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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
Number of posts: 1,721

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McCain recognizes systemic corruption and calls for regulation...

in boxing. I guess he couldn't think of any other areas that are plagued with corruption and affect so many Americans' lives. Our Senators sure do have a lot of time on their hands.


What's going on with the John Doe investigation of Walker?

Does "winning" the recall stop the investigation?

Why do our universities and government need to be run like a business

when the best and the brightest in business (Wall Street) ran the world's economies off a cliff?

Here's another example of university suffering from this failed run-it-like-a-business mantra:


Silver linings, small as they may be...

The failed Recall, the women-hating news, waiting for the ACA decision from the SCOTUS is like a huge dark cloud... BUT...

Some things give me an immense amount of child-like joy, almost glee. One of those things is getting the exactly correct amount of milk to cookie ratio. It's difficult to get this measurement right as my cookie portions often vary, and then it's hard to gauge the milk portion. But tonight, I nailed it.

Kay, who else will share a small pleasure to take the mind off the dark clouds?

This is why we can't have nice things...

A draft agreement leaked Wednesday shows the Obama administration is pushing a secretive trade agreement that could vastly expand corporate power and directly contradict a 2008 campaign promise by President Obama. A U.S. proposal for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact between the United States and eight Pacific nations would allow foreign corporations operating in the U.S. to appeal key regulations to an international tribunal. The body would have the power to override U.S. law and issue penalties for failure to comply with its ruling. We speak to Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizenís Global Trade Watch, a fair trade group that posted the leaked documents on its website. "This isnít just a bad trade agreement," Wallach says. "This is a 'one-percenter' power tool that could rip up our basic needs and rights." [includes rush transcript]


Four years ago, Cedar Rapids, Iowa flooded.

Large portions of the city were lost. I'm not sure how other countries can rebuild and prosper after all-out warfare that include things like fire-bombing, yet cities in the US can't rebuild after floods.


GOPers still not giving up on the ONE recall election that they didn't win.


Democrat John Lehman has officially unseated Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) in the 21st District recall election that will determine the makeup of Wisconsin's state Senate.

The Racine County Board of Canvassers met Tuesday morning to certify the results of the June 5 election and found that not only did Lehman win, but he also increased his margin of victory by 55 votes.

Wanggaard has yet to concede and campaign officials say they have received allegations of voter fraud voting irregularities. However, County Clerk Wendy Christensen told FOX 6 News that she was not aware of any problems at the polling places on election day.

Mike Haas, general counsel for the state Government Accountability Board, said the agency has received some phone calls, emails, and copies of blog posts alleging fraud but nothing formal

Wisconsin Public Radio this morning...

Chuck Quirmbach reported that the reason Wisconsin's jobs numbers were the lowest in the nation is because they were old numbers, and employers were waiting to see what happened with the recall. Just you wait, WI is going to have the highest jobs number in the nation these next few months.

Next, Robin Vos (Rep. State Senator) says that they should get bipartisan support to amend their recall process.

Now that we're destroying public employee unions, can we get rid of lawmaker's benefits?

As long as we're destroying the health and retirement benefits of our teachers, police, firefighters, and other public workers, why should taxpayers foot the bill for elected official's healthcare and retirement benefits?

The US has criminalized poverty. We're even jailing poor honors students.


Last week, the country was riveted by the story of young Diane Tran, a high school junior age 17, who was tossed in jail for a night because she was missing too much school.

The reason her case attracted so much attention? Tran missed those days of school--or arrived late--due to exhaustion. She worked two jobs to help support her siblings. Her parents had split and moved out of town. She became, in essence, a poster-girl for both the recession and for the criminalization of youth. Even those local newscasters expected to be dispassionate were moved to say their "hearts went out" to this girl.

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