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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Delaware
Current location: Delaware
Member since: Mon Feb 8, 2010, 10:25 PM
Number of posts: 20,043

About Me

Married, 2 kids a boy and a girl. Two dogs, both boxers, a cat that I'm pretty sure is at least part maine coon..who knows. I found him in my driveway freezing and starving. I enjoy reading, music, I watch entirely too much tv and Republicans make me sick. I think family is the most important thing. Anything else you wanna know, just ask. :-)

Journal Archives

I had no idea we lived in Gotham City and need a Billionaire vigilante to fix it..

--Mike Murphy on MSNBC.

His speech was a message to white america..

be afraid. I will protect you--Eugene Robinson.




Rachel Maddow just said if

you count Trump's children, then a total of 10 billionaires spoke at the RNC.

Sure; Trump is for the average (wo)man.

Trump, Pence, Indies & undecideds...

Trump is looking to bring over undecideds, Indies and even disgruntled Dems. He's made a play for Bernie voters many times. My question is, why pick someone so far right? Pence is a right wing evangelical. His record clearly reflects this. He's also a hawk.

With Trump saying he will delegate so much responsibility to Pence, his record should be concerning to moderates but more importantly Dems/Liberals that dislike Hillary. I don't understand the thought process on this.

I could see people saying VP's aren't that important, but in this case Trump is making him VERY important. That's worrisome to me.

'The Dude' speaks about Trump...

Jeff Bridges BASHES Trump With These 7 Hilarious Words, You’ll Love What “The Dude” Says

Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges, best known for his classic role as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski in the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski, has been long enough to know a dope when he sees one. And when he took a look at presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Bridges clearly saw a dope. And he called him out on it.

Said Bridges:

“I don’t dig Trump or follow what he has to say, but I find it fascinating that he’s surfaced in the political arena.”
Like all of us, he’s psyched about the prospect of a woman in the White House. Jeff added, about women:

“They perhaps have a stronger capacity for caring than males. I know that in the Native American societies, women were really in charge. The women chose the chiefs. It’s taken us a long time to come around and see the light on that score.”

Bridges isn’t the only hip elder statesman celebrity to weigh in on the continuous Donald Trump train wreck. Bestselling author Stephen King weighed in on The Donald too, saying:

“That anyone in America would even CONSIDER voting for this rabid coyote leaves me speechless.Say, here’s an idea! Let’s turn America’s nukes over to a bad-tempered asshole with no knowledge of foreign policy. What could go wrong?”


A Children’s Treasury of Misogyny at the Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND—There has been no shortage of anti–Hillary Clinton rhetoric at this week’s Republican National Convention. In fact, it has been a thematic constant, often overshadowing any and all reference to the Republican nominee himself. It’s no surprise, then, that RNC attendees and supporters of the party have followed suit—but some have taken it to a much baser level, groping at the lowest of low-hanging fruit by attacking Hillary’s gender and sexuality. In the following seven photos, you too can witness the grotesque misogyny that has clearly begun to permeate the 2016 election.

In addition to Game of Thrones cosplay, this man also works as a volunteer at the Republican convention:

The shirt within this shirt says, “IF YOU CAN READ THIS THE BITCH FELL OFF”:

More pics at the link http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/07/20/misogyny_is_alive_and_well_at_the_republican_national_convention.html

So disgusting.

Republican convention in a nutshell...



This is Mike Pence..

Trump plans to delegate Presidential responsibilities to him (if he's elected)--basically President Pence.

It's gonna be a hot one..

The first two days of the convention are gonna be stupid hot...

Probably have some t-storms to break the heat--if it breaks. Be prepared if you're going.

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