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Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 20,687

About Me

Ran for US Congress in 1990 from the left. Chairperson of 1989 city advisory initiative calling for 10% reduction in military spending to be divided among deficit reduction and mass transit and social services. Being a miliary town nobody thought we'd get on the balllot let alone win with 64% of the vote. Former chair of peace and justice project for a UMC congregation in Tacoma, Washington.

Journal Archives

If there is a Phelp's funeral

should there be protests?

Wow I am in shock

don't know what forum to put this in so kick it out if it's not in the right one.

our daughter in law gave an emergency birth about 2 hours ago. Baby had a good birth weight
6lbs 7oz

Does anyone know where to find a cheap bassinett? I thought we had about 3 more weeks to do this!

2014 Election Resolution

who here is willing to join me in promising at least 12 hours of either door belling, envelope stuffing, letter writing, phone calling from Sept 1-Election Day and also 2 hours on election day of GOTV work. If you press like, I will remind you on Sept 1 and also on the eve of election day! THIS IS VITAL, we need the work, we need the excitement and the engagement of the committed!

Hi I just asked this in the thread I wrote last month

Last month, the best pet I ever had died. Stewie was this most wonderful social and interactive cat and we just all loved him so much and seriously grieved at his death. Many of you wrote very loving condolences and we so appreciated that. My dilemma. My teenage daughter misses having a pet and she would like for us to get another kitten soon. I don't know if I am ready for that but yet, I don't want to deprive her of that companionship and for her to have a creature that needs her care along with the rest of us. The problem is that I had never grieved so over a per such as Stewie. He was so unique and special. How long does one normally wait after a sorrowful pet death before adding another fury member to the family? Thanks for your advise! Mike

Who do you think is going to win the Superbowl?


50 years ago today Lyndon Johnson in an address to Congress declared a "war on poverty" today you have a bunch of Republican assholes declaring that it didn't work. They're right! Because those fuckers made sure that it failed! Starting with the spending on the Vietnam War which the military industrial complex declared....to massive tax cuts for the rich, to failing to increase the cap on taxing social security earnings, to giving corporate welfare, to financing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to Reagan's SDI spending....all these doomed the war. As Al Sharpton said "it is the shortest war the US ever fought"
But it is even more than that, it was a shifting of attitudes by the rich, starting with Reagan and also dissing Kennedy's exhortation: "Ask not what your country can do, but ask what you can do for your country!" Our priorities have gotten fucked up and we collectively failed the poor and those with no voice...we have failed them by letting ourselves be led by selfish greedy repukes and corporatist whores and war mongering pigs!

Theology Question

I had a beloved pet (cat) that died on Sunday He was 15 years old. I truly, truly loved him and am grieving incredibly! Because of his death many of us have had a discussion. Question: Do you believe that your pets can join you in heaven? Please vote and discuss. THis poll and discussion is for those who believe in the concept of a heaven.

My beloved cat died this afternoon

I don't know if this is the right forum to post in, I am so sad and am grieving. The best pet I have ever has died this afternoon. "Stewie" named after the kid in Family Guy was found early one morning abandoned at a pet store at 3 weeks old. He was bottle fed around the clock. He was the coolest cat. The most friendly one I have ever had. He used to play with Ferrets and dogs and was the only cat that would jump in the shower with me. He loved to play in water. At night I would call him and he would come to bed with my wife and I, we would lift the covers and he would sleep with head above the blanket line just like a person. He was also the most social cat we ever had...when we had a group of people over he would literally sit in the middle of the circle waiting to see who would hold him. Every morning at 6:41 he would stick his wet nose in my ear and start purring really loud to wake me up. He had been sick for about 3 months, diagnosed with cancer. I will miss him terribly, I am so sad!

If this is in the wrong forum, please let me know and I will delete it!

Any predictions on 2014 US Legislative Races?

Will the Dems take the House? Keep the Senate this year?

Which Christmas Carol Do You Like The Most?

Earlier I asked which carol you hate the most. Now for those who like Christmas Music, which one do you like the most?
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