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Wisconsin: Mary Burke and Bill Clinton in Milwaukee on Friday


Join Mary and President Clinton for a Rally in Milwaukee

President Bill Clinton is coming to Milwaukee on Friday, October 24. Doors for the event will open at 11:00 AM


Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
333 W. Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53203

This is a free, ticketed event. RSVP now for ticket details and pick-up information.

Register at the link.

Wisconsin: 10 Days Of Early Voting, 10 Reasons To Vote Against Scott Walker (#9)


Scott Walker’s Economic Disaster Corporation was supposed to be the state’s flagship jobs agency, but as Wisconsin ranks dead last – 10th out of 10 states – in the Midwest on job creation since 2011, WEDC is better known for creating scandals rather than jobs.

A series of scathing audits in 2012 show Walker’s Economic Disaster Corporation lost track of $56 million worth of taxpayer funded loans. [1] Audits also found that the agency lacked basic internal accounting controls and estimated that it would not collect about $19 million in loans. [2]


It only took 24 hours for the second CEO at WEDC to abandon the sinking ship. Walker gave the job to a political ally who previously served on the board at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and who donated to Walker’s campaigns in 2010 and 2012. [3]

John Gillespie, hired to serve as WEDC’s Public Information Officer as part of a plan to improve the scandal-plagued agency’s damaged reputation, owes $36,047 in back taxes to the State of Wisconsin and another $7,770 for improperly received unemployment insurance compensation benefits. [4]

In May of last year, an audit from the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau found Walker’s WEDC routinely violated state law. From July 2011 to December 2012, Walker’s Economic Disaster Corporation never kept track of job creation efforts for a group of companies who received award money, which prevented the agency from informing the state legislature with accurate information on their efforts to create jobs. Under state law, WEDC is required to track award money and present accurate information to legislators on job creation efforts. [5]

Wisconsin: Democratic Party sues state over Brad Schimel training videos


Lawyers for the state Democratic Party filed a lawsuit Tuesday to try to obtain videotapes of five prosecutor training sessions conducted by Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel, the Republican candidate for attorney general. Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess has set a hearing for 10 a.m. Wednesday on the party's petition for a writ of mandamus to compel the release of the videos. Schimel is running against Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, a Democrat.

"What an odd fishing expedition," Johnny Koremenos, Schimel's campaign manager, said in response to the lawsuit. Countered Michael Bauer, the attorney for the Democratic Party: "If there's nothing to hide in these videos, why doesn't Schimel ask his friends at (the Department of Justice) to release them or release them himself?"

In September, a Democratic Party researcher filed an open records request with the state Department of Justice seeking all materials related to five presentations Schimel had done over the years at State Prosecutors Education and Training conferences. DOJ organizes and oversees these sessions. The party contends these videos of Schimel's talks may contain questionable material.


In the Democratic Party's lawsuit, Bauer argued that it was Schimel who may have compromised the privacy of the crime victims by disclosing their identities at the training sessions. Bauer noted that Potter said his office couldn't provide a redacted version of one video because Schimel mentioned a victim's name so often. Bauer, a former top-level DOJ staffer under Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, is asking for the release of the two videos and a court order directing DOJ officials to try to locate material from the other three training sessions. The party is seeking punitive damages, plus attorney's fees.

Wisconsin: When your best character reference is KKKarl Rove, you're in trouble.

Oh, those scary "union bosses" ....


WisGOP Email from Karl Rove Complains About "Dirty Tricks" & Vouches for Walker's Character

Last night, the Republican Party of Wisconsin sent out a fundraising appeal titled, "A Message from Karl Rove," where Rove says "liberal special interests" are "using every dirty trick in the book" to defeat Governor Scott Walker, whom Rove vouches for as a "good man":

Dear friend,

America's eyes are on Wisconsin again.

Democrats are desperate to beat Governor Scott Walker because his commonsense reforms worked and put Wisconsin back on track. So liberal special interests are using every dirty trick in the book to defeat him.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

Democrats and unions are pouring millions into the state to defeat Scott Walker. They know his victory will send a loud, clear message that voters want leaders willing to make tough choices and advocate bold reforms.

