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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Great blog..My niece the librarian, one of the most 100 influential 20 & 30 year olds in PGH


The blogger is interviewing the 100 most influential Pittsburghers in their 20's and 30's. My niece was interview #64. She is the assistant head librarian in the next town over from mine. She is also my God-daughter and I am very proud.

Link anywhere you'd like.

Link on the left to #64 is my niece.

Forgot the most important part, she is a die-hard liberal.

Let's all be calm now.............

There area few posts tonight/morning bemoaning the fact that the power on the east coast may be out until after November 6. Many others wonder if polling places have no electricity, how will people be able to vote. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and begin the hand wringing and obsessing over what may happen.

Have faith that electricity will be available to the machines via generators. The Federal Election must take place on November 6, this would be for President, Senators and Congressional Representatives. Any others on the ballots would be State Senators, State House of Representatives, State referendums & possible local elections.

If electricity is not available for the machines to operate, then paper ballots would probably be available, with people only voting for President, their Senatorial and House of Representatives choices. All other elections probably in my opinion.could be mandated by Governors of States to be held at a later date. All that would be needed is for paper ballot voting to occur is for each polling place
to visibly post the names of all candidates (Federal) and hand voters paper and pen, then it would be deposited in a locked box & at end of the night the poll workers would do a hand count. For those who need assistance to vote, they can be assisted by someone they bring to the poll or by a poll worker who would note they have done so. The poll I work, we have a ledger where we note that we have assisted a voter.

Again, let's not get ahead of ourselves, just remain calm. Have faith that those men and women working to restore power will do their best to get the power restored ASAP. I believe that they understand what needs to be done.

Don't ever argue with an Irishman..........Why Obama will beat Romney

Good read for us DU'ers who do believe that Obama will win on November 6. This Boston Irishman living in Ireland gives a very good reason why the President will win.

One quote from the article is:

And here is where hunches come in. My hunch is that Nevada and Iowa will break for Obama. On the other side, my hunch is that Colorado and, yes, Florida will break for Romney. My Obama hunches are shaped by my sense of Nevada’s demographics and by Iowa’s still strong populist streak. My Romney hunches are a product, especially in Florida, of polling data and numbers I find very surprising, but which are difficult to refute, notwithstanding my contrary instincts. Governor Romney and his campaign deserve a lot of credit if this is borne out on November 6th


What this debate showed the two extremes..........


Romeny showed to us that he believes the United States has lost its stature in the world. In order for the United States to reachieve its position it must be strong militarily and take out states such as Iran, Northern Mali and any Islamic state that he deems a threat to the US and its allies.

Obama showed to us that he has kept the United States stature strong, but not through military actions, but by bringing other nations to the table to help us solve the problems. e.g. other nations forming sanctions against Iran, the UN and other nations in their actions against Syria.

In my opinion, Obama in this debate proved that his foreign policy is much better than anything Romney has to offer.

My 82 year old mother watched the debate.........

she swears that Romney was wearing an earpiece or something that helped him to answer questions. What Mom noted was that on the split screen, Romney seemed to be staring at someone in the audience and noticed that he would nod his head (as in in agreement) and then look at the President.

I don't believe that he was wearing one, but I don't like to disagree with Mom. She's 82, lives with me, and still likes to cook dinner every night.

Got my car keyed in Ohio...........

I was parked in a hotel parking lot this weekend in Ohio. I was attending a wedding. Parked the car late Saturday afternoon. Went to the car this morning and found my Obama/Biden magnetic placard stolen & my car scratched.

I am pissed that this/these asshole/s are now attacking us in our wallets. The car is only 2 years old, I just had this whole area of the car replaced and painted due to an accident (not my fault) the damage on that accident was $2900. I figure the paint job for these scratches will be at least $500.

Vegetable question

Mom and I just returned from the farmers market. I had to nudge her into buying a bushel of green peppers ($8). She didn't want to, and I said I would cut them and put them in the freezer, because during the winter we will want peppers and the price for one pepper will be at least $1. So she acquiesced and I have them in the kitchen.

Now I can't get to them until Monday and I said just leave them until I can get to them. She's insistent that they have to be refrigerated, I said no they don't.

Question do they or do they not have to be refrigerated?

My younger brother and his son visited me.........

and Mom yesterday. My brother is 52, and a Union member. His son turned 18 10 days ago, and is registered to vote in November. Just like his older brother his first election to vote is for the President.

My brother, said "if Romney wins, I'm never going to vote again, because any win for Romney will just show that the voting machines and the whole system is rigged."

I told him that if Romney, wins, I think we might see an uprising by the people, we won't take it on the chin like we did in 2000. If Romney wins, and there is an uprising, Romney & his minions will do everything in their power to put all elections on hold, and maybe we won't have the chance to ever vote again.

That is what is at stake in this election, our future. I have 2 younger brothers, 52 and 54 years of age. I'm 56 and my older brother is 59. Why should Social Security and Medicare be safe for my older brother and me, but not for my younger brothers? Why should my nephews and nieces, who have paid into SS & Medicare not have the same protections as their parents and me? Why should my 18 year old nephew have to hear from his Dad that if Romney wins his Dad won't ever vote again?

Did anyone else out here take last night's comment.........

by Paul Ryan as an insult. The comment was when the moderator asked the VP what he meant by "stuff" the VP as I watched him I think was trying to stifle the phrase BS, and Ryan piped in with "he's Irish". Taken by me (even though Ryan is of Irish descent himself), to mean he's (Biden) is angry & that's because he's Irish.

I think that Ryan is too far removed from his Irish roots to understand that this was an insult. Also I think that Ryan disrespected the VP by referring to him as Joe, and to the President as Obama sans any title Mr. or President.

Wanted to add that I'm a 2nd generation American of Irish descent. I never knew my grandparents, but my Great Aunt Katie still had her Irish brogue, and my Dad, Uncles and Aunt had stories of what is what like growing up as 1st generation Americans of Irish descent in Philadelphia.

I'm 56 today.......Ask me anything

My younger brother & his family gave me some instant lottery tickets, $8 worth. End of the day, won $56. Is that an omen?
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