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Too funny....for those who have kids and those of us who don't............

Thought & prayers are requested

My 85 year old mother is currently in a rehab unit. She has been going down hill for awhile. She lives with me and I have 3 brothers nearby, 1 comes over once a week, 1 calls daily and 1 is battling cancer & calls a couple times a week. None of them liver more than 20 minutes away.

Her progression downward started 3 weeks ago. She had an upper respiratory infection, and though her immune system is low, due to congestive heart failure, previous wounds (due to edema) she would not go to her doctor.

Last Tuesday, she informed me that her wound was oozing. I got an appointment at the wound care center for Wednesday, I called her primary care office & got a prescription for a z pack. The wound care Doc, informed us that the wound had been oozing for more than 1 day, which is what my Mom stated to him & me. They cleaned & dressed the wound and explained to me what was to be done daily.

She was ok Thursday & Friday, Saturday I came home about 1:30 pm, had been gone only 1 hour and found her on the kitchen floor, she had fallen. I also saw that she had undressed her wounded leg & it was partially exposed. The medics came and assisted my mother off the floor & left. I for 2 hours suggested we go to the hospital, she refused.

She asked for assistance to the bathroom, and I could barely hold her up, her legs were so weak. My brother came over told her she was going to the hospital, and she said ok.

The hospital found that she had the upper respiratory infection a yeast infection with e coli present (she was keeping her diapers on too long and not wiping herself), they also found that she couldn't lift her legs, or walk.

On Monday they transferred her to a rehab facility. I visited yesterday & talked to her several times. She thinks she is at home (the home where I grew up) not where I am now. She wanted to know what I hadn't come upstairs to see her, wanted to know where Dad was (he died in 2000), etc.

My very good friend is an administrator at this facility, and told me "don't expect her to come home." I'm not.
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