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Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 20,700

About Me

Ran for US Congress in 1990 from the left. Chairperson of 1989 city advisory initiative calling for 10% reduction in military spending to be divided among deficit reduction and mass transit and social services. Being a miliary town nobody thought we'd get on the balllot let alone win with 64% of the vote. Former chair of peace and justice project for a UMC congregation in Tacoma, Washington.

Journal Archives

When the Democrats take the presidency from now on

they need to prosecute the past Republican administrations for the crimes they committed,

Carter: Ford for pardoning Nixon also Kissinger for his back handed shit in Vietnam before the 68 election

Clinton: Bush and Barr for the Iran Contragate cover-up

Obama: BushII for war crimes against Iraq etc

If we don't this shit will just get worse and worse

I am pissed Re: Manafort (I am a former Federal Inmate)

twenty three years ago I got cancer for the second time. The first time I had it, I was insured. At that time, companies could drop you for pre-existing conditions. I was dropped after my first bout. The second time I had cancer, because of the huge cost and burden of having cancer, I kept on filing for bankruptcy, because that automatically stops all collections and garnishments and has the creditor if it is an ongoing bill forced to continue to treat you. Because I broke the rules on the amount of filings you could have, I was ordered by the Federal Court to stop filing. If I did that the world would have come crashing down on me both financially and physically. Because I kept on filing,I was charged with and pled guilty to contempt of Federal Court and Bankruptcy abuse and I received an 18 month federal sentence. Of which I did 13 months and another 2 months in a half way house.

I am not proud of what I did, but it saved me financially and physically. Through the court process, I was able to negotiate 158K of a 168K bill away.

The Manafort sentence pisses me off, because I feel what he did was way worse than I. I was sentenced with in the guidelines, unlike him.

While I am not complaining about the 18 months I got, I am complaining bitterly at the mere 47 months he received.

Seems to me you either pay with time or money. It is my understanding that Manafort has given up a bunch of assets.

Fuck Judge Ellis and fuck the justice system

Giant snow ball fight in Tacoma Washington

I know this is not important, specially with all that is wrong with this world but for an hour, Tacoma took time out from the world.

Friday evening this town had a very rare major snowfall of 8 inches. That's more snow than we have had in the past 9 years combined. A resident who lives close to downtown announced a giant snow ball fight for the park the next day, since we were all snow bound and unable to drive.

As I walked the 10 blocks to the parked we encountered lots of people of all ages from tots, to children, grand parents, teenagers, young adults and middle age adults along with tons of furry friends. About 350-400 came out to hurl snow balls, while about 100-150 watched from the sidelines.

For an hour Tacoma forgot about the world and the towns problems and all you could hear was squeals, laughter, shouts, giggles and barks of excitement.

It doesn't seem like it's important, but for a short time we just reveled in what mother nature had given us.

It wound up being covered by several tv stations and papers from all over the US and Europe.

It's that time of the year...what is your favorite Christmas Carol?

I am so jazzed. Many of you may remember I got aced out of working in Greece

this summer at a refugee camp. I was put on the no fly list by trump and also had my naturalization of citizenship challenged. I won both of those and am free to travel.

I will be leaving in two weeks for NYC, Keflavik Iceland, Oslo Norway, Frankfurt am Main Germany (where I will sing for Christmas midnight Mass) Dubai, Assmara Senafe Eritrea, the Dhalek Islands in the Red Sea, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Abidjan Ivory Coast and Philadelphia. I am singing for national funeral at an Eritrean Orthodox Church and will be touring throughout Eritrea. I need to pinch myself. I am so excited!

just curious

What was George Bush's connection to the Kennedy assassination?

A memory of a refugee

I wanted to tell you the story of a woman who was born in Germany in 1933 right after Hitler took power. Her name is Lieselotte (Lilo) Collier. Some of you may have heard her story before, because I have talked about her on here previously. Lilo grew up in Frankfurt Germany, the transportation and banking capitol of that nation. Frankfurt was massively bombed by the allies, first by the British and then the Americans. In 1943 Hitler was beginning to see the hand writing on the wall, as the war effort was not going his way. He had decreed in the summer of 1943 that all children must leave the cities by December. In early November, Lilo was removed from her home. Because there was transportation, she and many others had to walked in a column for miles and miles. Some of that was through the snows of the Bavarian Mountains. They ended their journey at a Roman Catholic orphanage just inside the Austrian border where
she stayed for a year and a half.

