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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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Last week I ordered 4 pairs of shoes........a penny in one of them..

from shoebuy.com. Received 2 today. One was a pair of Dr. Martens. Found a penny in the right shoe. Is this good luck? Or do I have to return the penny?

Trump's attacks on the media has its roots in Ukraine...........

A parliament member of the Party of Regions (the political party Manafort helped create) brought forth a law that lowered criteria for what created libel.


It was put forth but withdrawn. Read the article & decide for yourself.

from the article:

"It instaured severe sanctions against any act of defamation and attacks against dignity and honor. As for information published openly in the media , penalties were up to 1.500 times the Ukrainian minimum salary and up to 3 years in jail."

Here is the phone number for the US Secret Service....

202-406-5708. Call them and report the threat made by Trump. If they get enough calls maybe they'll do it. I'm making my call after dinner. Let's do it.

I have MSNBC on right now.............

Trump in Orlando. He stated that he is ahead in Florida, and Ohio. Is he?

How many of us DU'ers belong to a gold star family.....

Not just directly i.e. parent, but a sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle. What hole has this left in the family?

Me: Lost a great uncle in WWII, he landed on D-Day and was dead within 90 days. I have a neighbor who knew this uncle and he has stories about him. My mom remembers him and she has stories too. Like how he would come up to her home (he was her dad's younger brother) on Saturdays, a few other brothers would come up (there were 8 of them) drink beer, play the piano and sing. He was single, shy, tall over 6' and seemed to be a simple man.

Lost 2 great uncles in WWI, brothers of the above uncle. They died during mustard gas attacks. Mom wasn't born yet, so she really doesn't know much about them. But if they were like my other great uncles, I'm sure they were good guys.

In WWII, I had another 3 great uncles, and 3 uncles serve. They all survived, one though wounded twice.

Korean War, my dad and his brother served, neither physically wounded, but I know my dad had PTSD.

Vietnam War, one cousin served, he came back also suffering from PTSD.

During the Vietnam War, my aunt & uncle whose son was serving, took out their blue star flag (from WWII) my uncle had been in the Navy & put the flag in their window. His maternal grandmother did the same, her son during WWII had been a POW.

So Trump just didn't disrespect the parents of a serviceman KIA, but all of us who have a hole in our family because of our losses.

I cannot stand some people who live on my floor..........

: there are 12 units, two one bedroom, two three bedroom and eight two bedroom units. twenty people total. I know who is responsible for what I hate, it is a married couple who doesn't give a crap about anyone or thing but themselves.

Our building management company makes it very easy to recycle. There is room, where there is shelving to put newspapers and assorted trash, like cardboard boxes, there is a chute in this room to toss down your trash & there is a plastic bin to put all recyclables. From the shelves to the bin it is 5 feet, yet it never fails as I found about 5 minutes ago, empty milk (plastic) containers. How can someone not walk 5 feet to put it where it belongs?

Adjacent to this room is the laundry room, untold times I have found empty plastic laundry containers in the trash basket between the washer & dryer. When you leave this room you are about 5 feet from the recycle bin. How can you be so lazy and un thoughtful and not put it where it belongs?

It's a small thing but it adds up.

Get your free trump score...........

my score:

558 - You are the worst person

Projected fate: Meat processor at Trump Steaks


Trump, Mamafort & Putin......

Today Trump said that he would look at recognizing the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The United States currently does not. His campaignmnaer Paul Manafor as lobbyist worked (lobbied) in Ukraine fro a pro-Putin Ukrainian leader.

Read the article I posted about within the past 2 days.

I just found this article while googling Paul Manafort.........

Trump's campaign manager. It is a very good read. Bottom line Manafort has turned dictators into people who are liked. He has worked to turn Ukranians toward Russia and many other things.

That's Manafort's job, to turn Trump into a liked person. I suggest reading it for more information.

Link through my original post:


Isn't calling for the Russians to hack a US computer......

i.e. offer a reward to find "missing Clinton emails" a treasonous act, as those emails were sent during her time as Secretary of State? If so should he not be arrested?

My 86 year old mother wants to know what the "f" is wrong with Reporters & MSNBC........

not one reporter commented on Trump calling President Obama "ignorant & the worse President" ever. Not one reporter called him out for his disrespect. To allow this is ridiculous.

Okay right now MSNBC is doing a review, but that's not enough, it has to be done during the "press conference".

To tell a reporter to be quiet, is wrong, the press corps needs to walk out, allowing Trump to say whatever he wants is not reporting. A review is good, but have the facts & correct Trump at the time of the conference.

According to mom, this crap does not belong on MSNBC, mom wants to know what MS means, she thinks it's "more shit".

The above is from mom, and mom cried when he called President Obama ignorant. My 86 year old mom is a white woman who is fed up. She looks at Trump & says she doesn't want to live through the '40's again.
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