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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Member since: Sun Jan 10, 2010, 04:24 PM
Number of posts: 7,814

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Sigh. How'd I let this happen?

I swore I wasn't gonna get invested this time. Hillary was gonna get the nomination. All I want is someone to run who can challenge her somewhat- make it a race. Bring up my issues. Maybe Warren? Oh, damn, looks like she's not gonna run. Oh. Bernie's running. I really like him. He doesn't have a chance- I saw what they did to Dean- gave my heart and effort to that campaign and he was several shades more moderate than Sanders. But I can support him in the primaries. It'll be good for the party...

Fast Forward many months- many polls- thousands of posts telling us Bernie supporters to give it up already- much soul searching about why my feminist self is not supporting a Democratic woman with a real chance to win the presidency- donating, coming out on Facebook as a Sanders supporter- strained friendships with Hillary supporting real world friends who don't get it.

Somewhere along the line I've allowed myself to actually start hoping and believing and *desperately* wanting us to pull this off. Which- I realize, having gone through this before, is dangerous- but I believe the country needs Bernie, whether it deserves him or not. Are we smart enough to actually elect him? I sure hope so 🙂
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