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Alan Grayson

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Member since: Sat May 22, 2010, 01:02 PM
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Kissing Up to the Koch Brothers

Almost 100,000 people like you have contributed to our campaign, our People Power campaign. Yesterday, my Republican opponent Todd Long tried to cancel all that out by soliciting the support of just one person: billionaire David Koch.

David Koch and his brother Charles are the emperors of a $50 billion empire, Koch Industries, built on oil refining. In total, the Koch Brothers have spent at least $200 million on right-wing propaganda. At a meeting in California in February, they pledged $60 million to defeat President Obama. And in 2010, they spent $2 million to defeat me, through their front-group “Americans for Prosperity.”

The Koch Brothers “platform” is simple: dirty air and dirty water; free rein for mad-dog capitalists; cheap labor; pliant consumers; and no taxes on millionaires and billionaires. Just greed gone wild.

So it may be disturbing, but it is not surprising, to find my opponent sucking up to David Koch last night, at the Republican Convention in Tampa. Here is how WKMG reporter Tony Pipitone covered it:

TONY PIPITONE: I found congressional candidate Todd Long in the room with one of those [Koch] Brothers tonight, trying to get money from others in the room to help in his race against Alan Grayson. . . .

If Todd Long has his way, you will see [Koch Brother] ads attacking Alan Grayson. Grayson, booted out of Congress in the Tea Party wave of 2010, will return unless Long can raise some serious money fast to compete in that new district, largely Osceola County. So Todd Long was at the AFP reception trying to do just that. If he didn't get Koch’s personal attention, he at least got the word out that he needs funds.

LAUREN ROWE: Did he seem interested in Todd Long?

TONY PIPITONE: I didn't see them get together.

LAUREN ROWE: Oh, really? But you know it'll happen at some point in time, probably.

TONY PIPITONE: If I were Todd Long, I'd be right over there, too.

And if I were Todd Long, I would be right over there, too. But I’m not Todd Long. I won’t support pollution, or cheap labor, or more tax breaks for zillionaires. I won’t sell out. So people like the Koch Brothers would never support me. In fact, they would do, will do, and have done everything that they can to defeat me. They can’t buy me, so they have to beat me.

Which brings me to the point of all this: you. When something like this, so obscenely corrupt, is reported on the evening news -- when it’s that obvious -- isn’t it time for you to do something about it?

Dig deep into your pocket today, and support our campaign. Because if you don’t, then the Koch Brothers will choose all of our elected officials, elections will be meaningless, and democracy will be over.

It’s now or never.


Alan Grayson

Your Voice at the Democratic Convention

Your Voice at the Democratic Convention

Whenever tens of thousands of members of either party get together, there is a real risk that you’ll see nothing but binge drinking, hooking up, and – worst of all – self-congratulations.

We can’t let that happen this year. Too much is at stake.

I’m going to go to the Democratic Convention next week. I will do my best to see to it that the focus is on solving the problems of America, and the problems of Americans in need. And I won’t be alone.

The Progressive Democrats of America have organized a program next Tuesday called “Progressive Central.” I’m on the program. So are progressive Reps. Conyers, Ellison, Grijalva and McGovern, and former Gov. Michael Dukakis. We are what author Jim Hightower likes to call “aggressive progressives.” Our goal is simple: to get our leaders, our party and the media to concentrate on what’s important.

What’s important? Addressing the gross inequality that leads to more than 20 million Americans who can’t find full-time work, 50 million who can’t see a doctor when they are sick, and more than 45 million who need Government assistance to feed themselves. Taking giant strides, not baby steps, toward justice, equality and peace.

Certain quarters of the Democratic Party have become fearful about adopting anything resembling a platform. Call it “policyphobia.” That’s wrong. The surest way to win an election is to explain to the voters how you can improve their lives, and convince them that you will actually do it if you win.

If by some chance you are going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina next Tuesday, then you can buy a ticket for the day-long event here. If not, then you can show your support for serious discussion of our principles by clicking below. We will be your voice at the Democratic Convention.


Alan Grayson

P.S. Tim Carpenter, the National Director of the Progressive Democrats of America, sent me an e-mail saying that PDA needs $3,600 to make the final payment for the venue. So that’s why I’m asking you to help.

