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Ridiculous. It's something else.

It's well known that diabetics are prone to heart disease. What's the connection? Does diabetes really cause heart disease? No - it doesn't. Diabetes, along with the 159 plus other autoimmune conditions, has been linked to Vitamin D3 deficiency in a medical study from 2012. The trigger for every one of them has been determined to be VD3 sensitive.

Autoimmune Disorders linked to VD3 Deficiency

Coincidentally - Heart disease has been linked to VD3 deficiency for years (just google it and read your heart out.)

So people with diabetes don't develop heart disease because they are diabetic ... they have both diabetes and heart disease because they are VD3 deficient. The thinking behind the claim that diabetes causes heart disease is completely flawed - and stupid and short sighted. If people feel either of these causes the other - they miss the external connection. And this is seen throughout the chronic care community - not just for diabetes and heart disease.

Genetics definitely plays a role here. Nearly every cell in our bodies have Vitamin D3 receptors, but it also directly and indirectly controls over 2,000 of our genes. That is POWERFUL.

Our bodies must have this powerful and unique hormone to function properly; entire body systems depend on it. Just two of VD3's primary functions are to regulate the immune system and to regulate inflammation. Think of how intimately inflammation is connected to chronic disease. Of course we get sick without it.

How could it not be critical to our health? We were forged naked in equatorial Africa. We are designed to have strong VD3 blood serum levels.

We all know families riddled with chronic disease. For some, it's cancer, others, heart disease or diabetes, or Crohn's disease, or hypothyroidism, or Celiacs, or Major Depression - or any one of many dozens of others. THIS is where genetics plays a role. If a person is VD3 deficient - genetics will determine how that expresses.

Studies have also shown that approximately 87% of all cancers are connected to VD3 deficiency..

A study a few years back showed that you needed a minimum of 8,000 IU VD3 a day to prevent cancers.

So while some people search desperately for a reason (soda pop?) and scapegoat for the increasing numbers of people with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Autism, multiple autoimmune disorders, Major Depression and other serious mental health conditions, and on and on and on and on ... they overlook a stunning body of research that connects all of these to Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Here's a small sample.

Stop and consider our lifestyle choices. How much time do any of us spend outside in the middle of the day? In the Chicago area, your body can only make VD3 between about 11am-2pm during the summer months. That's IT. Between October and March we can't make ANY. Heart attacks shoveling snow anyone...?

A study last month said that babies born in March were more prone to lifelong incidence of chronic disease. This is (initially) because of VD3 deficient mothers, but this is not the first study to notice this.

Previous studies show that if a child of 12 moves from Minnesota to Florida - he has an increased risk of lifelong chronic disease. The reverse is also true. A child of 12 who moves from Florida to Minnesota is at a DECREASED risk of lifelong chronic disease. Modern lifestyle choices are having an impact on even these numbers though.

Incidence of cancers, heart disease and other disorders? Numbers of new cases are always greater in the spring after our long winter deficit.

Why did Autism, Alzheimer's, and children's autoimmune disorders spike to epidemic levels beginning in the 1980's? Prior to the 1980's Autism was a rare diagnosis. Cancer incidence and Heart Disease have also spiked.

They have traced Autism to 3 specific genes that are Vitamin D sensitive.

What happened in the 1980's? A (multiple) country-wide alarm was raised about the dangers of the sun. They instituted a country wide sun-scare campaign that lasts to this day. Sunscreen blocks the production of VD3 in the skin. Being careful is one thing - no VD3 at all is a death sentence.

About 2-3 months ago - Alzheimer's was officially added to the list of chronic conditions that are known to be "Latitude Sensitive" ... which screams Vitamin D3 deficiency. This adds to the list which includes MS and Schizophrenia, among others. (Both known to be VD3 sensitive.)

In August of last year, the American Academy of Neurology put out a news release confirming that Alzheimer's was strongly linked to VD3 deficiency.

If you want to investigate this further - look for one of the many meta-analysis studies that show that higher blood serum levels VD3 are linked to lower All-Cause Mortality.

BTW - Both Autism and Schizophrenia occur when the mother is VD3 deficient prenatal. The condition can exacerbate if the mother continues to "protect" her child from the sun.

Vitamin D3 experts consider deficiency to be the most critical health concern world-wide. They estimate, depending on the country, that populations are between 80-90% deficient - with many of them chronically deficient.

Any chronic condition can be improved by increasing your VD3 levels - but the extent of improvement will depend on how serious the health condition is. The VD Council recommends slightly higher levels for cancer survivors and people with chronic diseases.

While anyone will be healthier if they maintain good blood serum levels - it takes up to four years to repair Chronic Substrate VD3 Deficiency. Start today.

Could it all really be that simple? Yes - it really is. Why haven't you heard about it before? For a variety of reasons, but short story is they don't really want you to know - and the studies are still being done and the medical community is being over cautious while they figure out how to handle the dosage aspect of VD3 - because it can vary radically from person to person.

But there is enough good information to get started years ago - Some physicians are complicit in our chronic health epidemic and others are beginning to call them out on their complicity. For instance - the dermatology community and their sun-scare tactics. But there are others.

Do yourself a favor - to spite the pharmaceuticals (which are working on synthesized versions of VD3 to sell to us for insane amounts of money) - reclaim your health by monitoring your blood serum levels VD3.

If anyone wants recommendations, I will tell you what the experts recommend.

It's NOT soda pop that's killing us.
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