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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 06:27 PM
Number of posts: 6,891

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Ed Gillespie, George Bush's Florida svengali,

was trailing Mark Warner in the Virginia senate race by 11 points on Halloween night. Now, after the votes have been counted, they are tied and there will be a recount. Shades of Florida 2000.

Why I will vote Tuesday

I hold the Democratic Party in utter contempt after supporting it my whole life and working for its candidates. It took a long time and began with the ascendancy of the DLC and the corporatist pandering of the party that has largely wiped away any significant difference between them and republicans. I have come to accept that the Democratic Party has become a wholly owned subsidiary of moneyed interests that intend to create a political plutocracy with the fawning assistance of both these sorry parties.

So, on Tuesday I'll go to the polls, hold my nose and vote for the fucking democrats. The reason I'll do this is not just because I loathe and despise republicans even more than democrats (actually I loathe and despise them a lot more), but also because there is no viable alternative and so I intend to become involved with local democratic politics and be a thorn in its side until it begins to move left. There is absolutely no way of moving the Republican Party left. There never has been. It can only move farther and farther right.

That's why I'm getting involved in local Democratic Party politics. State and National politics have no other use for me than as a cash cow or a zombie voter. Both have agendas controlled entirely by big money and neither could care less about the needs of anyone without a 7 digit income or above. Any hope of political reform rests at the community level. That's where I'm going to be, and if enough progressive people do likewise, someday, sooner than later I hope, we'll be sending democrats to state capitols and to Washington who are actually democrats. So, fuck the Democratic Party. It's days are numbered. I hope.

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