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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
Number of posts: 1,721

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Vigil in Nebraska after dyke & cu** carved into local woman.

It's not surprising that the woman, who will literally have scars from her attackers, doesn't want to release her name. Anyone who knows a GLBTQ individual in Nebraska should openly state their acceptance and tolerance as often as possible. Maybe then people will get the hint that this behavior is considered abhorrent.


What. The. Hell. Why did this happen???

Why would cops open fire onto a crowd that contained mothers with children in strollers?

Best place to get Obama 2012 magnetic bumper stickers?

I'm going to give some away as gifts to a few people who said they'll put them on their vehicles as long as they're magnetic.

I found these, but I don't like the design. I'd rather Obama be predominant rather than the year:


Republican Governors won't expand Medicaid to cover uninsured poor people.

Why isn't this headline news? This is absolutely free to their states for the next three years, and then the federal gov't picks up most (90 percent) of the cost.

These governors are pure evil.

A Republican wanted me and Dems to thank Republicans for giving us Roberts.

I said Roberts voted the way he did to save his court and his legacy. Then I said I thank Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the Liberal SC justices.

What I wanted to say is... The Republicans have been nothing but obstructionists and asshats for two decades over this issue. If it weren't for them, my grandmother would probably still be with us. And then all sorts of expletives went through my head.

I think I restrained myself rather well.

How much will Americans save due to the Affordable Care Act?

I found the site: http://www.healthcare.gov/blog/2011/01/saving-money.html

Tax credits to help the middle class afford insurance will become available for those with income between 100% and 400% of the poverty line who are not eligible for other affordable coverage. (In 2010, 400% of the poverty line comes out to about $43,000 for an individual or $88,000 for a family of four.) The tax credit is advanceable, so it can lower your premium payments each month, rather than making you wait for tax time. Itís also refundable, so even moderate income families can receive the full benefit of the credit. These individuals may also qualify for reduced cost-sharing (copayments, co-insurance, and deductibles).

Found it: By 2014, more people will be eligible for Medicaid


Increasing Access to Medicaid

Effective January 1, 2014

Americans who earn less than 133% of the poverty level (approximately $14,000 for an individual and $29,000 for a family of four) will be eligible to enroll in Medicaid. States will receive 100% federal funding for the first three years to support this expanded coverage, phasing to 90% federal funding in subsequent years.

Dear Christians: Jesus didn't charge a fee for service when he healed the sick.

It's just not Christ-like.

Will Vermont get single payer? And if I incorporate there, can I get

on their health insurance? I'd gladly pay their taxes for access to good healthcare not run by insurance companies.

Flip/flopper Romney... blast from the past

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