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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Delaware
Current location: Delaware
Member since: Mon Feb 8, 2010, 10:25 PM
Number of posts: 20,043

About Me

Married, 2 kids a boy and a girl. Two dogs, both boxers, a cat that I'm pretty sure is at least part maine coon..who knows. I found him in my driveway freezing and starving. I enjoy reading, music, I watch entirely too much tv and Republicans make me sick. I think family is the most important thing. Anything else you wanna know, just ask. :-)

Journal Archives

Maryland lawmaker proposes law to take food stamps from families of kids who protest

Republican Maryland state Delegate Patrick McDonough suggested this week that parents did not deserve to continue receiving food stamps if they refused to stop their children from protesting the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

In audio obtain by First Look’s Lee Fang, a caller on a Baltimore radio program asks McDonough why the government could not “take away benefits from families, from like the parents who are collecting welfare” if the protesters were “too young.”

“That’s an idea and that could be legislation,” McDonough volunteers. “I think that you could make the case that there is a failure to do proper parenting and allowing this stuff to happen, is there an opportunity for a month to take away your food stamps?”

McDonough goes on to say that a “scientific study” is needed to understand the mindset of “thug nation.”

“These young people, they’re violent, they’re brutal, their mindset is dysfunctional to a point of being dangerous,” he says. “We have got to study, investigate, and really look at what this is all about.”


audio at link.

The cover of Time Magazine...

‘F*ck the Media’: Morgan Freeman Goes Off on Cable News over Baltimore

Morgan Freeman spoke with The Daily Beast today to discuss his new movie Five Flights Up, and he ended up addressing the cable news coverage surrounding the events this week in Baltimore. And boy, did he have a lot to say.

Freeman observed that in most serious situations when the media is covering live events, all CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do is just throw out take after take after take, and “CNN wants to be pure news, but the others are just commentary. They’re just commenting on things.”

On Baltimore specifically, Freeman brought up the argument that the city has been suffering for a long time, and it took setting something on fire for the media to finally notice.

“Police have a standard reaction to shooting somebody. I fear for my life and I fear for my safety,” he said. “Now, at least you can see, ‘Hey, his hands were up in the air! What part of your safety were you afraid of? The guy was running away, what part of your safety was in danger?’”

He ended his comments by saying “Fuck the media.”


It was never a dress...

love this...


Axosoft hires activist, debuts campaign to foster women in technology (Video)

Axosoft wants you to look differently at that generic female bathroom symbol.

While it may look like a dress, the Scottsdale-based software company wants you to think of it as a low-hanging superhero cape.

It's part of a new campaign Axosoft debuted Monday during the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in downtown Phoenix about portraying more women involved in technology and entrepreneurship, said Axosoft CEO Lawdan Shojaee.


Thanks for this info bemildred post #5


already here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10026584626

Baltimore mom speaks out..I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray


original video..

This is significant...that's how I feel

Kids & cops


This tweet...


It is an expression of anger. Some humans riot because their school lost the big game. Others because the State can't stop killing them.
11:38 PM - 27 Apr 2015

8,828 8,828 Retweets
7,088 more than a forest fire can be 'correct' or 'wise.' Wisdom isn't the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the rioters themselves."


I think it would be a mistake to dismiss...


He's young, he has some experience, he speaks well, he has good back story, not unlike Obama.

He's a fresh face.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss him.
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