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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 6,788

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They want most of us to die already. Starving preferred, as a starving person

Is lethargic and less of a threat.

They know exactly what they are doing. They want NO government aid and almost NO ONE making a living wage because they want most of us to die.

It is just more convenient and less costly for them to kill us via starvation rather than the gas chambers.

Peter Morici on the Cycle saying it is fine to not raise the debt ceiling

That it would not be default on debt, that we could easily prioritize payments, no biggie.

Another right winger on Morning Schmoe was pushing the same meme.

I wonder if they are planning on not raising the debt ceiling?
Posted by LiberalLoner | Fri Oct 4, 2013, 02:25 PM (9 replies)

On Morning Schmoe some woman is saying defaulting on debt no big deal

She said basically it would be just fine because all we would have to do is pay the interest on the debt and the military, and nothing else. Said it would actually be a good thing because it would force us to balance the budget overnight.

Is this the new GOP talking point? Are they planning on NOT raising the debt ceiling now? Sure sounds like it to me.

She said you could tell it would not be catastrophic because the bond markets are still fine.

Jeez I really think that is their plan at this point.

It is this bad because a small group of ultra rich men,

Like the Kochs and others who have no loyalty to this nation, want our nation to fail spectacularly and for there to be so much pain and death they can sweep in with their wealth and buy all of America, including us peons whom they can work to death or take kidneys from or grind up for dog food for their dogs.

These men, and their useful idiots, want to destroy our nation utterly and entirely so they can take whatever they want for free or for pennies. Because, you know, their billions aren't nearly enough, they want the gold from our teeth and our fat for soap making and our skins for lampshades.

Go ahead and Godwin me. I don't care. This is the truth as far as I see it.

Great simple PSA warning about krokodil

Those parts of the country don't have many black people primarily

Because no slaves were brought to live there and because for a long time there hasn't been any good jobs there for anyone to want to move there.

Montana, the fourth largest state in terms of land, has fewer than one million residents overall.

Yes, there are racists attracted to Montana because of the "lily whiteness" as the racists say.

Here is our reaction to all that: http://tech.worlded.org/docs/vera/montana.htm

It is as unfair to say we are all racists, as it is to say all Southerners are racists.

If you want another example, check out the front page talking about North Dakota fighting against the Neo Nazis.

I was thinking about reasons people might not want to donate.

1. They may not have even $5.00 to give.

2. They may wonder if it is a scam. I have been reading AGGs posts for years now. Never once have I seen her complain or ask anything whatsoever for herself. This request is from genuine need. I'm guessing the same is true of the others in need as well.

3. They may think, I only have $5.00 to give. What good would that do? It would only insult the person who needs so much more than just the $5.00. The thing is, if enough people can give even five dollars, it would add up. It could make a real difference. You wouldn't think twice of buying a DUer lunch if you met them. Can you possibly spare the cost of that one lunch to help a fellow DUer? One lunch, once a month, to whatever DUer in need you wish to sponsor?

We can make a difference if there are enough of us, can't we?

Please. Give the cost of one lunch, once a month, to one DUer in need. And let's see if together we can't make a difference. If you can't spare the cost of a burger and fries, can you spare a kind word of support or encouragement now and then to say you wish a person well and hope for the best for them?

So much is crumbling around us. Our own lives are uncertain. The Koch brothers want us to remain hopeless, despairing, cynical and disconnected from one another.

Can we do this one thing, just this one thing one time a month, to kick the Koch brothers in the teeth and join hands with our fellow DUers?


Because if it's not about taking care of one another, why else are we here in life?

The good manufacturing jobs didn't disappear because of women. They disappeared

Because of outsourcing, free trade agreements and the gaming of the system by the wealthy, to screw everyone under them out of their fair share of pay.

I know of women who would actually love the choice to be stay at home Moms. They can't because very few households now can live on a single paycheck.

But the right wing is discovering "blame everything on women" sells. And it is an idea being adopted by some on the left as well.

I have a good imagination (maybe too good) and if I were writing a novel given the past and present circumstances, I would end the novel with bands of men roaming our nation, raping and brutally killing the women cowering in fear, just like what some war torn regions of Africa have endured.
Oh yeah and then taking whatever material goods the women had been able to put away for herself and her children.

It's kind of hard for me to envision increasing misogyny turning out to have a happy ending.

Maybe if I used the POV of the male. A guy who was a Marine in Nam told me a story years ago how his entire platoon raped and then stabbed a sniper woman they caught. He smiled as he said, "We turned that b*tch into hamburger!"

Maybe this story could have a happy ending if I just adopted the male POV.

Exactly, thank you. I really don't like this meme of,

"Let's make women and blacks subservient slaves again, because everything was awesome for us straight white males back in the 50's!!!! And everyone knows we are the only people who really matter!"

Oh, all us silly wimmin. Agitating for dumb stuff like laws against our men having carte Blanche to beat and even kill us. To rape children. To use us as incubators with no rights at all, economic or otherwise.

Us silly silly wimmins. Don't we understand what REALLY matters?



+1 and because social pressures exist to push women away from

Adopting out babies they give birth to (and for many women, their own emotions make this choice difficult once they have given birth), it is more than serving a nine month term as an unwilling incubator, with all the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. It is also potentially sentencing women to decades of shouldering the huge amount of work and expense involved in raising children. And since right wingers hate assistance to poor families, this huge burden would fall squarely on the shoulders of the women deemed to be walking incubators by society.
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