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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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My brother was diagnosed last week with type 2 Diabetes...........

the doctor gave him two medications (I'm waiting to be told what they are) and the doc said they would control his diabetes and also to watch his carbs.

He was not given a glucose meter, told what was too high or too low, no information on diet, etc. Brother came over today I took his blood and the glucometer read 290, way too high. My brother didn't understand it was high, because the doctor never gave him any instructions.

I'm pissed at the doctor. This is all new for my brother, he's flying blind with no support from the doctor. My brother does have me (also Type 2) to come to, but I can't hold his hand.

A doc just can't hand out meds and say that will take care of it, there's more to handling diabetes than watch your carbs and take 2 kinds of pills a day.
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