Badge of Honor: Sarah Palin Says Grayson “Spews”

Fox News pays Sarah Palin $1 million a year to pretend to remain relevant. That works out to something like $50,000 per blather. Good work, if you get it.

To fulfill that onerous contractual obligation, Palin recently appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s propaganda-fest, “On the Record.” To be fair, Van Susteren does a great job of keeping a straight face, which can be quite challenging when Sarah Palin is your guest.

Failin’ Palin wanted to rev up that old right-wing indignation machine, so this is what Palin said to Van Susteren:

“Name one prominent Republican who even comes close to what the Alan Graysons, the Joe Bidens, the Harry Reids come up with and spew to the American public. I can’t think of one prominent Republican who talks the way that they talk.”

Frankly, we think that the term “spew” seems a bit harsh. It’s more like a gentle flow of genuineness, a steady stream of simple truth.

Now, as for Ms. Attila from Wasilla, it’s tempting to compare whatever she says to a babbling brook. But in her case, “spew” is a better description. As well as “excrete,” “disgorge,” “ooze,” “discharge,” “expel,” “erupt,” “gush,” and “spit up”. Because as Jon Stewart quickly pointed out on The Daily Show, regarding Palin’s interview, people who live in glass houses should not throw grenades.

After quoting Palin, Stewart asked, “Are the Republicans [like Palin] really in the moral high-ground position on the issue of divisive anger and hate vis-à-vis their opponents? . . . Are Republicans really that blind to the depths of their own vitriol?

Stewart then ran clips of these Palin verbal cow-patties, as well as others:

10/4/08 - “Our opponent {Barack Obama} is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists.”

3/17/10 - “They [the Democrats] are like a bunch of dead fish.”

8/1/11 - “{Arizona Governor} Jan Brewer has the cojones that our President does not have.”

6/15/12 - {In President Obama’s autobiography there is} “all that pot-smoking and that cocaine-snorting and what he ate: Fido.”

6/29/12 - “Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat.”

And then, of course, there was that time when Palin came to Orlando to campaign against Alan Grayson in 2010, and the sum and substance of her critique was to call Grayson a “jackwagon.”

You can add to the list of Alan Grayson’s accomplishments this very important one: Alan Grayson seems to drive Sarah Palin crazy. Or crazier. Even more crazy.

Please show your support for Alan Grayson, the Anti-Palin. Refudiate her!

Green Day Autographed Guitar: Last Chance

For those people who never read these missives from me, but for some strange reason are reading this one, we will be giving an autographed Green Day guitar to one of our supporters. Anyone who makes a contribution now – any amount -- at the I Wanna Rock and Roll” webpage is eligible. (As well as anyone who sends an e-mail to rockandroll@graysonforcongress.com.)

Why am I repeating myself? Two reasons. First, we are setting a deadline for contributions – midnight on Thursday night. If you snooze, you lose.

Second, I need your help to avoid risk of embarrassment. When Blue America PAC Chief (and former Warner Reprise Records chief) Howie Klein asked me how much he thought we could raise if he did this for us, I blithely predicted that 1,000 supporters would contribute $20,000. So far, my blithe-y-ness has not paid off. Only 860 contributors have contributed a total of $16,623.84. So we need at least 140 contributors to chip in at least $3,376.16 more, or Howie may never talk to me again. Or maybe Howie may talk to me, but he will speak to me only in haiku. Or proverbs.

Oh – and if you’ve given before, but you give again now, that counts as two entries.

So consider this: A contribution at our I Wanna Rock and Roll” webpage will help our campaign. It may win you a gorgeous autographed Green Day guitar. And it will help to get me off the hook with Howie Klein.

Seriously, what more could you want? Click here.


Alan Grayson

P.S. If you are disappointed to have reached the end of this note already, and you wish that I had more to say, consider this:

“Don’t weep, insects --
Lovers, stars themselves,
Must part.”

--Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828).

The Second Civil War

This weekend marks the anniversary of the most brutal confrontation in the history of the American labor movement, the Battle of Blair Mountain. For one week during 1921, armed, striking coal miners battled scabs, a private militia, police officers and the US Army. 100 people died, 1,000 were arrested, and one million shots were fired. It was the largest armed rebellion in America since the Civil War.

