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Member since: Sat May 8, 2010, 12:16 PM
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Short-sighted resentment of independents

You are stuck inside your own hopes for HRC.

If you resent Sanders for getting votes in Dem primaries that might have gone to HRC, how upset would you be if a 3rd party (no question that they would go for Sanders) sucked >70% of independent (erstwhile-Dem) voters away from her in the general?

If the Repubs unified behind their candidate, could HRC win a 3 way race despite losing so many potential voters?

If HRC captured 70% of indy voters, you would not be complaining.

your pearls are rattling up a storm from being clutched so tight

Isn't this called "concern trolling" to spend 3 paragraphs speculating that Sen. Sanders has some tax skeleton in his closet when you have no evidence of it.

Your "concern" about his tax preparation is just silly. Anyone with an 8th grade reading level can do their own taxes if they have a single income, a retired spouse, and simple assets. They don't need an accountant or tax preparer.

As a supporter of a candidate who has been vilified and conspired against forever, I would think you would see the pettiness of your strategy.

You want HRC to win and are anxious.... it's not looking good on you.
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