following. Then pursuing on foot. Especially then reaching for his pocket.

I most certainly would have.

The true meaning of Good Friday.

The crucifixion of Jesus, whether literal or figurative, was a racial lynching. For being uppity. It was illegitimate capital punishment. It was terrorism, in the interest of tamping down civil rights. It was the thwarting of increasing womens prerogatives. It was the threatening of all that would entertain joining the jihad. Just like they now do occupy. It was the ridding of the 99% of their heroes, before they understood the power of martyrdom. It was the enforcement of the status quo, the power of the state over the individual. It was the empowering of false, hateful religion, to bolster the reach, and authority of the elite.

What makes Jesus so enthralling is, all that power could not cow him, as he was beyond fear. Perhaps not pain, but dread. No wonder they had to annex Christianity. It IS DANGEROUS to power.

The Reagan Project. Outsourcing.

So when corporations outsource to China, India, Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else, they are transferring this wealth creation out of our country. The result is higher unemployment, lower tax revenues, larger budget deficits, and more borrowing from the countries to whom we have outsourced the work. In fact this borrowing then creates even more of a drain on our economy as the debt keeps increasing and is costly to service. Wall Street may be happy as the rich get richer, but Main Street suffers as the middle class become poorer and the poor go on welfare. As this spirals down into more debt the deficit grows even larger.

The CEO’s may have increased their bottom line a few pennies per share by sending those customer service jobs to India, but once thriving communities in the US are now devastated as they struggle with joblessness and foreclosures. Cities and states have reduced tax revenues and cannot afford the necessary services to maintain their communities. Although it now gives corporations lower cost products by having them manufactured in China, we are now seeing a massive drain on the wealth of our own country. In addition corporate taxes are not paid on profits generated overseas. All of those dollars stay offshore and circulate in the foreign economies. While the US suffers this drain on its wealth, the coffers grow ever larger overseas. It is like trying to fill a bucket with a huge hole in the bottom. “There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza!”



Only a small handful of people have looked objectively at the issue. These few and the large number of Americans whose careers have been destroyed by outsourcing have a different view of outsourcing's impact. But so far there has been no debate, just a shouting down of skeptics as "protectionists."

Now comes an important new book, Outsourcing America, published by the American Management Association. The authors, two brothers, Ron and Anil Hira, are experts on the subject. One is a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the other is professor at Simon Fraser University.

The authors note that despite the enormity of the stakes for all Americans, a state of denial exists among policymakers and outsourcing's corporate champions about the adverse effects on the US. The Hira brothers succeed in their task of interjecting harsh reality where delusion has ruled.

In what might be an underestimate, a University of California study concludes that 14 million white-collar jobs are vulnerable to being outsourced offshore. These are not only call-center operators, customer service and back-office jobs, but also information technology, accounting, architecture, advanced engineering design, news reporting, stock analysis, and medical and legal services. The authors note that these are the jobs of the American Dream, the jobs of upward mobility that generate the bulk of the tax revenues that fund our education, health, infrastructure, and social security systems.



We need to accumulate the evidence. Reagan bromides about trickle down, and floating boats notwithstanding, we have scant scholarly refutation to fearmongering of protectionism, or anything else but right wing memes.

Sure Clinton didnt help, but the conventional wisDUM was far too pervasive. Show what you gotz.

We need talking point quick challenges. Sure Reagan ruined the USA. But how?

Rethugs despise our mamby pamby definition of sexual harrassment for it's being subject to

the thinking of the victim. Thus, if you FEEL victimized, or threatened, you ARE.

Enter STAND YOUR GROUND. Now, rethugs want being ASKEERED for your life, subject only to the fear capacity of said coward. No tangible criteria save aforementioned fear.

And the most revealing feature of rabid Rethug fear of an ass kicking is, they expect everyone they piss off enough to fight them, to follow thru with their slaying by hand. So, anyone they anger that far likely needs killing.

Packing heat means never having to answer for your mouth.

Did I ever tell ya the story about when I went out drinking with the son of CHIEF of police?

Forget what city. Well,, he drove. And when we got out and about, he would drive over peoples barrels. And thru hedges. And when we showed concern, that is when he announced it to anyone that didnt know it already. He said, "it's alright, my father is CofP. I wont get in trouble.

I have to tell you, there is some kind of freedom feeling in that. Judge? Maybe even more useful.

And we KNOW that this particular judge thinks sonnyboy cant do wrong. He is innocent already, as a virgin.

What was that saying by Lord whatsisname. Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely? Look at Scalia!

Those damn libruls see race hate in everything. Damn race baitors.

Here is a post from a GENTLEMAN in Detroit.

I'm glad he's no longer around to victimize other people. I'm glad he won't be around to father a bunch of kids that end up just like him and having to pay for them.

No shame in my game. He was a predator in a target rich environment and had to go. Better to have him suffer that occupational hazard now rather than have him victimize dozens of people before getting unceremoniously shot in a drug related drive-by in his late 20's.

Thuggin' don't pay.

And here he justifies his ideas.

I know you understand where I am coming from ET, so stop trying to turn me into a racist for not fitting your ideological mold. My wanting to be able to come home every night from work without having to worry about getting Trayvon'd has everything to do with my safety and freedom from having to worry about meeting a violent end. I shouldn't have to move to a 'safe' area because these little reprobates decide to move in, if I have a hard attitude about it so be it.

Zimmerman's (and my) health and safety come before any thug's does. I hope you can make the same calculation if you ever have one sitting on you and trying to crush your skull.

I just can't believe all the peacenik's in here who think that Zimmerman didn't have a right to stop a man trying to kill him, but Trayvon Martin had a right to kill Zimmerman for simply following him. That's incredulous to me. Maybe it's an intellectual leap some aren't willing to meet, but at least with Zimmerman's self defense shot it was over quick with a minimum amount of pain-Trayvon smashing zimmerman's head into the pavement was anything but swift, or just.

Just so we are on record, ET, I want you to state that you believe that if someone follows you for no reason that you have the right to savagely beat them to death. I want to hear that you think Trayvon was in the right and justified in trying to use lethal force against a man who followed him while talking into a phone with dispatch.

No, this is not FR, it is a hobby site.

Irony. Majority culture hates blacks for being in gangs.

That, to gain protection often not supplied by cops that avoid rough areas. Whites that live in rough areas, justify racist attitudes by that fact. Saying, if you lived there, you would hate them all too. Blacks though, have no excuses while living under the same conditions.

And now, Rush says, he was just trying to protect his hood. And that is different to gangs how? And the new black panthers, just like the old ones, are/were for protecting those that majority culture would ignore.

Why is it concern for community, when whites organize for their own protection, and organized crime, in all instances where blacks do likewise?
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