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Prayers needed for family of a friend who died Saturday..........

My friend was 59. Earlier this year she complained that she had broken several toes on her one foot. She was able to work from home (CFO) of a start up. I did some shopping for her & made bank deposits for her firm. In March she was found unconscious on her bedroom floor, I was there and saw that her one leg was completely black. Needless to say, she lost that leg. She was found to be diabetic and had cardiac issues. She had been unconscious for at least 24 hours.

Over the past 9 months she has been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. She had lost a lot of her memory and died this past Saturday in a Nursing Home.

She did not believe in Doctors and would not see one for the broken toe issues. I think she knew she was diabetic as she asked me a lot of questions on how I controlled mine.

Her family has been stressed for the past year and this Christmas will be hard.

Prayers and thoughts needed to help strengthen them.

Thank you.
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