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Be careful when speaking your own mind

as they will begin to call you a 'troll' and start hiding your posts.

I personally agree with you on all points. Obama has a pretty stellar domestic record in the face of 100% Republican opposition. His foreign policies shame everything Bush/GOP.

As far as drones, I have yet to hear any alternatives, only complaints. Our intelligence apparatus is so vast, with thousands of our men and women putting their lives on the line under cover - along with foreign operatives - pinpointing targets and patiently waiting for clear shots. I could care less if the targets are Americans. If they hang with the likes of Al Qaeda, they're nothing more than another piece of excrement, hardly worth the effort to send in our troops, putting their lives on the line for an extraction. I also find the defense of Assange and Manning mind boggling and hypocritical, as their actions exposed countless numbers of operatives.

Afghanistan, strategically speaking, needs to stay occupied. Pakistan isn't exactly a solid government, and a vast portion of its population are Taliban sympathizers. Oh, and they also have an arsenal of nuclear warheads sitting on top of missiles. All it takes is one of those suckers to wipe out a million people in a second. And then there's the matter of the vast fortune of minerals and heavy metals discovered in the Afghanistan mountain ranges. That could fund all kinds of mayhem. We funded OBL, and look what we got. Leaving makes no sense whatsoever, unless you have a death wish.

One can be liberal AND understand the importance and complexities of our counter intelligence. The world isn't black and white. Obama = Bush is utterly ridiculous.
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