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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
Number of posts: 6,626

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Just saw something on Chris Hayes, talking about how RWNJ see Russia as last defender

Of traditional family values. Of white traditional Xtian families.

I googled the phrase, saw Washington Times (RWNJ rag) article about how Russia is our last hope to restore the US to a godly country, etc.

I am certain there is a collaboration between the Russians now and Trump/alt-right/Xtian fundamentalist factions.

These f*ckers would be GLAD to turn the US over to Putin if it meant they could return us to their idea of the 1950s.

They are losing the culture wars, are backed in a corner and dangerous. God help us if their plan succeeds.
Posted by LiberalLoner | Fri Sep 9, 2016, 08:50 PM (0 replies)

I have this odd feeling that during the debates,

Trump will just fling his poo. He's just about descended to that level already.

Amy Martin wrote a lovely song dedicated to him. Link below.

Really? Thank you, you made my day!!!

I think I'm just struggling to still feel useful. I can't due much anymore due to disabilities I've accumulated from a bout of Transverse Myelitis and the MS.

So much of our self esteem is tied up in our sense of purpose and what we can do for others, and I can't do very much anymore, even my brain doesn't work right anymore. So I guess I paint because I like having hope that someday if I ever get good enough I can still have something I can give to others that they would like.

New pastel painting. 8x10 on Uart sanded paper


Soft pastel, "Sunset Over the Ocean"

Made it for my in-laws, I hope they will like it!

16x20 Ampersand Pastelbord

Posted by LiberalLoner | Tue Sep 8, 2015, 06:45 AM (6 replies)

Smoky Dawn

Soft pastel on 8x10 Uart 400 grit sanded paper. First time trying to post a photo. Hope it works.



Heart so sad and weary I think I will never feel happiness again.

I feel as if the GOP/tea party is coalescing around the idea of

Making rape legal, or at least a whole lot easier to get away with.

They have so many insane and hateful beliefs now, and the last few years I really feel I've seen them moving towards a pro-rape position.

If Hillary wins the primary and then the election in 2016, I wonder if the misogyny will flare up like racism has under President Obama?

I swear the R's that I run into, I can tell they are an R without asking because they are so full of hate, it just seeps into everything.

I'm getting scared. I feel the party and its followers, the Faux News watchers, are getting more unhinged and hateful/violent by the day.

I feel as if the R party is just all about hating, now.

Please someone, tell me everything will be okay. Because I feel things won't be, right now.

But what a beautiful flower! And surely the essence of the plant will

Live on forever.

My grandfather had a stroke and passed out, less than a year before he died.

He was so upset they brought him back to life. He was angry. "Why'dja have to go and wake me up?"

He talked about how he was in a place with the most beautiful gardens he had ever seen.

He was a farmer all his life, dropped out of school in the fourth grade to work the plow, and knew all about gardens and growing things.

He said it was just so beautiful, and he felt so happy there, and he just couldn't describe it, but he had tears running down his face as he tried, this grizzled old Montana farmer who never cried over anything.

I would like to think the beautiful agave plant goes to the beautiful gardens to bloom forever.

What do you think, Omaha Steve?

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