This is how it happened. In the Twenties, West Virginia coal miners lived in “company towns.” The mining companies owned all the property. They literally ran union organizers out of town – or killed them.

In 1912, in a strike at Paint Creek, the mining company forced the striking miners and their families out of their homes, to live in tents. Then they sent armed goons into that tent city, and opened fire on men, women and children there with a machine gun.

By 1920, the United Mine Workers had organized the northern mines in West Virginia, but they were barred from the southern mines. When southern miners tried to join the union, they were fired and evicted. To show who was boss, one mining company tried to place machine guns on the roofs of buildings in town.

In Matewan, when the coal company goons came to town to take it upon themselves to enforce eviction notices, the mayor and the sheriff asked them to leave. The goons refused. Incredibly, the goons tried to arrest the sheriff, Sheriff Hatfield. Shots were fired, and the mayor and nine others were killed. But the company goons had to flee.

The government sided with the coal companies, and put Sheriff Hatfield on trial for murder. The jury acquitted him. Then they put the sheriff on trial for supposedly dynamiting a non-union mine. As the sheriff walked up the courthouse steps to stand trial again, unarmed, company goons shot him in cold blood. In front of his wife.

This led to open confrontations between miners on one hand, and police and company goons on the other. 13,000 armed miners assembled, and marched on the southern mines in Logan and Mingo Counties. They confronted a private militia of 2,000, hired by the coal companies.

President Harding was informed. He threatened to send in troops and even bombers to break the union. Many miners turned back, but then company goons started killing unarmed union men, and some armed miners pushed on. The militia attacked armed miners, and the coal companies hired airplanes to drop bombs on them. The US Army Air Force, as it was known then, observed the miners’ positions from overhead, and passed that information on to the coal companies.

The miners actually broke through the militia’s defensive perimeter, but after five days, the US Army intervened, and the miners stood down. By that time, 100 people were dead. Almost a thousand miners then were indicted for murder and treason. No one on the side of the coal companies was ever held accountable.

The Battle of Blair Mountain showed that the miners could not defeat the coal companies and the government in battle. But then something interesting happened: the miners defeated the coal companies and the government at the ballot box. In 1925, convicted miners were paroled. In 1932, Democrats won both the State House and the White House. In 1935, President Roosevelt signed the National Labor Relations Act. Eleven years after the Battle of Blair Mountain, the United Mine Workers organized the southern coal fields in West Virginia.

The Battle of Blair Mountain did not have a happy ending for Sheriff Hatfield, or his wife, or the 100 men, women and children who died, or the hundreds who were injured, or the thousands who lost their jobs. But it did have a happy ending for the right to organize, and the middle class, and America.

Now let me ask you one thing: had you ever heard of this landmark event in American history, the Battle of Blair Mountain, before you read this? And if not, then why not? Think about that.


Alan Grayson

"The Boss Works Me Like a Dog. The Union Treats Me Like a Man.”

We have Rep. Raul Grijalva in Congress thanks to the Bracero Program, a “guest worker” program that brought Mexicans into the United States. “Bracero” means “strong arm.”

Braceros worked on farms and railroads between 1942 and 1965. At the peak of the program, in the late Fifties, there were almost 500,000 braceros each year.

Bracero workers like Raul’s father received formal visas. Employers were required to pay them mandatory wages, and provide them housing, food and medical care. Many braceros qualified for permanent residency in the United States.

Notwithstanding this, many braceros were exploited. Braceros were required to pay 10% of their wages into savings accounts, but in many cases, they never got the money. Employers often evaded or ignored regulations on bracero wages, housing and food. In Texas, which then had an “open borders” policy, they were undocumented, and had no legal protection at all.

Bracero employers wanted to get all the work that they could get out of braceros, and give as little as possible in return. Braceros found that only by organizing could they get the things that they were entitled to. So they formed unions. As Raul Grijalva’s bracero father told him: The boss works me like a dog. The union treats me like a man.

Most union organizers spoke English. The braceros spoke Spanish. So at the union meetings, someone had to translate. A very young Raul Grijalva did the translation.

