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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 06:27 PM
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Ed Gillespie for Senate

I just received a call from an outfit calling itself Venture Data Call Research. Some smarmy lisper wanted me to answer a few polling questions about issues relating to the general election in November. I said "Sure, why not?"

The guy proceeds to ask me several minutes worth of questions about where I live in Virginia and nothing about politics. Then he asks me if I get most of my calls on a cell or a land line phone. I say, "land line." (which isn't true).

He then tells me he's s-o-o-o sorry but his is a cell phone survey, conducted for the benefit of the Ed Gillespie for Virginia Senate campaign, and I'm just out of luck because I use the wrong kind of phone.

I ask him why he didn't tell me that earlier. He doesn't answer. I tell him never to call me again and waste my time with such bullshit. Then the line goes dead.

I call Venture Data Call Research to pitch a bitch. I get a recording telling me that they are sorry if I've been inconvenienced by their call and to go their web site if I don't want them to call again and to otherwise fuck off.

I get really steamed and pull up Ed Gillespie's campaign site. There are places to click if you want to send him money, work for his campaign, read his biography, listen to his corporatist bullshit, go to his Face Book or Twitter site and other limited and impersonal options like that. There are even electronic directions to his campaign offices that don't work, but there is no email address, no phone number or other method to actually contact the bastard or any of his stooges.

This is the guy who engineered the 2000 Florida election coup for Smirking Chimp, was a lobbyist for Enron, a former RNC Chairman, and is the Machiavelli who ran the election campaign of Bob McDonnell, Virginia's first ever governor convicted of multiple felonies for corruption.

So, I wanted to tell ole' Ed that there are a hundred reasons I'd never vote for a sociopathic fascist rat bastard like him, and the phone call was just one of them, but I will, apparently, never get that opportunity.
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