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Current location: orange county
Member since: Sun May 30, 2010, 05:12 PM
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The presidential Debates: Community Organizer, Editor, Professor, Cons. lawyer vs. Corporate Raider

Rest of Campaign, likewise. Romney is still trying to solidify his base. His batshit crazy surrogates, and money raisers are still talking cuckoo. George Will might flee the ship. I was afraid Milquetoast was going to go all Obama sounding. But NO, he is going large and MEAN. If we fight this, and I mean walking a beat, we will WIN. If we dont work, they will steal it by degrees. Caging, Gerrymandering, States Rights unconstitutional challenges, Birther Poll Taxes. ETC.

Lets TAKE this.

Shut up and do what you are told, the new taxation without representation.

The original Tea Party, was a reaction to corporate domination of our colony. Leaving that aside, even though Occupy does not, the OTHER issue was taxation without representation.

Now, the Tea Party wants all those that need any help, or avail themselves of any offered by Gov, to be stripped of their vote. Redefining taxes ONLY to include Federal ones. So, taxation without representation is to be the order of the day. And if they complain? Put them down.

The Republicans have become the Red Coats. And the Corporations are the Mother England. Should this remain and expand, we will be every bit as justified in not shooting till we see the whites of their social Darwinist do or dies.

I can only hope comfort of sorts doesn't trump the demand for liberty and justice for all.

Today's Environment Influences Behavior Generations Later: Chemical Exposure Raises Descendants' Sen

Exposure Raises Descendants' Sensitivity to Stress

We are now in the third human generation since the start of the chemical revolution, since humans have been exposed to these kinds of toxins," says Crews. "This is the animal model of that."

"The ancestral exposure of your great grandmother alters your brain development to then respond to stress differently," says Skinner. "We did not know a stress response could be programmed by your ancestors' environmental exposures."

The researchers had already shown exposure to vinclozolin can effect subsequent generations by affecting how genes are turned on and off, a process called epigenetics. In that case, the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance altered how rats choose mates.

The new research deepens their study of the epigenetics of the brain and behavior, dealing for the first time with real-life challenges like stress. It also takes a rare systems biology approach, looking at the brain from the molecular level to the physiological level to behavior.



Could this be the smoking ADD,ADHD,AUTISM,depression etc gun?

As another said, we wont eat any but PERFECT fruit/veggies. Before we can change our exposures, we must educate our population to accept imperfect grown foods. Lowering the price might be a start, as they would be throwing less away. It would allow us to have cheaper organic foods.

I buy most foods imperfect, and cheaper. Those I cook for complain a bit. But, I am an accomplished chef, and they get over it. Time for a campaign, sorta like the campaign that told us dandelions are pretty.

PS, reducing work pollution and exposures is also important. I have fought bitterly with employers that demanded you expose yourself.

"Obama is the MOST divisive president EVER!"

What makes you think that?

He is making all of us "Real Americans", act the fool, one and all.


Obama promised transparency and an end to divisive politics. Both of those core claims can be disputed, ad infinitum, simply by doing so loudly. Thus Bernie Goldberg.

Hint: Attempts at advances or fairness in culture or economics, DIVISIVE. Presidenting while BLACK, DIVISIVE.
Hint: Refusal to answer the same questions put to rest, to the delight of the Birthers{simply tools}, obscure/obtuse.

I almost think Obama made those claims as bait. To lull Wingers into going after fluff, with HATEFUL tone.
They indeed sound, as an institution, deranged.

10% of wall streeters are clinical psychopaths. Who the hell would marry, or befriend them?

I presume that they are usually married. Do they find sociopathic women? Let her do all the empathizing? How do the talks about children, relatives, charities go?

Can you love a psychopath? Can they love? Is there enough narcissism to allow loving their partners adoration? Can you hide Psychopathy?

The sociopaths I have known, weren't very socially in tune. They faked warmth,or interest. The only joy they felt, was in manipulating others.

Most of those we worship, and envy their lives, are those same types. We have whole industrys of elevating them, and showering them with praise.

The goal of social darwinism, is to cull all those but the sociopaths, and to bolster the psychopath genes, thereby the stock, or stocks in general.

Can those with a conscience, fight those psychopaths when the call for culling goes out? How do we change the "VALUES" of America? Or, do Psychopaths make us stronger? More successful as a nation?

It seems some have confabulated the need to invade Afghanistan.

There was no need. the Taliban offered to give up Bin Laden, and try him in Islamic court. He would have lost his head, we WOULDNT have lost any troops.

No need to Kowtow to Pakistan, nor ignore their nuke equipping the world, or at least our enemies. No trillions spent.

