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Member since: Tue Jun 30, 2009, 07:50 PM
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That is not what she/he said, these two yahoos are

NOT interested in HELPING the poor only themselves. Otis & Harry (my father's name for them) are out to make THEMSELVES relevant and to do this they are out like Fox noise because they think it will get them noticed.

You say we should wait 8 years to talk openly about our condition as a whole that is ludicrous. No one says you cannot criticize when he is wrong but expecting him to work ONLY for AA is demeaning and disrespectful to the President because this shows they have no idea of the man himself.

PBO has increased the Pell grant, provided billions, that's right, billions directly to HBC and they are now included with other institutions to consistently receive federal funds. This is the BEST way to improve the AA community, by education and lowering the cost so many others can attend.

When my father spoke with Tavis in NOLA he asked him his ideas, what the President can do or what the community as a whole can do for the AA in general. Tavis put the ENTIRE burden on the President, at no time did he acknowledge he too can assist the AA community and my father told him MLK did not do it alone so how or WHY does he assume it is only PBO job?

I had my dad ask them during your "poverty tour" how many people did you help? Did you educate them on how or where to obtain resources to improve their lives? While riding on this big bus right before school how many packs of school supplies did they pass out? How many school uniforms per child was donated to these in poverty? How many did you purchase food for or pay a outstanding bill?

Like I told Tavis, you are full of sh!t, you have NO interest in the poor. The only person you are interested in improving the financial path of is YOURSELF. While you are in these communities why not do like the President did and ORGANIZE them to fight for better lives, or show them there are programs available to them or heck even tell them sitting will not improve their place in life coming together as a community will.

As a AA Tavis & Cornel is doing more in these communities to tear them apart not bring them closer to improve not only their lives but their community. When these two began doing WORK instead of talking then maybe they will have some cred right now they remind me of my small nephews with their "Look at me, Look at me" tour.
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