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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
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Nebraskan Hate Crime Victime Outs Herself & Denounces Doubters.


Charlie Rogers told police she was dragged from her bed, tied up and assaulted because she's gay. But now she's speaking out because there are some who doubt the attack ever happened.

Rogers, 33, said three attackers painted homophobic slurs on the walls of her home and carved them into her skin.

The incident from early Sunday is drawing national attention and leading to vigils like one on Thursday in Omaha.

My father is an ex-marine, and lifetime hunter, and he's come to the conclusion that guns

aren't needed in our society. I'm so proud of my Dad.

Vigil in Nebraska after dyke & cu** carved into local woman.

It's not surprising that the woman, who will literally have scars from her attackers, doesn't want to release her name. Anyone who knows a GLBTQ individual in Nebraska should openly state their acceptance and tolerance as often as possible. Maybe then people will get the hint that this behavior is considered abhorrent.


What. The. Hell. Why did this happen???

Why would cops open fire onto a crowd that contained mothers with children in strollers?

Best place to get Obama 2012 magnetic bumper stickers?

I'm going to give some away as gifts to a few people who said they'll put them on their vehicles as long as they're magnetic.

I found these, but I don't like the design. I'd rather Obama be predominant rather than the year:


Republican Governors won't expand Medicaid to cover uninsured poor people.

Why isn't this headline news? This is absolutely free to their states for the next three years, and then the federal gov't picks up most (90 percent) of the cost.

These governors are pure evil.
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