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Simple things over the past week have made my 82 year old mother happy..................

Last Sunday, mom & I went to the cemetery to put flowers at my dad's grave. It was the day after what would have been their 62nd wedding anniversary. We place them every February in honor of their anniversary, Valentine's Day & Dad's birthday. He would have been 84 this month.

After the cemetery, we always stop at this deli/local country store. We get the best sandwich ever, it is bavarian ham, gouda, and apple butter. They also have a bakery & I pick up a half dozen cookies. Mom always is a bit sad after the cemetery, so it's a nice day, no snow & we go for a ride to a small town about 4 miles from our home. They have a general store, so I get us a couple hot chocolates & I drive down to their small park, which has a pond. The pond is half covered by ice, but there are plenty of ducks and geese on land, on water and on the ice. For about half an hour, we drank our hot chocolates and watched the fowl. My mom was mesmerized by them.

When we get home, mom says many times how much she enjoyed the day.

Today, mom had to go the lab for blood work (coumadin levels). I needed to go to the mall. I asked her if she would go with me after her blood work and she could sit in the food court and wait for me. She was in agreement. She said she would like a drink like a frappucino while she waited and she could read her book.

When going into the mall parking lot, I remembered that the Barnes & Noble has a Starbucks inside. I told her I would take her inside & get her a seat & her order. She uses a three wheeled walker & her mobility is limited. She asked if anyone would mind, if she sat in there reading her book. I said no, it's a bookstore & they want you to read. Well I dropped her off, got her a frappucino and a biscotti and then left.

I came back about 45 minutes later. She was reading and still drinking. She wasn't ready to go, so I looked around for awhile. When I went back to get her, she said, that this was a wonderful place, and anytime I was going to the mall she would like to tag along.

Several times this evening, she has told me that she had such a wonderful day. And the biscotti was the best she had ever had.

Doctor's office called, she continues with the coumadin she's taking & goes back in a month.

Vibes needed......

Not for me, but a good friend. I used to work with her, she & her husband live nearby & she works very close. Today I stopped at her work place, to give her some home made greek lemon chicken soup. My mom makes it and my friend & her husband love my mom's cooking.

My friend ushered me into her office & said "my second guardian angel in two days." She then hugged me & cried for almost 5 minutes, I have never seen her like this in 15 years.

She then told me what was happening. Her oldest son is bi-polar and lives in San Diego. He has been self medicating with alcohol and his wife has left him (for her safety). He signs himself in & out of hospitals. He has no money, no car, nothing. He's one step away from the streets or jail.

My friend & her husband talk to their daughter-in-law, who gives them updates & the son texts. They don't want to head out to California until there's some semblance of a plan or program,

That's what I need vibes for. Thank you.

As to being the second guardian angel, yesterday a woman we both used to work for showed up. A woman who is a gentle and caring soul.

My 82 year old mother bought too many bananas this week...........

Banana bread is in the oven, 14 minutes till it's done.

Banana cream pie is in the fridge.

3 bananas left, any suggestions?

On edit: P.S. middlefingermom, please be pure of thought. lol
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