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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
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Iowa Public radio aired Governor stating Pink Slime makers civil rights violated.

but I can't find that link after advanced Google searching. I asked friends, and they said they heard that too; so, I know it just wasn't a voice in my head. I did find this though:


... Apparently, Governor Branstad has called for a Congressional investigation (that would be the same Congress that has refused to investigate the 2011 Cantaloupe Outbreak that sickened nearly 150 and killed over 35) into how what he called "a smear campaign" against the meat product commonly called "pink slime" got started.

And, Governor Branstad's desire for a public flogging of First Amendment rights I am sure has nothing to do with the fact that Beef Products Incorporated’s (BPI’s) top executives and workers have given $820,750 to congressional and presidential candidates over the past decade, with all but $28,400 going to Republicans (who are those Democrats?). And, Governor Branstad, a Republican, received $150,000 over the past two years from people tied to BPI.

Dear Upper Midwest: How to survive a Walkerstan world.

If you're state is threatening to become solidly Republican in this post Citizens United world, here are some survival strategies.

1. Live really, really cheaply. If you can do without that cable bill, do so. Try to get the cheapest cellphone or telephone plan that you can. Make your phone energy efficient, and put on sweaters. Keep the thermostat at 68 in the Winter. Eat less meat. Keep that old car running.

2. Try to get as much education for as cheaply as you can. Increase your marketable skills. You're doing this to be try to get out of these Red state areas. For the majority of people (i.e. if you don't come from money), this means you need a degree in business (accounting), or science.

3. The progressive enclaves on the coasts aren't cheap. We've all met or have even been the numerous people who have tried to move to Portland, New York ..., only to come back even more broke (see number two on skill sets). Try to meet people in areas you'd like to live, and build a game plan to get there.

4. Keep your head low. Never indicate that you suspect someone of being a snake oil salesman, but don't buy snake oil -- be nice about not buying it.

WI voter hack issue


Command Central Makes Its Move—A Shady Deal With WI County Clerks

Last September, Election Integrity investigators discovered that unbeknownst to average citizens of Wisconsin, Command Central sent those 46 districts an offer: trade out your old Optech Insight Scanner for two DRE Touch Screen models, at no charge. The Optech machine is the one that paper ballots are fed through to read and register the votes.

While these machines are also susceptible to hacking (see Rep. Pridemore explain how to game the machine) in the case of a recount, it is possible to physically monitor the paper ballots as they are fed through the machine to see if they match the machine totals.

With DRE Touch Screens, however, one’s vote could be flipped and one would never know because there is no receipt or paper trail voters receive to confirm their vote was counted as voted. All that is left is a paper tape that shows votes and vote totals. If the machine is hacked, those totals have no other verifiable trail to confirm the results.

Why MSM will never investigate election fraud.

"Don't worry, no one is watching TV anymore," President Barak Obama, during a simulcast to Iowa voters on caucus night.

No one may be watching television any longer, but our MSM disseminates the official story (brought to you by the highest bidder), and they aren't required to air opposing viewpoints. Cable subscriptions are in an unprecedented decline.

According to the Convergence Consulting report, “The Battle for the North American Couch Potato: Bundling, TV, Internet,Telephone, Wireless,” 2.65 million American multichannel subscribers cut their cords between 2008-2011 and switched to over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) to get their video programming. The report says that only 112,000 cable, satellite and telco TV service subscriptions were added in the U.S. last year — less than a third of the 380,000 added subscriptions that Leichtman Research Group reported last month while auditing only the top multi-channel programming services.


So where are advertising dollars coming from? Large chunks are going to be coming from billionaires like the Koch brothers.

A study conducted by USC's Annenberg School for Communication and the University of Wisconsin-Madison analyzed newscasts of 122 local TV stations in the nation's largest media markets during the 2002 mid-term elections. They found that the majority of the newscasts at these stations did not contain a single campaign story.


It is assumed -- generally by newscast consultants hired by the stations -- that election news does not help ratings. Even so, political advertising is a major source of revenue for the stations.


The day prior to the election, it was reported that Walker is most likely going to be indicted.

His closest friend turned on him and began snitching. This John Doe investigation into illegal use of state resources has been going on for months.

Voters didn't "stand with Walker", and Walker's/Fitzgerald's policies because Wisconsin is dead last in job creation amongst the states.

How much money does it take to get NBC to call an election while people are still voting?

I'm just wondering how much we have to raise next time around.


WI Ideas Network just reported that, and it's 10:00 PM CDT.

"How can the election be called when people are still voting?"

WI exit polls said that give Obama the election in November, yet Walker wins?

All those people who say they're voting for Obama in November voted for Walker today?


NBC is full of shit!!!

Dane County and Milwaukee haven't reported their results yet, and NBC called it for Walker?!?!

How can your two largest population centers still need to report their results, yet you can call the election? Count ALL THE VOTES!

I think Dane County should withhold their results until Waukesha turns in theirs.

That way Nickolaus won't be able to see how many votes Walker is down, and then miraculously find the necessary uncounted ballots that will give Walker the win.
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