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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 06:27 PM
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Country Club Clowns

I think maybe I'm losing it. I'm not getting any younger, and I have led a hard (possibly overindulgent life), but a few days ago I was reading DU. Lately, there are lots of photos of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan everywhere, which is to be expected as they are the candidates for...well, everybody knows what for. So, anyway, I see this photo of the dynamic duo, standing next to one another, each with one arm raised in either a greeting or a victory salute or the bird or something, and they are both wearing these gigantic clown noses. You know, the big red kind that sound like the horn on a kids tricycle when squeezed, and, from the self-satisfied smiles on their faces it would appear they must have their other arms down their pants playing with themselves or with each other while the lesser clowns in the audience are jumping around like they've got hot wires attached to their private parts, nasty, painful expressions on their faces and corn cobs up their asses.

As if this weren't disturbing enough, I saw a video yesterday of of Rushbo Limbaugh doing his signature polo-shirt-jell-o-jiggle while sporting a clown nose on a face that could only have been in the throes of orgiastic passion or oxycotton induced ecstasy. I see the same thing on the faces of the FOX porno news bots. The Koch brothers and Goldman Sachs alpha suits have bulbous red noses with dollar signs on them and wear shit eating grins. Republican congress clowns have clown noses with gravitas. Religious bigots have fiery red clown noses with burning crosses on them. The list goes on. Pick your own and fill in the blank.

However, clown nose psychosis or not, I remain lucid enough to ask: "How the hell did it come to pass that clowns comprise the opposition party in the mightiest republic in human history and are always in the running to win and seem to control what is considered worthy of discussion in what increasingly appears to be a clown circus of a country wearily and euphemistically trumpeted as the United States of America: The home of the brave and the land of the free?
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