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Gender: Male
Hometown: New York NY
Home country: United States
Current location: New York NY
Member since: Sat Aug 15, 2009, 12:18 AM
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Obama campaign finally uses this graph:


Yikes! The month Obama just took office almost 1million jobs gone. Almost 4 million in 4 months. OF COURSE the public should continue to blame Bush for those job losses, unless you believe in magic wands and unicorns. Roll your mouse around the graph, very informative and interactive. Also, the circles on top of the graph as well.


Oh. You are calm. Sorry...

Looks like the only ones freaking out are the desperate GOP and it's faux outraged base. And while the media keeps TRYING to make this a story America keeps shrugging and saying "who the fuck cares, we agree that contraception is an important part of health and well-being, are you people crazy?!".

I'm telling you, as a young(ish) person myself (31 yrs old) this is one of those 'last of a dying breed' issues that is a throwback to a time when women wore poodle skirts and dancing too close was considered risque. Back to a time when the faster the drumbeat the closer to Satan. Under 2 decades until petty non-sensical prude issues like this go away for good. No one cares about this non-issue anymore.

The whole mindframe behind this faux outrage is ridiculous. Lets see, they are anti-choice, yet also anti-contraception, so that means they are basically saying sex should ONLY be done when it is meant for reproductive purposes. Do you know how insanely silly that sounds to someone my age let alone the next generation 20 yrs from now?! Actually you probably do know how silly and ridiculous that sounds, along with the rest of America who can't seem to muster up a 'give-a-fuck' about this nonsense issue. But I can see how this issue really rallies up the inbred morons on the other side of the aisle who love nothing more than tying religion to the Constitution.

Conservatism is dead. And while it still has a pulse (like living in our SCOTUS), it is well on it's way to its grave. When I see polls and charts showing that 70+% of people age 18-35 believe same-sex marriage should be legalized you better believe that the final nail in the coffin of conservatism is under 2 decades away.

So go right ahead:

2-Bill O'Reilly
3-Father 'whatever your name is on FOX nooze whining'
4-RepubliCon senators and congressmen

if you feel the need to cry, complain, throw a temper-tantrum, and squirm and squeal to make yourselves feel better than by all means please go right ahead, because this faux outrage will doom your party even further and expose how relentlessly out of touch with society's current state of affairs you really are. While all of you conservative congressmen/women sit in your homes in your gated communities FAR removed from the real world, feel comforted by the fact that your teenage and 20somethings sons and daughters are WAAAY more intelligent than you because they ARE using contraceptive and practicing safe-sex, something the dying breed just can't seem to wrap their tiny little brains around.

Pres. Obama, PLEASE don't flip-flop on this issue. This is a great achievement not only for women's rights but for society as a whole. Never feel bad giving power to the people. Now we're starting to look like a civilized society. Can I get an AMEN!

In defense of Occupy Oakland...

No one knows whether or not those who chose to burn an American flag were part of the movement or not, but we know this: If you DON'T think that there are ways the super-wealthy and/or police/FBI officials will actively go to great lengths to infiltrate movements like this and stir the pot using violence, inciting riots, or burning flags, etc. to sway public opinion and overthrow movements than you should consider opening your mind to the world of such actual protests and protestors. This is NOT a new tactic and is damn near a staple in every social justice uprising since the beginning of the 20th century.

I've seen it with my own eyes. From the massive NYC anti-war protests to the massive protests of the RNC here in NYC to the 11x I've been to Occupy Wall Street, TRUST ME, it goes on. ALOT. And it doesn't just stop there. They don't just infiltrate protests, they infiltrate lives. They become part of the movement and form trusting bonds with actual revolutionaries, not just inside of the protests but along side in each others personal lives. Often times because of the nature of these movements such people are welcome with open arms and trusted because they've been seen doing the "dirty work" and were in the trenches with the masses. They became a familiar face and were allowed into many of the inner circles of the scene, sometimes even taking on leadership roles. To further the bond they will also take on much less confrontational positions such as assisting helping the poor and working on community issues and needs with their fellow activists. This gets them in good standing and they become trusted and respected.

