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Profile Information

Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: usa
Current location: home
Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,603

Journal Archives

Have a Macbook pro question regarding display/screen size

About 5 years old. On the internet betting horses. I move between tracks and also use excel to do calculations. As I am moving and switching between internet and excel I somehow make the internet display too large to fit on screen. How do i change it back?
Hopefully I can get an answer before next race.

When I click on help in Excel

I get a response saying my version (2016) should be upgraded. various packages available, one at $70 per year. Others more expensive. Has anyone done this? And would you have to renew every year? Doesn't sound like a good deal to me. Just wanted to get some input from more experienced users here.

is there a way to create a range of cells using a calculated value

In excel macro

example Range(b1: b(val(c41)).select
I know this isn't correct but if you know what i am trying to do, maybe you could tell me the correct way.
C41 has a value after all data is entered. the data changes weekly.

Changing values in formulas based on calculations

I am using Concatenate to select 4 different cells. this function is used up to 10 times with each time stepping down 1 row. Works fine when I have 40 rows of data but, sometimes i only have 29 rows of data. Example of my formula below.

=CONCATENATE(B2,", ",B9,", ",B16,", ",B23)
=CONCATENATE(B3,", ",B10,", ",B17,", ",B24)
and so on...
Now is there anyway i can automatically change the cells in the formula base on the number of rows used in the spreadsheet?

Not an expert at excel but i stumble along.
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