National union bosses call Walker their #1 target. They won’t stop until November 4th. We can’t either. This good man moved Wisconsin forward and inspired conservatives across America. Will you give $50, $100 or more today? The Republican Party of Wisconsin is leading the way for Walker, especially on getting out the vote, and your gift will go directly into vital work to get our people to the polls.

With Scott Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin is an example for America. Give the unions and national Democrats indigestion by helping this good man win.

Thanks for your help,

Karl Rove

Getting Karl Rove to come in and attack your opponents for dirty tricks annnnnnd vouching for the character of Scott Walker... all in one email?!? I guess Jack Abramoff wasn't available.

Wisconsin: Green Bay Alderman Chris Wery demands condemnation of Islamic groups from Muslim citizen


Earlier this week Heba Mohammad, a resident of the city of Green Bay, sent this email to Alderman Chris Wery, a Republican who represents Green Bay’s 8th Aldermanic district on the Green Bay Common Council.

As shown in the email, Mohammad clearly articulated a valid concern about the ability of some voters in Green Bay to get to the polls to cast their votes on November 4, and she asked for Ald. Wery’s help in addressing the issue. In response, Wery sent this email to Mohammad.

As you can see, Ald. Wery’s response quickly transitions from an acknowledgment of the reason for her initial contact into an interrogation of her affiliation with the Muslim Student Association at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Ald. Wery then demanded assurances that Mohammad and the MSA did not support militant Islamic ideology or Sharia law and asked her to condemn Sharia law, militant Islamic ideology, and Hamas, as if Mohammad’s being a Muslim somehow made those condemnations necessary.

Here’s Mohammad’s pitch-perfect response to Ald. Wery’s email.

Wisconsin: Emails show Walker campaign treasurer Hiller got inside information on real-estate deal


Emails show Walker campaign treasurer John Hiller got inside information on real-estate deal

The campaign treasurer for Gov. Scott Walker got detailed financial information from a top Walker aide about a real-estate deal he was bidding on, according to correspondence included in thousands of emails released Tuesday related to the closed John Doe investigation.

The probe, which began when Walker was serving as the Milwaukee County executive, showed real-estate broker John Hiller lobbied for the county to sell its City Campus building then got detailed information from a top Walker aide around the time bids were being evaluated to provide office space for workers to be displaced by the sale.

The emails show that Walker personally helped orchestrate the deal to benefit Hiller, who was representing a real-estate trust that owns the Reuss Federal Building in Milwaukee. That company sought to increase the amount of space rented in the building by Milwaukee County.

The emails show that Hiller, Walker’s campaign treasurer, was given information by Cindy Archer, director of the Department of Administration and that Hiller repeatedly lobbied Walker to adopt his offer.

Wisconsin's Kelly Westlund: The Republican National Committee thinks we're stupid.

from my email ...

Scuba --

Really. The Republican National Committee thinks we're stupid.

Earlier today, RNC co-chair Sharon Day appeared at a rally for Scott Walker. Speaking about how close this election will be, nonsense poured out:

"It's not going to be an easy election, it's a close election. Like I said, much closer than I can even understand why. I don't want to say anything about your Wisconsin voters but, some of them might not be as sharp as a knife." 1

Comments like this just confirm the same thing people tell me every day -- the GOP doesn't care about solving the problems of everyday Wisconsinites.

Help us get this message out by chipping in $10 or more today.

I'm lucky to be a part of the rising excitement and engagement as we get closer to November 4th. Everywhere I go, it's easy to see that people here in Wisconsin are frustrated with the status quo.

With your help, we've put together one of the best ground games in the country. We're hard at work getting voters to the polls and expanding our base of support throughout the 7th District.

Any way you slice it, she's wrong about Wisconsin voters. We're smart enough to make the right decision.

Thanks for standing with me,


1 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin: 1st TV ad for Mark Harris

Mark is running for Congress in Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District.


And Karen Carpenter too!

Playing For Change


Playing For Change
Connecting The World Through Music

"I was walking down the street in Santa Monica, Ca, and I heard the voice of Roger Ridley singing the song 'Stand By Me'. He has so much soul and conviction in his voice. I asked him if I could come back with some cameras and recording equipment to record him performing 'Stand By Me'.

Mark Johnson, Founder

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from the common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.

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