Five days after the war was over, the director of the orphanage gathered all the German children together and told them they had to leave and that there was no money left to keep them. They were driven to the Austrian-German border and then left on their own. Once again there was no transportation. Lilo, wandered the German countryside and towns for 10 and a half months. Often sleeping in barns, church door steps, bombed out schools and on occasion in the home of a kind countryman. Many times, because of the destitute condition of the nation and its' people she had rocks, garbage and rotten food thrown at her and even once was shot at. Finally an American military batallion picked her up and brought her to a "staging" orphanage where she remembers lining up for 16 weekends before her parents found her and she was reunited with her family. Because of her trek through the snows of the mountains and her substandard footwear, she got frostbite on her left leg and right foot. When she became pregnant with her first child, that (because of the change in her body) turned to gangrene and she had to have the toes of her right foot amputated and also her left leg right below the knee with just local anesthetic in order to save the fetus' life.

Her little boy remembers growing up seeing the stares at her of others, being teased about that and also her heavy German accent. Lilo was sickly for the rest of her life. She cringed when ever she heard a low flying plane or a close siren and never watched war movies. She had a brain hemorrhage when she was 39 years old and passed away. Her son had already lost his father at 7 to the Vietnam War and was 15 when she died.

That little girl grew up to be my mother and today would have been her 85th birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILO (sorry for the long post)


This past week has been amazing. The Tacoma Education Association representing 2400 teachers, janitors, para, office support etc has been on strike. At odds between the teachers and the Tacoma School District was the fact that long held funds that were supposed to go to salries as a result of the McCleary vs Washington decision was finally settled in May

The Tacoma School District refused to release those funds and wanted to keep it for Administration salaries. The teachers went on strike. In what was becoming the nastiest teacher strike in the nation. it was looki ng to be a long one. The teachers union told the teachers to talk to their creditors etc.

In what was an amazing cave from the District. The strike was resolved after 5 business days and the teachers etc recieved from 14%-19% raises.

What did it? The union orchestrating amazing incredible community support. Bolstering wavering teachers. Having a fantastic rally. Businesses, unions, churches etc lending support (feeding, use of rest rooms, a resting place for the teachers during their pickets)

On Wed. the District tried to entice teachers to come back to the classrom. To work in their classrooms for EXTRA pay beyond what they were getting. Even tho the District cried broke. Only four teachers went it!!!

So the moral of this story is....the union is the working class persons friend! Stay strong and stay united. Don't cave to corporate of administrative bullying!!!

I am so pissed

I was supposed to go and serve for a month in a refugee camp in Greece. Right before we were supposed to go I was put on the no-fly list (second time for me) mainly for all the protesting I have done, pus in 1988 I was charged with inciting a riot when George Bush came to Tacoma to campaign for president) charges were dropped but the repubs hold grudges.

I lost a bunch of money because of flights etc...but the real thing that hurts is that I am not able to go.

The more serous part of this was that as this was happening the validity my US naturalization was being challenged. That not only enraged me, but scared the crap out of me. When I confronted ICE they not only had a listing of all 46 times I have entered and left the country, but also my alien registration card, my citizenship papers and the score on the test I took.

So folks, if you are naturalized and think you are safe, if you are a progressive activist think again.

On a side note, there were four others, who also didn 't get to go to a refugee camp that I know of this summer because of the same thing.

Tacoma Washington has the 1500 bed Northwest Detention Center

for Immigragtion and Deportation. Tonight we had a city cojncil meeting and of the 45 who spoke up not a single one suported the prison for immigrants. Outside there was a noise demonstration of banging pots and pans as in the tradition of Central and South American nations. The mayor and the city tried to shut the noise demonstrators down by locking the dors to city hall during a public meeting but the fire marsahll wouldn't let them.

It was a good evening in which we were to bring accross to the community the evil that is in our midst, shame the city for siccing the cops on us and wrecking our occupy settlement and also to hold officials who recive GEO prison campaign money accountable.
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