That childhood foundry forged these poignant words:

“We cannot shun our values as an immigration nation. While possibly it is a short-term political victory to split people in this country, it is a long-term defeat for this Nation.”

“Xenophobia is as strong as it’s ever been, and immigration has become the whipping boy for every issue you can think of in this country.”

“A human face to a human face – talking, neighbor to neighbor – is the most powerful grassroots tool that any campaign has.”

“Dignity is just as important as money.”

“We’re all going to be treated fairly, no matter what it takes.

You can see why Rep. Raul Grijalva has risen to be the leader of the Progressive Caucus. Very few Members of Congress can summon the plain power of plain words the way that he can.

His voice is our voice, and we need that voice in Congress. Raul Grijalva faces a tough primary on Tuesday. Please help him, so that he can help everyone.


Alan Grayson

He Was Just Chillin'

I’d like to tell you how I met Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).

There is a gorgeous hall in the Cannon House Office Building. It has high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, enormous windows, etc. After the 2008 election, the House Democratic Caucus invited new members, returning members and retiring members to that hall, to choose our caucus and committee leaders.

There were dividers set across the middle of the hall. In the front were the dais, the lectern, the chairs and the speeches, delivered by all the candidates for leadership positions.

In the back was the food.

In the front, you had to listen. In the back, you could have a conversation. You could do business. You could make a deal.

Being a newbie, I was very interested to see who was in front, and who was in back. I went to the back of the hall – not because I was hungry, but because I wanted to see what was up back there.

In the back of the back of the hall, I saw a man with a bushy Van Dyke beard, leaning up against the wall. He was wearing blue jeans, a denim shirt, and a shoestring tie with a silver ornament. He had his beverage of choice in hand.

He was just chillin’.

I walked up to him and introduced myself, rather woodenly: “Hi, I’m Alan Grayson, the Congressman from Orlando.”

He looked at me, smiled warmly, and said simply: “I’m Raul.”

That was my first experience with the preternatural calm, poise, modesty and dignity of Rep. Raul Grijalva.

There are certain thoughts that come to mind for Members of Congress over and over again. One of them goes like this: “If only your voters could see for themselves what kind of person you are, then you would get 99.9% of the vote.

That’s what other Members of Congress think about Raul Grijalva. The phrase “nice guy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Because of the extraordinary respect that other Members of Congress have for him, Raul was elected Chairman of the Progressive Caucus at the end of only his fourth term in office. As the Chairman of the Progressive Caucus, Raul is our spokesman on reducing unemployment, universal healthcare, cutting military expenditures, campaign finance reform, progressive taxation, improving education, and peace.

Right now, a conservative Democrat is challenging Raul Grijalva in his primary next Tuesday. She was appointed to her current position by crackpot Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is famous for sticking her finger in the face of the President of the United States and shouting at him.

Raul’s opponent says that the reason why she wants to go to Washington is that “she is frustrated with Washington.” Personally, I’m frustrated with traffic jams, but that doesn’t make me want to be in one. I think that you need a better reason than that to be elected to Congress.

Raul’s opponent, a rich businesswoman, is running crass attack ads on TV against him. She’s up on the air, and he’s not. Raul needs to fight back; we need to help. Please contribute to Raul Grijalva’s campaign. We can’t afford to lose him.


Alan Grayson

The Great Dictator

If you have spent any time listening to Hate TV and Hate Radio lately (and given Hate TV/Radio’s monopolization of the airwaves, who hasn’t?), you have heard Messrs. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck et al. rant and rave about President Obama’s partial implementation of the Dream Act by executive action. Specifically, President Obama has decided that he will not deport law-abiding young men and women who grew up in the United States, who would qualify for a path to citizenship under the Dream Act. Hate TV/Radio can’t take issue with the substance of the Dream Act, because Saint Ronald of Reagan once said, “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally” (and then Saint Ronald gave amnesty to three million of “those” and “they”). So what Hate TV/Radio is left with is the argument that by taking executive action, the President supposedly is assuming the power of a dictator, in deciding what law he will enforce or not enforce.

Unfortunately, in response to this right-wing attack, I have heard no rebuttal, no riposte, no rejoinder, no repartee, and no reprisal. And that is unfortunate, because what they’re saying just isn’t how it works.

