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Let's review the number of murders since 1960

The number of murders per year hasn't been this low since 1969:


Here is some CDC data for you:

In 2013 there were 2.6 million deaths and 11,208 homicides using a firearm, so that means homicides committed with a firearm amounts to 0.43 percent of the deaths in the United States using the 2013 data from the CDC.
If we add suicides (21,175 using a firearm) the number of deaths from homicide and suicide is 1.25 percent of the deaths. The CDC data also shows that roughly just under a third of homicides (4,913) in the U.S. were caused by other then firearm or by an unspecified method.

Murder worldwide:

Sorted by rate, the U.S. comes in at 111, sorted by total, the U.S. is 8th with Brazil and India having 3 times the total number of murders.
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