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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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I just got home from a Marine Corps League meeting................

I DVR'd the debate & will watch it in a few minutes. With that said, I did see Trump being interviewed by Matt Lauer. I think I just heard Trump say that the Generals he asks the question of what to do to rid the world of ISIS, are not the Generals that are currently the ones in leadership roles.

Basically I heard him say that the current leaders will be "fired"

Yes, he just wants "yes" men and women.

I don' understand this damn "pay for play" accusations against Hillary..........

the repugs are pointing to her time as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation receiving donations from countries. There's nothing that I can see that she "gave" to these countries. Our system of checks and balances would/could not allow the State Department to arbitrarily give anything to these countries.

Now on the other hand giving $25,000 to an Attorney General & then that AG not prosecuting you & your entities, now that's "pay for play".

Trump says deporting people would free up money & jobs..........Well in my research...

I have been researching the deportation of Mexicans from the mid 1920's to the mid '30's. My research included looking at the widipedia entry on this subject. Well Trump's reasoning is reminiscent of the thinking of Los Angeles officials a hundred years ago

According to Los Angeles, California county officials, returning immigrants to their country of origin would save the city money by reducing the number of needy families using federal welfare funds and free up jobs for those perceived as "Real Americans." A telegram to the U.S. Government Coordinator of Unemployment Relief sent by C.P. Visel, the spokesman for Los Angeles Citizens Committee for Coordination of Unemployment Relief (LACCCU), wrote of the “deportable aliens” in Los Angeles county. He stated, “Local U.S. Department of Immigration personnel not sufficient to handle. You advise please as to method of getting rid. We need their jobs for needy citizens”[28] A member of the Los Angeles County board of Supervisors, H.M. Blaine, is recorded as saying "the majority of the Mexicans in the Los Angeles Colonia were either on relief or were public charges.”[29] While such statistics for Los Angeles in particular are not currently known, sources at the time indicated that, nationwide, less than 10 percent of people on welfare were Mexican or of Mexican descent.[29] American citizens who were experiencing the negative effects of the Great Depression followed suit in blaming immigrants for their desperation and thought that removing immigrants from relief rolls and having them deported would solve their problems.[30] Independent groups such as the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the National Club of America for Americans thought that deporting Mexicans would free up jobs for U.S. citizens and the latter group urged Americans to pressure the government into deporting Mexicans.[31

With a number of posts tonight equating what we heard tonight........

with the rise of Hitler. The establishment of a Gestapo, etc. Did anyone catch what Trump said would happen to those he deported. He said they would go to (not a direct quote) to "special" areas in their original countries.

This very much to me sounded like an establishment of ghettos and camps. That's what happened to the Jews in Europe. Specifically German Jews were repatriated to Poland, where we saw the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto and of course Auschwitz, and the other camps.

Edited because I found the quote:

Countries from which immigration will be suspended would include places like Syria and Libya.

For the price of resettling 1 refugee in the United States, 12 could be resettled in a safe zone in their home region.

cat watching a horror movie....

What film do you think it is?

When did the US National Anthem become solely associated........

with the Armed Services?

I keep reading it & hearing it. Today, Alejandro Villanuevo, A West Point Grad and offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, said that Colin Kaepernick's not standing for the Anthem was disrespectful to those serving in the Armed Services. No it is not. The anthem is not about those serving and having served, it's not about our military (though it was written during a war), it is supposed to represent the US as a whole. Since the US isn't working for everybody, why should he stand?

Why is so much of what is associated with the US, militaristic and nationalistic?

Why do you even play the National Anthem at the start of games, from Little League through the Pros? Let's pick another song. Why not Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land"? At least the thought of this being a "fair" land is in the lyrics of this song and no one will care if I sit or stand.

Even my 86 year old mother agrees that Kaepernick has the right to sit. This is a woman who lived through the Depression and at least 6 wars, also the widow of a 15 year US Marine Corps veteran.

My 86 year old mom had a nice visit (visitors) yesterday.........

We live in a high rise condo, down the hall we had 2 renters. A married couple from India, she is working on her Ph.D & he has Ph.D. already. They moved out because she is pregnant & they wanted a bigger unit. They both really like my Mom. He always asks about Mom and her health. he was happy to hear who her doctor was, as the doctor is from the same state in India he is from, and he's his doctor too.

Mom was sad that they moved & she didn't have a chance to say so long. Well they visited yesterday (I wasn't home) for about a half hour. Mom was happy all day yesterday & still is happy today. They promised that when after the baby is born in November, they will bring the baby for a visit too.

A 1917 quote that could have come from Trump's mouth in 2016..............

I was doing some research on the forced deportations of Mexicans from 1929 to about 1935. I saw an aside that referred to the Brisbee deportations in 1917. These were mostly IWW members striking against a mining company in Brisbee, they were arrested, detained and then put on a train to New Mexico.

When the Attorney General of Arizona was asked by the US Attorney General what law(s) had been broken, this was his response:

"I have no statute that I had in mind. Perhaps everything that I did wasn't legal....It became a question of 'Are you American, or are you not?'" "I would repeat the operation any time I find my own people endangered by a mob composed of eighty percent aliens and enemies of my Government."

My 86 year old mom & I were watching.........

the NBC news this evening. Lester was reporting on trump's flip flopping on immigration...........My mom's comment...

"you fucking asshole get off my TV!" She was referring to trump not Lester Holt.

MSNBC, Hugh Hewitt pissed me off............

It's bad enough hearing the Trump campaign belittle voters, but to hear the same crap on MSNBC is ridiculous.

Joy Reid this morning was discussing the placement of Pro-Trump ads in Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh. Joy's question was what voters was the Trump campaign targeting.

Hewitt's response was Pittsburgh Steeler fans, so they'll (Trump campaign) will have to speak slowly.

Well I'm a die-hard Steeler Fan, I have a Masters Degree, and the Trump campaign doesn't have to speak slowly for those of us in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to understand what the hell's going on.

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