It is true that Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution says that the President shall “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” But that doesn’t make the President some kind of enforcement-bot. The President, like a prosecutor, has prosecutorial discretion.

Under the principle of prosecutorial discretion, not every case of enforcement that might be brought can be brought, or should be brought. Officials with executive authority can and should establish enforcement priorities, and act on those priorities. Which exactly is what President Obama has done.

When Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was Attorney General, he explained it this way: “Law enforcement is not automatic. It isn’t blind. What every prosecutor is practically required to do is to select the cases for prosecution and to select those in which the offense is the most flagrant, the public harm the greatest, and the proof the most certain.”

In the case of Oyler v. Boles, 368 U.S. 448 (1962), the US Supreme Court specifically held that “reasonable selectivity in enforcement” is constitutional. Not dictatorial; constitutional.

What Hate TV/Radio is doing is following the instructions laid down by Newt Gingrich in 1990, in his Orwellian essay “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control.” Gingrich told Republicans to vilify Democrats with vituperative words and phrases, one of which was “abuse of power.” The Right Wing is accusing President Obama of abuse of power regarding the Dream Act because that term is on Newt’s list of magic evil words. (Newt Gingrich is sort of like abolitionist John Brown in reverse; even after defeat, Newt’s lies go marching on.) But on this one, Hate TV and Radio are wrong, totally wrong, and the President is right.

Someone should say that. And I just did.


Alan Grayson

Eric Clapton Is Very Disappointed

The votes are in, and Green Day has won. The Green Day autographed guitar will go to one of our supporters.

Will it be you?
I'm not sure. It's possible . . . .

Needless to say, Eric Clapton was very disappointed when I told him. "Hello, Old Friend," I greeted him. Clapton looked at me with those soulful "Blue Eyes Blue" he has, and simply said, "Tears in Heaven." "A River of Tears," I replied. "I Can't Stand It," he said, and not for the first time. But I assured Clapton that win or lose, he always will be everyone's "Forever Man." Forever.

I'm just glad that Clapton didn't get angry at me. I remember the time when he confessed to me: "I Shot the Sheriff." I sure didn't want to follow that sheriff, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door."

Anyway, for the many people who have Absolutely No Idea What I'm Talking About, former Warner Reprise Records Chief Howie Klein offered to give one of our supporters a single item from his awesome personal collection. We voted on it, the votes are now in, and the Green Day guitar got the most votes.

I'm talking about a Green Day guitar - a blue Squier Stratocaster -- autographed by all 3 members of the band. That's what I'm talking about.

And now, if you have not done so already, you MUST MUST MUST go to a special webpage that we have set up, called "I Wanna Rock and Roll", and make a contribution to our campaign. All the folks who do so this week will be eligible to receive the Green Day guitar. (As will anyone who sends an e-mail to [link:mailto:rockandroll@graysonforcongress.com|rockandroll@graysonforcongress.com].)

Let me be specific about this. If you are the lucky winner, not only will you receive this gorgeous autographed guitar, but also, you will never suffer from eczema, the grass on your lawn will mow itself, you will be either ten years younger or ten years older (you choose!), members of your preferred sex will find you extremely attractive, and you will never have to pay highway tolls again. Or maybe not, I'm not really sure. But you'll get the guitar, anyway.

So if you have not done so already, please go to our "I Wanna Rock and Roll" webpage RIGHT NOW, and drop a few drachmas into the pot.

Please don't keep our webpage waiting.


Alan Grayson

The Ryan Budget: Throwing Grandma From the Train

Alan Grayson was back on national TV and radio on Tuesday, exposing the Ryan Budget. Here’s what he said:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Good morning, former and future {Congressman}.

ALAN GRAYSON: Good morning. I couldn't help but say to myself, “What Nonsense,” when I was listening to your preview {about Republicans defending the Ryan Budget} there. It's getting to be painful {to see} how they twist and turn and try to rationalize what fundamentally is destroying the Medicare program. That's what we're talking about there.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Yes, but look at how blue {Paul Ryan’s} eyes are.

