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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
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But what a beautiful flower! And surely the essence of the plant will

Live on forever.

My grandfather had a stroke and passed out, less than a year before he died.

He was so upset they brought him back to life. He was angry. "Why'dja have to go and wake me up?"

He talked about how he was in a place with the most beautiful gardens he had ever seen.

He was a farmer all his life, dropped out of school in the fourth grade to work the plow, and knew all about gardens and growing things.

He said it was just so beautiful, and he felt so happy there, and he just couldn't describe it, but he had tears running down his face as he tried, this grizzled old Montana farmer who never cried over anything.

I would like to think the beautiful agave plant goes to the beautiful gardens to bloom forever.

What do you think, Omaha Steve?

People don't get it. I'm glad your wife has you to care for her!

I hope she gives care to you, too.

It took me twelve years of going to the doctors, before anyone even suggested it might be MS.

Before that, my weird numbness, bladder spasms/pain, intense fatigue, spells of depression, were all written off as hysteria.

As I tell every doc I see now, "they were right....it was all in my head....oh and in my spinal cord, too."

Life is way way way easier now that the doctors actually believe me and want to help me instead of doing the "get out of my exam room" and rolled eyes routine.

Yeah I'm bitter, LOL, who wouldn't be?

I think the guy is genuine. I've read some of his books, and his

Change of heart and misery at what the nation has become seems real. I cut him a break, wish others would, too.

WTF???? So women volunteering to serve our country are considered "whores"....

Really? Is that how these right wingers think???!!! No wonder I was raped and so many women are raped in the military. Although, men are raped in the military, too...but the percentage of women experiencing sexual assault in the military is horrifyingly high, and I have to wonder if this attitude, if widespread, is a contributing factor to that. You know, a desire to punish women for their choice to serve.

It feels really good to be able to do something kind for someone else.

I've come to realize, that makes me happier than anything I could own.

Today I did a RAOK and left money to pay for whoever was next in the grocery line. At stores that allow me to donate to the food bank, I always do so.

Today I supported DU and I also contributed to a blogger I enjoy reading, Frank Schaeffer at Patheos.

Every small act I can do to light a light and fight the darkness gives me hope. I believe in my fellow human beings. If enough of us light that spark, I truly believe we can change things.

Every kind act is spitting in the face of the Koch brothers and other forces of darkness.

What kind acts do you do, that make you happy?
Posted by LiberalLoner | Wed Dec 3, 2014, 06:02 PM (3 replies)

A DU'ers post was referenced in an article on Patheos, by Frank Schaeffer!

In case anyone wants to see, here is the link:


I don't know, I was just reading the blog and all of a sudden, there is a post from DU! I thought that was kind of cool and wanted to share.

For Robin, may he RIP.

I care a lot about homeless vets

I just don't see how tearing down the General Officers helps the cause any.

My brother was a homeless vet. Didn't have him living with me because 1. He has a bad problem with alcoholism and 2. He raped me repeatedly when I was a kid. But mostly reason #1. He steals and destroys any living space he is in.

I thank my higher power he is currently sober at a long-term VA facility he has been in for the past 8 months. They will also pay for him to go back to school and become an LPN. They are taking care of his dental problems and medical problems too.

Why didn't he take advantage of that program earlier? He wanted to keep drinking. He would rather be homeless and drink than be there and not allowed to drink. He only goes when the law gives him the choice of that or prison.

He does well in the program then when they set him up with a job and a car and a room and then let him go free, he goes back to drinking. Again and again.

But they always pick him up again and try to help him. I'm grateful for that.

I do care about homeless vets, a great deal.

I guess I wonder why a neurologist needs to know those things in order to treat me for MS.

The only interaction I want from doctors is for them to order appropriate tests, inform me of results, prescribe needed medications like the Copaxone I shoot up daily.

I will describe troubling symptoms to them, of course, but I have no desire to be "friends" with any doctor.

That's what I meant by "not letting them in."

I despise doctors who treat me as if I were a child they can manipulate with fake friendliness.

True. But I'm thinking, there are equally bad posts left standing at say, free republic,

And we don't go there and bang our heads trying to respond to those.

If DU is a lost cause for women, I keep coming to the conclusion, it's time for me to walk away. It makes me sad but I don't see any way of making DU a place where those of us who care about feminist issues can remain free of coordinated attacks. For me at least, the attacks are extremely upsetting and I lose my cool. For me, DU has become a place where I don't feel safe.

Posted by LiberalLoner | Wed Nov 6, 2013, 09:46 AM (1 replies)
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