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Profile Information

Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: usa
Current location: home
Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,603

Journal Archives

Health update for journal

In November 2017 i had surgery to repair an abdominal aorta aneurysm. This was inter vascular surgery, a stent was installed. The surgery was hard on my lungs, decreasing capacity.
About two months ago a routine ultrasound exam found the stent had slipped or something and it was leaking. This not good, the aneurysm growing again. Surgeon said he would go back in and repair damage stopping the leak. This was done soon after the discovery of leak.
Yesterday I went for an ultrasound to check on surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon came in and told me it is still leaking. He said he did not think i would survive massive surgery because of my lung condition. He said he will consult with additional experts in the field to see what can be done and call me with options available.
I did not tell him, but i did tell my family, my main concern at this point is surviving long enough to vote against trump next year.
If I don't make it please do what you can to get someone to vote for me.
Thanks for all you do.

An update for Journal

Mar. 15 2019.
My lungs are really going to hell. Can't walk to bathroom and back to living room without running out of breath. Have to sit in chair for 5 minutes or so just to get my breath back. Physical activity really taxes me. This pisses me off but nothing i can do about it.
Children all doing well.
Talked to grandson about me dying. He already has an aunt picked out to live with so i guess that is good. Not sure how the aunt would feel about it, she has her own family type problems. (her husband had a stroke a few years back and is deteroiating at about the same speed as me.)
Undergoing cataract surgery, right eye done last week, left eye next Monday. Vision much better already This may sound crazy but a couple times i have asked myself why am i doing this, my sight should be okay for as long as i will be here.
Ran into an old work friend last night. He came to table as soon as i walked in and asked me how I'm doing. I struggled to tell him bad, can't talk no air. He said "well i knew a few others in same condition and they lived a long time with it." I kinda have a goal to make it long enough to see the asshole in the WhiteHouse get his ass kicked in next election. But i don't know, may have to change living arrangements as i am finding it more and more difficult to take care of myself. Grandson is a help but he is limited.
My political activity is very limited attend a few meetings but now just sit and listen for the most part. Used to raise hell, some may enjoy the new me.
Actually just posting this to update my journal. You all carry on and continue helping me with my "dying wish"
Thanks for listening.
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