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Member since: Sun May 30, 2010, 05:12 PM
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Connecting the dots.

Social conservatives have long pushed for states rights. Also ending abortion. Of late, one more item has been thrown into the frothy mix. Ending contraceptives. Add these together, and what do you have?

The social Conservatives think that if abortion and contraceptives are ended, on a state by state basis, blue states will retain abortion and contraceptive use, along with all advanced civilizations. Red states will end abortion, and contraceptives. Thus, white people will stop the demographic shift to minorities.

They invoke God, and all manner of justifications, but demographics is their focus. Sure you can stave off all those minorities with redistricting, and all the usual disenfranchisement tricks. But, those are only palliatives. The final solution to all those clamoring for service from their government, is birthrates.

And even if it doesnt stop all those eaters{voters} globally, it sure as hell will stop them dominating in the red states. Then, they can wall them off.

I see subliminal moves in all these directions. I am not sure even those pushing in these directions know what they are doing. I believe this also is why the right intends to brand DEMS as racists, and fights so mightly the racist/bigot label.

As I always say, It's the demographics, stupid.

Republicans disenfranchise themselves, all but two candidates sue.

I hope we ram that home. Those bunch of lawyer chasing crybabies should be enjoying their just desserts. Instead, they start a flurry of frivolous lawsuits. Can I get a call for tort reform? MAke them choke, as they eat their jim CROW.

"A little thump therapy never hurt anybody."

Iowa state Rep. Clel Baudler predicted that potential protestors at his caucus site in Adair County should expect a response that "will be swift and it will be sure."

"Since I'm not a state trooper anymore, they probably won't be handcuffed - but I have friends," Baudler said. "If an officer asks for help, I will help, believe me."

"We're just not going to tolerate in rural Iowa what's going on in the big metropolitan areas," Baudler said. "A little thump therapy never hurt anybody."


boss man lookin mighty mean.

I say make Ron Paul a frontrunner. Lets disect his rhetoric.

He is allowed to spout no true scotsman pie in the sky. Always saying, like the REAL COMMUNISTS, that as soon as opposition is vanquished, a romantic utopian era will commence.

When you get into the nuts and bolts, PEOPLE WILL DIE. As has been seen. The Libertarian party has gained the keys to the Rethug washroom and has scrawled all their trashtalk upon the toilet stalls.

I have been debating libertarians for years. I do not fear their sway. I know their soft spots. Bring it on.

And please, enough with the Ron Paul troll accusations.
Should we not dispatch with the Paul poo in rational fashion, the Libertarian party may be given the keys to the Rethug klown kar for reals.

Those slackers signed up for more loan than they could afford.

This is the conventional wisdum from the right.

So did my parents, and most of yours. Back in the days of the american dream, you extended yourself. You worked hard, and EXPECTED the system to start elevating you into the middleclass.

Even though my parents lash out at the slackers, they tell their story as a man and wife, that bought a house without enough security, had kids starting when still employed pumping gas. Should they, or any of our parents done so now, they too would be the subject of spitting and ridicule.

And yet, those that have already climbed the ladder, before it was yanked up, insist that the american dream is the same. That bootstraps have not rotted or been turned into whips.

Without faith, that the system will function to the benefit of the worker, even if not at this moment, we are already a feudal society. Should this lack of faith be institutionalized, only revolution can restore it.

Make your choice corporate america. Real bootstraps, or revolution. And make it snappy. My boots are draggin ass 10 paces behind me. With all of us worked to the bone, and bloodshot, it is simple to pick out the whites of your eyes.
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