Bush wanted to revel in revenge and crow about PNAC thrust. He wasted all our good will engendered from 9/11. Conflated Saddam with Afghanistan, and 9/11, you know the rest.

Main point is, Afghanistan was NOT a righteous cause. And little girls going to school, or their war on women, is NOt in our charter. Nor was a proper act of war declared. We would NOT have patriot act likely. No torture. No PTSD. No need to rebuild the country. To prop up a crumb bum, nor his drug peddling brother. No promising everyone goodies, to look the other way, or donate soldiers. Maybe no economic collapse.


The White House on Sunday rejected an offer from Afghanistan's ruling Taliban to try suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan under Islamic law.

The offer came as the United States massed forces in southwest Asia for a possible strike against Afghanistan if the Taliban refuse to surrender bin Laden. A Bush administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, rejected the Taliban offer and repeated U.S. demands that bin Laden be turned over unconditionally.


WASHINGTON - When George W. Bush rejected a Taliban offer to have Osama bin Laden tried by a moderate group of Islamic states in mid- October 2001, he gave up the only opportunity the United States would have to end bin Laden's terrorist career for the next nine years.

The al Qaeda leader was able to escape into Pakistan a few weeks later, because the Bush administration had no military plan to capture him.

The last Taliban foreign minister, Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, offered at a secret meeting in Islamabad Oct. 15, 2001 to put bin Laden in the custody of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), to be tried for the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States, Muttawakil told IPS in an interview in Kabul last year.

Question: Did the Greeced PIGS take their cue from Iceland?

That is what it feels like. Iceland showed the courage under threat of annihilation, to chase the austerity ghouls away. And are better for it.

Am I close? Will this cause an avalanche of advance? Or fail?

Let's do a "ROVE", and destroy Reagan legacy chimera.

Attack Reagan bromides and assumptions. Romney will be reeling. He aint no philosopher. He is the worst spokesman for the rich. He sounds self serving.

We need to go right to the heart of their necromancy, and Exorcise the beast. It's all they have. Make Reagan a liberal, while we are at it. And make Romney simply Reagan's handmaiden. A script kiddie. Reagan has more to do with why we are in the fix we find ourselves, than most other forces. Say it loud. Make Reaganomics shameful. And most certainly, SO thirty years ago.


Those affectations that allude to your concern for the comfort of others before self. They also function as establishing gender and social roles.

Watching Bonobo's interact, it is easy to see the parallels. And to understand that it is ritualized greeting habits, used to allow you to believe you know proper behavior. Almost without fail, ingratiating you to your focus.

Generally, everyone believes they are "polite". And yet, to espouse deprivation, and hardship for all those struggling, seems in hypocritical conflict with manners. How can those that just jettisoned spittle degrading all those assumed below themselves, hope to be taken serious, when they "act" compassionate towards others? Add to this, when interviewing neighbors of mass murderers and sociopaths, they inevitably mention their perfect manners.

Manners can be mangled, as evidenced by this fool edumacating us while standing up for those economically disadvantaged.

Further, religion and particularly politics excuses us from showing manners to some outgroups. Gays, foreigners, single mothers, Feminists, Minorities, unfortunates, all can be stigmatized, to ENFORCE the advantages of polite society. All the while claiming a morally superior stance.

My interest is in asking how beholden are we to acknowledge the etiquette of homophobes, bigots, racists, sexists, xenophobes, or generally anyone who's exclusion of untouchables from polite society is witnessed elsewhere? Should their claims of religious superiority, or overall moral superiority be challenged? Should their hypocrisy be shamed? And under what circumstances?

I find myself running empty on goodwill towards the haters. Nor any desire to engage them in constructive debate. I am not talking about oldline conservatives, but the newfangled neocons, strict constitutionalists and neuvoriche. I feel like socially punishing them. Shaming them in their hypocrisy and inhumanity.

MANNERS are incompatible with calvinist hate. How do we revamp manners to punish those that undercut society? How can we make inhumanity something akin to welfare queens, or deadbeat dads? And why are shitheads allowed to cluck cluck? how do we stigmatize teafreak insistance on individuality, at the expense of the commons, and upward mobility?

To those who refuse to admit Zimmerman was profiling.

No, I am not only talking about Trayvon being black, imagine Trayvonica is walking home after getting candy and soda. And a strange man follows her. Chases on foot and confronts. Ludicrous? Why?

Why do we allow a girl to fight for her life against a stalker, and not a boy? Would we assume that trayvonica was the aggressor, in the absence of another eyewitness? Would we assume Trayvonica will just grow up to be a thug?
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