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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
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WI Ideas Network just reported that, and it's 10:00 PM CDT.

"How can the election be called when people are still voting?"

WI exit polls said that give Obama the election in November, yet Walker wins?

All those people who say they're voting for Obama in November voted for Walker today?


NBC is full of shit!!!

Dane County and Milwaukee haven't reported their results yet, and NBC called it for Walker?!?!

How can your two largest population centers still need to report their results, yet you can call the election? Count ALL THE VOTES!

I think Dane County should withhold their results until Waukesha turns in theirs.

That way Nickolaus won't be able to see how many votes Walker is down, and then miraculously find the necessary uncounted ballots that will give Walker the win.

Do teachers and other governmental employees *really* make more than private sector workers?

Five years ago I went on a trip with a friend, who had been a teaching for ten years, and I was making just slightly more than he was. I was absolutely shocked because my job is considered one of the most poorly paid jobs amongst my friends, and I hadn't had the tenure in my private sector job that he had with his teaching position.

Another friend is a teacher. She recently had her third child, and she wanted to take 8 weeks off. Her administration would only allow her to take 6 weeks maternity paid, and so she asked to take 2 weeks off unpaid. Her administrators told her to talk to her union if she wanted to do that, but as it stands, she needed to be back to work in 6 weeks.

This divide and conquer between private/public sector workers is just making the lives of good people miserable.

IA Public Radio saying that Walker is "poised to win recall" election.

Caller said that all his relatives said Walker hurt them, and one is in a class-action lawsuit against him, but that they're all Republicans; so, his family will be voting for Walker.

Another guest said that Walker hasn't hurt unions.

Both guests seem to be University professors one from Univ of Iowa, and I didn't catch where the other one is from.

Julian Assange given 14 days to challenge extradition ruling

Source: The Guardian

Julian Assange's fight against extradition to Sweden may stagger on to a second round at the supreme court after he was granted permission to submit fresh arguments.

Despite losing by a majority of five to two, his lawyers have been given 14 days to consider whether to challenge a central point of the judgment on the correct interpretation of international treaties.

The highly unusual legal development came after the supreme court justices decided that a public prosecutor was a "judicial authority" and that therefore Assange's arrest warrant had been lawfully issued.

Assange, who is facing charges of sexual assault and rape in Sweden, was not in court; there was no legal requirement for him to be present. According to his solicitor, Gareth Peirce, he was stuck in central London traffic and never made it to the court in Westminster.

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/may/30/julian-assange-challenge-extradition

Zuckerberg called too immature to run a massive corporation

because he wore a hoodie to an investor meeting. Are these the same investment banks that brought the world economy down?

Log Cabin Republicans are just... gawd, awful bizarre.


Log Cabin Republicans: Obama Announcing Support For Marriage Equality Is ‘Offensive And Callous’

By Zack Ford on May 9, 2012 at 3:42 pm

The Log Cabin Republicans’ R. Clarke Cooper was quick to try to discredit Obama’s announcement supporting marriage equality today, calling it “cold comfort” and “offensive and callous” in the immediate wake of Amendment One’s passage in North Carolina:

COOPER: That the president has chosen today, when LGBT Americans are mourning the passage of Amendment One, to finally speak up for marriage equality is offensive and callous. Log Cabin Republicans appreciate that President Obama has finally come in line with leaders like Vice President Dick Cheney on this issue, but LGBT Americans are right to be angry that this calculated announcement comes too late to be of any use to the people of North Carolina, or any of the other states that have addressed this issue on his watch. This administration has manipulated LGBT families for political gain as much as anybody, and after his campaign’s ridiculous contortions to deny support for marriage equality this week he does not deserve praise for an announcement that comes a day late and a dollar short.

Though LCR claims not to endorse candidates, this absurd attack suggests the group would rather stand with Mitt Romney, who has pledged to support a federal marriage amendment banning same-sex marriage nationwide. Coming from a group whose mission is to “secure full equality for gays and lesbians,” this is a stunning example of petty partisan politics.

Bigotry: Forcing legally married couples should be forced to file/pay taxes as two Single persons.

Maybe Obama's comments today will undo DOMA, and we'll have a fairer tax system.

I'm very proud of my president today.
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