(Also, in defense, I would like to note that there has always been a long history of police brutality and tension between the citizens of Oakland and the police)

Below I'm going to post 2 links, the first one is from a forum message board where you will see a letter posted to the forum by an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated such a movement and confesses (Read the comments below the letter for how his "friends and allies" view him after the confession). Not only did this person assume a leadership role in many movements from the anti-war movement as well as movements for social justice following Hurricane Katrina, this person coerced people to carry out violence and had them arrested even before the act on grounds of conspiracy. See here: http://www.indymedia.org/pt/2008/12/918526.shtml

And for the second link here is a Mother Jones article/interview with this person and is VERY in-depth and WELL worth the read. I suggest reading this one first to get you up to date before reading his written confession.
Here: http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/08/brandon-darby-anarchist-fbi-terrorism

After reading these 2 links I'm sure you may find it best to wait before accusing actual protestors of such actions. We also have evidence of many protestors pleading with persons NOT to burn the flag. All I'm saying is: Keep your mind open.

Wanna see something funny and sad at the same time? Come inside.

Funny because this woman is a one person Newt hating machine and takes him on with passion, sad because she is spoken to horribly and threatened with violence. The GOP base are neanderthals. This is from today in Florida.

WHOA WHOA WHOA Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?!

Pretty much my point.

This is the problem with hyper-progressivism, for the most part, nothing gets done because most choose to throw the baby out with the bath water. Most hyper-progressives don't want "the fight", they just want it ALL and they want it NOW! Which is a good mind-state to have IF they can keep themselves bound in reality instead of fantasy. Sadly most can not. Having core values and principles is a good thing, using those core values and principles to belittle others=Bad thing.

Instead of fighting for and trying to help elect progressives to Congress and continuously shift the Democratic party to the Left, most will choose to criticize, marginalize, and dismantle anyone or group that does not march in lock-step with their mindset. This becomes a turnoff for people who may be willing to vote Democratic but aren't ready to go hard-line just yet. We should be luring people into our party then convincing them of the benefits to all of humanity and to our greater society that is offered by progressivism.

Unfortunately this isn't the case. Most progressives will choose to just give up, threaten to vote 3rd party, or just not vote at all, not realizing that sometimes progress is measured one inch at a time and not just in feet or yards. We must realize that this is going to be a long tough fight and anyone willing to just give up is doing more harm to progressivism than good. But what we SHOULDN'T do is ditch the progress we've made in electing the representatives to the Democratic party. We must BUILD on our gains, NOT throw the baby out with the bath water, give up or walk away. Quitters NEVER win.

Our strategy should be unity and further integration. Imagine for a moment if the entire Nationwide Green Party, Socialist Party, Working Families Party, etc. decided to integrate within the Democratic Party and take their voters and representatives with them. Decided to run for offices in counties all across America and worked together in unity to spread the voices of the middle class from coast to coast taking over elected public positions everywhere in everything from Senate/Congress to Federal Judges and Governors, to School Boards, Mayors and Councilmen, etc.

But we don't. Instead we just break off into these new factions void of any unity in some nihilistic vision of our own perfection that winds up benefitting no one but our idealistic selves. The revolution never gets a chance to manifest because we are already fractured as a group, even though oddly enough we are all like-minded individuals. There's a certain elitism in the professional left that simultaneously wants the entire world to change but not do much to achieve that change. Instead of building on gains most will choose to dismantle or abandon.

If they are defending Romney's layoffs as a by-product of capitalism, then...

How can they successfully pin the unemployment rate on Obama, isn't that just a by-product of free-market capitalism? Sure, they will tout "regulations" but 99% of federal regulations are in place to protect employees and/or consumers. I still haven't actually heard of which so-called regulations are the specific ones even hindering job-growth, especially since the unemployment rate has been declining, which ironically kind of makes everything they say a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

Which one is it, layoffs a by-product of capitalism, or it's all Obama's fault?! If it's all Obama's fault then why are we seeing 22 straight months of job growth? If layoffs are a by-product of capitalism then how is it Obama's fault?

Wolf Blitzer REALLY admires the GOP candidates "sacrifices".

(CNN) - I know it will probably sound weird, but I admire these politicians who put themselves out there before the American public knowing full well that all their warts will be exposed big time. Most of them already have lots of money. They could easily coast at this point in their lives and sit back and relax.

