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Angry Dragon

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Minnesota
Home country: USA
Current location: Lost in the world
Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2009, 06:25 AM
Number of posts: 36,693

Journal Archives

We Five----You Were on My Mind

LULU ......... To Sir With LOve

Moody Blues

This is what I found out about President Obama .... Obama.org

This is his web site

Universal Language of the Universe??




I look around and see many things that have more at the bottom than at the top

Perhaps pyramids exist outside Egypt, some say pyramids give off energy
As I said it just came to me
Your Norse gods system is not much unlike what I wrote
My knowledge of Norse gods is limited to Thor and Odin
No two people see god the same way, that is what makes it personal
You are free to believe any way you wish, what makes the universe make sense to you

Perhaps the gods have a learning curve

Just things to ponder

A universe with too many gods to count is pretty far from monotheism

There are many forces in the universe, I did not introduce them

The universe is full of questions,it is up to you to seek them out

What is your definition of a god if you have one??
Have you ever created something??
What is this religious prejudice you speak of??

If your definition is you, then you are a god
The gods decide

I will take the last one first

I have never heard of Ramon Llull ................ it came to me last night

It is said that we were created in god's image ....... perhaps we are able to become gods as we become one with the universe

It is up to each one of us to decide what is a god .........

Gods are added as needed

They interact
They have free will
No need for them to become tyrannical
They are bound by the universe
There is playfulness between the gods
personalities?? ........... why not??

layers of gods of ad infinitum?? ................ could be

Super God ............. could just be the universe itself
A have no desire to bend the universe to fit christian teachings.....just trying to give a different slant to all writings on religions

I think I answered all the questions that were asked

I Have Found the Path to God

I Have Found the Path to God

I do not know if it was a vision or an opening in the fabric of knowledge. It explains why there are so many religions and faces of god. There are many layers of god.

Each planet has its own god. This god is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the planet. Too many planets/gods to count. Doesn’t matter if life is on the planet or not. Some are just waiting for orders from the level above. Some even waiting for their planet to be formed. These are the lowest gods. They can run their planet pretty much as they see fit except they are subject to the whims of the gods above them. Even have the inhabitants write books about them. You may see many books about god, that is because sometimes the gods above sometimes interfere in the running of the planet and from that the inhabitants write books about them. This causes confusion among the inhabitants.

The next layer consists of the first layer of administrators. They are in charge of a solar system. Not sure how many solar systems there are. The next layer is administrators in charge of a galaxy. Not sure how many galaxies. The next layer of administrators are in charge of a quadrant. Not sure how many quadrants there are.

The next layer of gods are in charge of planet formation. The next layer of gods are in charge of suns. The next layer is gods in charge of black holes. The next layer is for nebulas. The next layer is for asteroids. The next layer is for quasars. You get the picture. For things to work the gods need to work together. That does not always happen. There are bad gods. Some just like to play tricks on others.
At the very top is the SUPER GOD. The god that started it all. This should help explain the confusion about god. So many out there to choose from.

Anyone watching Wisdom of the Crowd on CBS??

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