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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Did Papa John's Pizza, discontinue...........

letting customers choose whether the coin toss at the Super Bowl will be heads or tails? They've done that the past couple years, if you were right you received a large one topping pizza.

I would choose heads, and my 84 year old mother would choose tails (using her email address), therefore we were guaranteed a pizza.
It's not the best pizza, but some nights you just don't want to cook.

They probably stopped the contest, because of people like me.

I hate charley horses.............

I had one this morning in my left leg. I was laying in bed & just screaming. My 84 year old mother was awake (11 a.m.) and completely ignored my screams. The pain lasted about 3 minutes.

4 hours I have the left over soreness. I hate them.

Why is it that those who can least afford it..........

tip me, and those who in all probability can afford it, don't tip me? The disparity of this hit me last night. I drive for a ride sharing company. My last trip last night was taking a guy and his girlfriend home at about 2 a.m. They had been drinking and the woman fell asleep. I had a conversation with her boyfriend, where I learned that he had totaled his car a couple of months ago, and due to his currently not working he was unable to buy a car at this time. When I got to their home, (located in a City middle class neighborhood) I learned that no bus runs on their street and the closest bus stop was about 3/4's of mile away. So when he does find a job, without a car, it will be a trek for him to get there.

When the trip was over, fare was $22, he handed me $5, when tipped, I always thank the passenger and I also added to him last night, that I truly appreciated it.

Last night's experience made me reflect on those passengers I have picked up from their homes that are in neighborhoods where the houses are valued at $300,000 and above (and from conversation I find out that my passenger(s) are attorneys, architects, bankers & other such professionals) and I've taken them on rides that have cost anywhere from $10 to up to $97 and no tip was added to the fare or given to me.

I don't ask for tips or have my hand out waiting for something to be handed to me & am pleasantly surprised when I find that something has been added to the fare.

I asked my 84 year Mother the same question I'm asking here and Mom's response was that those who can't afford it can empathize with others, and those that can afford it expect to be served and feel that they don't have to "pay" extra for the service being given.
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