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I think it may have something to do with Ben Johnson a/k/a Cooter

Ben Johnson has been very vocal about his support for the Confederate flag; going on an ALLCAPS Facebook rant and penned an opinion piece for the New York Times that appeared only a couple of days after the Charleston murders. Read the Times piece. It's a bit tone deaf especially in light of what happened two days earlier. His FB rant takes it to a whole 'nother level.

Timing is everything. I suspect it's what I'm calling the Rush Limbaugh Effect. For years, it seemed like Rush couldn't say anything that was too over the top for advertisers. Then his comments on Sandra Fluke reached a wider audience and companies didn't want to be associated with his brand. Trump is the latest idiot to get some serious blow back for his comments. I believe Limbaugh and Trump have made advertisers more sensitive to the prospect that there are people out there saying negative things about women or people of color. Now, when someone says something mildly controversial, the advertisers start running for the exits because they don't want to wait for you to say something really offensive.


Posted by TheOther95Percent | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 12:53 AM (0 replies)
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