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Gender: Male
Hometown: New York NY
Home country: United States
Current location: New York NY
Member since: Sat Aug 15, 2009, 01:18 AM
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Journal Archives

Stabenow with huge lead, Kennedy with huge lead, Dem wins Maine special election, now this...

Obama poised to win 2012 election with 303 electoral votes: The Signal Forecast.

With fewer than nine months to go before Election Day, The Signal predicts that Barack Obama will win the presidential contest with 303 electoral votes to the Republican nominee's 235.


Some pretty interesting mathematics going on in the article, of course this is just prediction: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/signal/obama-poised-win-2012-election-303-electoral-votes-202543583.html

Bill Moyers: Where the Right Went Wrong

Interview With Conservative Economist Bruce Bartlett.


BILL MOYERS: You've made the point that America's top earning one percent had an effective 33.1 percent federal income tax rate in 1986, and an effective rate of only 23.3 percent in 2008. And you say if the top one percent had kept paying at the 1986 effective rate, quote, "the federal debt today would be $1.7 trillion lower." That's a lot of money.

BRUCE BARTLETT: Well, that's right. And when I say effective rate that means the taxes that they paid divided by their income. So that tells you what the revenue is that the government gets from taxing them. And clearly, they were doing okay at the beginning of that period.

And that was Ronald Reagan's administration. Up until 1986, the top marginal rate, the top statutory rate was 50 percent. Now it's 35 percent. And all the pressure is on to lower that even further. And this just doesn't make a great deal of sense to me. When people say, 'Oh, we can't raise taxes on the rich. They'll go on strike, they'll move to another country.' But within recent memory, it hasn't been that long ago that we had rates that were substantially higher. And these people did just fine.

BILL MOYERS: Well, when I was growing up in the '50s the top marginal tax rate, if I remember correctly, was 91 percent.

BRUCE BARTLETT: That's right. And I just think that there's a disconnect between the facts of what taxes do and the sort of mythology of what they do.


Read more of this great article at TruthOut: http://www.truth-out.org/bill-moyers-where-right-went-wrong/1328974045

Another common-sense multi-millionaire calls for higher taxes on the rich.

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has stern words for millionaires -- it's time to pay your fair share of taxes.

The self-made millionaire, who sold his Internet media company aQuantive to Microsoft for $6.4 billion, tells Henry Blodget in the above video that he supports changes to the tax code.

"People in the top 1 percent are paying historically low tax rates," he says. "That's simply an unsustainable way to run a capitalistic society."


"We are systematically destroying our customer base in this country by undercutting the middle class," he says. "If it was true that the rich and business were job creators, we'd be drowning in jobs today."

video at link: http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/millionaire-investor-calls-higher-taxes-rich-145808200.html

He also notes in the video "why would I care if my tax rate rises 10% if it means alot more customers would buy my products?"

Obama campaign finally uses this graph:


Yikes! The month Obama just took office almost 1million jobs gone. Almost 4 million in 4 months. OF COURSE the public should continue to blame Bush for those job losses, unless you believe in magic wands and unicorns. Roll your mouse around the graph, very informative and interactive. Also, the circles on top of the graph as well.


Oh. You are calm. Sorry...

Looks like the only ones freaking out are the desperate GOP and it's faux outraged base. And while the media keeps TRYING to make this a story America keeps shrugging and saying "who the fuck cares, we agree that contraception is an important part of health and well-being, are you people crazy?!".

I'm telling you, as a young(ish) person myself (31 yrs old) this is one of those 'last of a dying breed' issues that is a throwback to a time when women wore poodle skirts and dancing too close was considered risque. Back to a time when the faster the drumbeat the closer to Satan. Under 2 decades until petty non-sensical prude issues like this go away for good. No one cares about this non-issue anymore.

The whole mindframe behind this faux outrage is ridiculous. Lets see, they are anti-choice, yet also anti-contraception, so that means they are basically saying sex should ONLY be done when it is meant for reproductive purposes. Do you know how insanely silly that sounds to someone my age let alone the next generation 20 yrs from now?! Actually you probably do know how silly and ridiculous that sounds, along with the rest of America who can't seem to muster up a 'give-a-fuck' about this nonsense issue. But I can see how this issue really rallies up the inbred morons on the other side of the aisle who love nothing more than tying religion to the Constitution.

Conservatism is dead. And while it still has a pulse (like living in our SCOTUS), it is well on it's way to its grave. When I see polls and charts showing that 70+% of people age 18-35 believe same-sex marriage should be legalized you better believe that the final nail in the coffin of conservatism is under 2 decades away.

So go right ahead:

2-Bill O'Reilly
3-Father 'whatever your name is on FOX nooze whining'
4-RepubliCon senators and congressmen

if you feel the need to cry, complain, throw a temper-tantrum, and squirm and squeal to make yourselves feel better than by all means please go right ahead, because this faux outrage will doom your party even further and expose how relentlessly out of touch with society's current state of affairs you really are. While all of you conservative congressmen/women sit in your homes in your gated communities FAR removed from the real world, feel comforted by the fact that your teenage and 20somethings sons and daughters are WAAAY more intelligent than you because they ARE using contraceptive and practicing safe-sex, something the dying breed just can't seem to wrap their tiny little brains around.

Pres. Obama, PLEASE don't flip-flop on this issue. This is a great achievement not only for women's rights but for society as a whole. Never feel bad giving power to the people. Now we're starting to look like a civilized society. Can I get an AMEN!
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