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About Bradley Manning, government secrecy, and exposing classified information

Here's what I want to know: if you compare the lives lost due to exposing classified information to the number of lives lost as a result of government secrecy, which one is responsible for more death and suffering? Which one is responsible for more dead, wounded, and mentally scarred or suicidal soldiers?

Given the fact that just a handful of secrets have started unnecessary wars and led to human suffering on a massive scale as well as for our soldiers, and given the fact that it hasn't been shown that any enemies have gained any significant tactical advantage due to the actions of Bradley Manning or Daniel Ellsberg, I believe it's safe to say that while a careful balanced must be maintained, we should err on the side of holding too few secrets instead of too many, because the level of harm is significantly greater when we keep things secret that should be public knowledge.
Posted by Capitalocracy | Sat Feb 4, 2012, 11:29 AM (15 replies)
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