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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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I'm staying the hell out of GD in the future......

I'm getting banged up over there


Screw the ACA

#1. It's not health care, it's insurance
#2. It's expensive
#3. Last year I qualified under Federal guidelines for Medicaid, but my State didn't expand so I couldn't receive it and went uninsured
#4. I probably will go uninsured for 2015, last week I viewed plans and the cheapest would cost me $3600 for the premium plus another $3000 deductible, so $6600 I give the insurance company before it pays for anything, that's about 25% of my gross income and about 40% of my net income.
#5. The ACA website pages aren't loading.

I don't want insurance, I want health care. I want what my 84 year old mom has, Medicare. I want a one payer system for everyone under 65. You shouldn't have to qualify for health care based on income, age, sex and pre-existing conditions. I have seen a few plans out there asking the question(s) about health issues.

I am so happy about my nephew.......

He is 23 a year and a half out of college, 6'7" tall, former college football player, a gentle kid, but tough and very liberal and progressive. I am watching as he is becoming involved in his community.

After college he entered AmeriCorps and has been working to rehab housing for the underserved and senior communities. His contract is up in December. He interviewed for a position with a non profit in our city. He got the job and he inspects housing of seniors in our community.

He also is Asst. Varsity Basketball Coach for the grade school he attended. I think he's sticking around.
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