Instead, they are working hard on the campaign trail.

Iíve seen them in action, and itís tough. They get up early in the morning and go to sleep late at night. They have to deliver the same stump speech over and over and over again, and then answer an endless amount of often annoying questions at town hall meetings, at diners and from reporters such as me.

Iíve covered politicians long enough to know they certainly like the power that comes with elected office, but itís still a rough and tough proposition. You think itís easy going out there all the time and appealing for campaign cash?

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Rick Perry could have taken the easy path and relaxed and enjoyed life. Instead of playing golf and hanging out with their children and grandchildren, they are working hard trying to get the Republican presidential nomination. In the process, they are bitterly attacked - often for good reason.

Read the rest of this hilarious article written by what seems like a 7th graders first attempt at Civics class ass-kissery: http://situationroom.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/10/blitzers-blog-a-salute-to-politicians/?on.cnn=1

The modern Republican Party is further RW than the KKK Knights Party (NOT KIDDING)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND, the KKK has more compassion for working families and our environment than THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY, and not only that, but EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the GOP.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE! If you want to see how much of a rightward lurch into the LOONEY-BIN the GOP has taken, keep reading.

This is in NO WAY meant to offend anyone but instead meant to expose the media that even gives these republican neanderthals a platform to spew their BAT-SHIT INSANE talking points. It also exposes the RW as the ultra-racist organization that they are, and shows why there is a deep ideological divide in America right now due to the media giving a platform to such extreme, un-unifying ideas, often with no rebuttals or reprimanding. In other words, the KKK isn't even as far-right as today's modern Republican party.

What you are about to read is the KKK Knights Party platform, it reads like the Republican Party platform and even closer to a Ron Paul/Libertarian platform. But it's as if the GOP just took the worst of the KKK's platform and ran further right-wing with it. This link will bring you to the KKK Knights Party platform page where you can see for yourself why the GOP is the muck at the bottom of the barrel we call society, and why it is appropriate to call the GOP an extremist hate group being further RW than the KKK.

What you are about to see is SHOCKING due to the fact that we actually have a mainstream political party that is ideologically on par or in some cases further BAT-SHIT INSANE than even America's #1 HATE GROUP:


I can't wait for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination

So us and the media can start asking him the "hard" questions like:

Mr. Paul, you want to start off your Presidency by cutting AT LEAST 5 agencies of Govt, not to mention the Fed and other sectors, which basically means you want to start off your Presidency by laying off hundreds of thousands, possibly alot more people. And while doing so you would like to cut off unemployment benefits, welfare assistance, medicaid/medicare, and social security. And besides that, shut down the EPA which helps protect our environment, especially since most of the biggest polluters are in industrial middle to low income areas, gut workers rights, regulations against predation, etc etc ETC.

So Mr. Paul, I guess my question is, how can you say you love America when it's clear as day that you hate it's citizens? And is the reason you don't care if we all die, starve, rot all in the name of free-market capitalism because you live in a gated community far away from these horrific scenes of eventual mass homelessness and starvation, malnourished children, and ultra-violence? Or is it because you painted yourself into such an extreme ideological corner and won't dare admit you're completely wrong and full of shit, that you would rather WILLINGLY lay off all those hundreds of thousands of people AND cut off any means of them surviving, feeding their family, putting a nutritious meal in their child's belly's and a safe roof over their head?

Sure, POSSIBLY the under 30yr old employees MAY find work (MAYBE), but what about all of those 40+ who will be marginalized to a future of desperation, despair, and no job prospects, mostly due to you removing regulations against things like discrimination, ageism, race, etc. And the dismantling of social safety nets? So again Mr. Paul, why do you hate our citizens, seniors, poor, middle class, minorities, gays, women, disabled, workers, retirees, our environment, and most importantly our UNITY as a Nation?

I dont want to take America all the way back to the days of our Founding Fathers.

That shit sucked for like 99% of the population. I like this America, I think we got a good thing going on here. We just need to continue forming a more perfect union, we'll get there, we're still young. In the 1700's life was absolutely terrible. Even the 1800's were terrible. I've never seen a photo from that era where anyone was smiling, always the same miserable face. FUCK RON PAUL!
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