ALAN GRAYSON: They are going to replace the actual care that you need: the doctors, the x-rays, the chemotherapy. They are going to replace that with a check that they know isn't enough to pay for all of that, in fact, {one that is} $6,500 short every year. It's not even close enough to pay for it. It's as if you went to McDonalds and ordered a hamburger, and instead of handing you a hamburger they handed you a piece of paper that had the word “hamburger” on it. That's the con job that they are trying to run on America right now.

CHRIS LAVOIE: Oh my God! You are absolutely right. That is a great analogy.

JIM WARD: Mmmm, this paper is delicious.

STEPHANIE MILLER: This isn't actually a hamburger. I can't eat it. You know what, former and future {Congressman}, I'm so glad you said that. Listen to Romney yesterday:

{Romney Audio Clip}: There's only one president that I know of in history that robbed Medicare $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call Obamacare. . . .

STEPHANIE MILLER: This is what they are going to keep trying to hammer and Jim you had said this about the amount of money they have to spend to go, “Oh no, no, no, we are the saviors of Medicare and it's the President {who is trying to destroy it}.” Can you explain what the $700 billion is about?

ALAN GRAYSON: “Obamacare” did not reduce a single Medicare benefit for anybody.


ALAN GRAYSON: In fact, what {Obamacare} did was that it closed the donut hole, which means already that seniors pay $600 less each year for their prescription drugs. And by 2014, it will be $1,200 less for every senior who needs any prescription. Not a single benefit was cut. They found other ways to save in the program.


ALAN GRAYSON: And isn't that what the Republicans are always calling for? They are always calling for more efficiency, less waste, less fraud, less abuse. What {Romney} is describing is the fact that President Obama was able to get $700 billion of waste, fraud and abuse out of the program without changing a single benefit.

JIM WARD: That's why Romney is pretending not to know what a donut is. He’s trying to avoid the donut hole. I get it now.

ALAN GRAYSON: Maybe he can get Gingrich to come in and explain what a donut is. He certainly knows what a donut is. Or Chris Christie.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Chris Christie. I was going to go there. We almost collided getting to the Chris Christie joke.

ALAN GRAYSON: How pleasant that would have been.

STEPHANIE MILLER: So obviously, you know, you’ve seen all the headlines this morning. Republicans in competitive races distance themselves from Romney’s Medicare plan. So you’re running in Florida. We obviously saw what happened in upstate New York. That was only one race. That is my home district as you know. A Democrat never wins that, and because of Paul Ryan, Kathy Hochul won that seat. What does this mean for people like you in Florida?

ALAN GRAYSON: Well in Florida you have three times the senior vote as the rest of the country does, and seniors are waking up and realizing that, it’s true, the Republicans really do want to take your Social Security money, and hand it over to Wall Street. They really do want to take your Medicare away from you, and destroy that program. All of that is true, and now it's right in their faces. And, by the way, this exact same Ryan Plan, this exact same Ryan Budget, came up when I was in Congress, in the 111th Congress. The Democrats brought it up for a vote and hardly any Republicans voted for it.


ALAN GRAYSON: In fact, {Rep. John} Boehner went around and told every conceivable vulnerable Republican, “Don't vote for that. That's going to get you lost.” And, in fact, now we're going to see it happen all over the country. I think, not just at the Presidential level, but at the Senate level, the House level. Every Republican is going to be tarred with that brush.

STEPHANIE MILLER: You know, I was going to say, Alan I don't know if I'm getting giddy and ahead of myself, but that's what I feel like. This is a game changer in a bad way for them. I mean were you surprised by this pick?

ALAN GRAYSON: It's important that we drive the point home. We can't have weak Democrats nattering, “Well, jeez, maybe Ryan isn't as good as Simpson-Bowles,” or something like that. No, no, no. No. The Ryan Plan is going to take away your Social Security, your Medicare, your Medicaid. It's going to throw Grandma from the train.]


ALAN GRAYSON: And that's what the Democrats have to say every day between now and November 6th.

We can count on at least one Democrat to keep saying that between now and November 6th – to keep exposing the Republicans and their cruel schemes. We can count on Alan Grayson. And with your help, we can count on him after November 6th, too, as a Member of Congress. Click below, and show your support today for a Congressman With Guts.
Contribute: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/graysonforcongress
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